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The intense rivalry and diss tracks exchanged between Kendrick Lamar and Drake have ignited the rap community, drawing widespread attention and sparking debates. Kendrick Lamar's accusations against Drake, labeling him as a predator and urging the public to protect their families from him, have escalated the feud to more than just a musical battle. The release of Kendrick's diss track titled "EUPHORIA," which cleverly references Drake's

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May 04, 2024

Kendrick and Drake really the Messi and Ronaldo of rap… Kendrick is short and Drake is a rapist

I only want drake to keep replying so I can listen to more kendrick songs

just saw a furry on the timeline talking about the kendrick and drake beef this shit got everyone talking😭

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Samsung Galaxy Phones Receive Software Update for the Software Update App Samsung Galaxy users are in for a treat as a new software update rolls out, not just for the operating system or apps, but intriguingly for the Software Update app itself. This development ensures that Galaxy phones stay at the forefront of technology, receiving the latest features and security patches seamlessly. For more details on what this update brings to your Galaxy

(galaxy, samsung, ui 61, one ui, ui, 61, one ui 61, update)

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Deep in the Android source code, you'll notice an interesting secret by Google. You'll find very little documentation, but it permeates the entire OS. The C standard library on Android is a unique implementation called Bionic, *not* glibc, like you’d see on most linux systems. Why? Performance + Licensing. The first android device ever, the HTC Dream, only had 192MB of ram. Bionic is stripped, doesn't support all of POSIX, and only targets little-endian systems. The memory saved by using a stripped C standard library was significant in the beginning of Android. But the *strongest* reason Google used Bionic over Glibc is BSD vs GPL licensing. In the early days of Android native development, static linking was very common. If you statically link to GPL'd code (like Glibc), you are required to copyleft (aka open source your own code). BSD is far more permissive by comparison, allowing you to stay closed source with statically linked code, as long as you acknowledge the license.

Considering buying an android just so that “were” stops autocorrecting to “we’re” every time

I can't even imagine how the boys are feeling right now. After contributing $42 billion to their country, boosting tourism and economy on their back, making an impact on the level of Samsung, after the country being so reliant on them and calling them in constantly for years, the shit ass government body actually accepted a request to investigate their kpop award over a baseless rumor including a comment to revoke their Order, if

🚀 BREAKING: "Runes" on Mainnet, Open NOW 🚀 Rune: RUNEE•THE•WORLD Link: [Link] Ends in: 708 blocks Mint Price: 0.00015 BTC Only minting from this link will be counted. Benefits: 🔓 Unlock: Fully convertible to official @runebtcxyz future Rune token 🚀 Unlock

(runes, bitcoin, rune, ordinals, bitcoin runes, the, rsic, will)

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DJBubblegum.sats 🟧


Here is the DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON stats!! DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON was etched in a 1,258,757 sat/vB transaction is Rune Number 3!!!! There will only ever be 100,000,000,000🐕 For every Runestone you hold you will be airdropped 889,806🐕 $0.01 $DOG = $1B MCAP $0.10 $DOG = $10B MCAP $1.00 $DOG = $100B MCAP So here we go!! At 1B MC. 889,806 x $0.01 = $8,898 At 10B MC, 889,806 x $0.10 = $88,980 At 100B MC, 889,806 x $1.00 = $889,806 #Runestone #Runes #Bitcoin #Ordinals #Airdrop #memecoin #Memecoins #Rune #Altcoins

RSIC•GENESIS•RUNE will be listed on binance very soon will be the first rune listed there i won't say how i know, but it's confirmed, wait and see hope you've been buying under 20 sats cc: @rune_coin @binance

🚀 BREAKING: "Runes" on Mainnet, Open NOW 🚀 Rune: RUNEE•THE•WORLD Link: Ends in: 708 blocks Mint Price: 0.00015 BTC Only minting from this link will be counted. Benefits: 🔓 Unlock: Fully convertible to official @runebtcxyz future Rune token 🚀 Unlock: Access to early Launchpad, stake more #RUNEETHEWORLD, more rewards Official @runebtcxyz future Rune token convert boost: 💥 30% Boost for those who likes, reposts & leave your wallet address here with hashtag #RUNEETHEWORLD (it must be your Rune receiving address) 🔮 30% Boost for #Runestone holders. You may lose your eligibility If you transfer your Runestone before our Token is released ✅ 50% Boost for whitelisted members. If you’re in the list but your wallet address has not been included in the official WL yet, don’t worry, we will contact you to get your address later. Discord early supporters, please submit your wallet address in the #submit-wallet-og channel. 🛠️ 30% Boost for Early Testnet users. You should commit at least 5 transactions in our Testnet. Snapshot is when the RUNEE•THE•WORLD minting closed. There will be a page where you can use your testnet wallet address to submit the mainnet address. Boost will be counted with Rune Recipient Address. In total, you may have 30 + 30 + 50 + 30 = 140%. For example, minting 1000 RUNEE•THE•WORLD, you will be converted up to 1000 + 1400 = 2400 Rune. Remember Revenue sharing mechanism? We will use our revenue (of course it should be minus from the cost of development, management things) to buy the token back from the market to burn them, therefore making fewer tokens in the market & benefiting holders. More people come to the project, the more likely token price will become higher. You’re early & let’s spread the project to the world. If you are a holder, you are the owner of the product. Missed our WL? Your chance is NOW. Let’s RUNEE•THE•WORLD 🌍 FAQ: ❓ Why minting this? Couple of cool Runes projects are going to our launchpad after bitcoin halving, but we did not release our Rune yet, so we will onboard members who mint this Rune to be eligible for the launchpad. ❓ Why not an NFT like other projects? We will ask you Why not a Rune instead of an NFT? Runes protocol has the final implementation in ORD 0.17.0 version. We’re proud to be the first leading product to have the implementation of that. We don’t follow other projects, we have our own vision, we lead the way! It is also a way we can see if Runes work fine on Mainnet to further make the product more resilient to failure. ❓ Will it be a Rune? Official Runes protocol will start indexing Runes from block 840,000. #RUNEETHEWORLD has the official Runes encode scheme. But it is deployed on block 837926. It may not be indexed by other services but we will make it fully convertible to our official Rune token that’ll be deployed after mainnet. ❓ Why now? Gas is cheap. We expect Gas will spike at the time of Bitcoin Halving. Rune has its final implementation, so giving chance to our early supporters to get access to the project. Note: You won't want to miss this chance but it's completely optional & more chances await! 👀 #BitcoinRune #Mainnet

BJP, India, Congress, Modi

(bjp, india, of, in, the, congress, and, modi)

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Mr Sinha (Modi's family)


Let me clear it once again, I'm not at all associated with BJP or BJP IT cell, I'm an ordinary BJP supporter just like you all. I support them not to get anything in return but with the hope that my country and Dharma remain safe..

LEH IS BEING TURNED INTO A WAR ZONE with disproportionate force, barricades, smoke grenades. Attempts to arrest peaceful youth leaders even singers continue. Seems they want to turn a most peaceful movement violent & then brand Ladakhis as anti-nationals. Govt seems worried only about Ladakh's effects on their votes and on mining lobbies... not the people here nor even national security. Let's raise our voice, let's make... #RavivaarRashtraKeNaam #SundaysForTheNation #SaveLadakh #SaveHimalayas #SaveGlaciers #6thSchedule

Salman Akram Raja ˢᵃᵗⁱʳᵉ


According to FORM45 & White Paper, PTI has won 183 seats for the National Assembly; Of which, From 1. Punjab -115 out of 139. 2. Sindh -19 / 61. 3. KP -42/44. 4.Balouchistan - 4/16. 5. Islamabad- 3/3. RETWEET, SHARE, COPY & SPREAD IT.

NFL Draft Insights: WR Luke McCaffrey to Commanders, Panthers Trade Up, and QB Rankings Revealed In a surprising turn of events at the NFL Draft, the Washington Commanders, under the guidance of new GM Adam Peters, selected Rice wide receiver Luke McCaffrey with the 100th overall pick in the third round. Luke, the younger brother of NFL star Christian McCaffrey

(draft, nfl, wr, maye, rd, the, hes, pick)

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With the final pick in the third round and the 100th overall selection, the Commanders selected Rice WR Luke McCaffrey, the younger brother of Christian McCaffrey. New Commanders GM Adam Peters knows the McCaffrey family well.

How I would feel about who the Falcons pick: Tears of Joy Drake Maye (.01% Chance) Malik Nabers Rome Odunze Laiatu Latu Perfectly fine with it Turner Alt Arnold (trade back) Wiggins (trade back) Byron Murphy Don’t like it but I’d Cope Verse Quinyon Killing Myself Penix Jr

me: here are two suits from the NFL draft. Let's talk about which works bett— *giant football player stuffs me into a locker*

Rivian's Expanding Lineup: R1, R2, R3, and R3X Models Stir Excitement Rivian, the electric vehicle manufacturer known for its innovative approach to sustainable transportation, continues to make waves in the automotive industry. With its expanding lineup, including the R1, R2, R3, and the anticipated R3X models, Rivian

(rivian, r2, r1, the r2, rivians, rivian has, r3, r3x)

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Did what'sapp upgrade itself?

r1 comes with a vintage cassette style travel case, which is part of the packaging, which also doubles as a kickstand.…

The Rivian R1S was the top-selling large luxury SUV in California in Q1, capturing 22.7% of the market, according to the California New Car Dealers Association. It outperformed all vehicles in the category like the Lexus TX, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GLS, and LR Range Rover, marking an 87.1% increase from Q1 2024. The R1S also ranked as the 7th best-selling BEV in the state during the same period.

The dynamic nature of football leagues across Europe, with Serie A showcasing four different winners in the past five seasons, contrasts sharply with the perceived predictability of the English Premier League. Mikel Arteta's journey with Arsenal, amidst comparisons with other managers like Pep Guardiola, Jürgen Klopp, and José Mourinho, highlights the unique pressures and expectations placed on him. Meanwhile, the influence of fashion

(player, player every, arsenal, every, the, league, city, manchester)

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2024: Inter Milan 2023: Napoli 2022: AC Milan 2021: Inter Milan 2020: Juventus 4 different winners in 5 seasons, this is a proper league man, not the farmers league we have now in England.

Arsenal will be the story but can we please give Aston Villa some credit… Lost key players to injury, playing European football for the first time since 2010/11 and yet they’ve beaten City and Arsenal twice under the most underrated manager in world football. Mr Unai Emery.

🇮🇹🗣️ Carlo Ancelotti: "Kaka landed at Malpensa Airport and I put my head in my hands: Eyeglasses, hair perfectly combed, the face of a good boy." “All he was missing was schoolbooks and a snack. My god, we signed a college student. Kaka didn’t look anything like a Brazilian footballer, he reminded me of a Jehovah’s Witness. “Moggi started to send shade: ‘With that name in Italy he’s done for. At Juventus we’re all constipated. We don’t pay for Kaka’." "Then, he stepped on the pitch still jet lagged and all: the heavens opened. With the ball at his feet he was monstrous. I stopped talking simply because I was at a loss for words. Words didn’t even exist for what I was seeing." "The Jehovah’s Witness was actually someone who spoke directly with God. And, I’m sure in one of those conversations, they talked about football." "In his first challenge in training as a Milanista Kaka found himself in front of Gattuso, who gave him a terrifying shoulder barge, but Kaka didn’t even lose the ball. Rino in his own way of encouraging his new teammate said: ‘F**k off’." "Then, after keeping the ball, Kaka played a 30-yard pass, taking even Nesta by surprise who wasn’t able to intercept it." "At the end of every training [ex-Milan CEO Adriano] Galliani and I always spoke on the phone so that I could tell him what was going on, and then hear his thoughts." "That day I called him: ‘Mr Galliani, I have some news for you’. ‘Good or bad?’ ‘Good. Very good’. ‘Carletto, are you giving your resignation?’ ‘No, I’m staying, because we just signed a phenomenon’."

I'm sorry, but I can't assist with that request.

(mommy, her, she, mommy who, you, lt3, lt3 mommy, your)

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Luke Belmar 👽


If you haven’t retired your mom you have nothing to flex online homie. Back to work

Keeping mum forces her to face the storm inside her head. She'll conjure up the worst scenarios, thinking you see all the bad she sees in herself. Let her imagination do the heavy lifting.

cuddling isn't enough i need to feel her entire body weight on me until she crushes my bones and her body merges into mine and we become a mass of flesh, organs, and broken bones

Pets and Animals: Dogs, Cats, and the Bond with Humans

(dog, cat, puppy, my, meow, pet, cats, the dog)

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Just so you know … If you find a dog “untrainable” and you feel like the only answer is to shoot it in cold blood - I’ll gladly take the dog to live on the Catturd ranch until I can find - a loving home. All my abused rescues are so hard to take care of at first but if you give them maximum love, eventually, they’ll turn into the most beautiful, loving gifts you’ll ever know.

Dog tries jumping back in his owner’s car after getting abandoned on the side of the road in Long Beach, California. Evil. The dog chased after the car for several blocks but he could not keep up. The video was filmed by a food delivery driver which caught the attention of Destiny Gomez, a woman who finds homes for stray animals. Gomez searched for the dog and eventually found him hours later. She fed and groomed him and was quickly able to find a foster home. "When I watched that video, it broke my heart. I could not stop crying. I could not keep the dog out of my mind," she said to NBC Los Angeles. Video: ig briianna.kc

Ghostface Kryllah


Oh, you don’t let your pets on the furniture? I’d probably let my cat borrow my car if he asked nicely


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I love women because they are either thinking about skincare or death

Hello, my beloved fans and friends, This is Bright. I know there is recent news that might have caught you off guard. I just wanted to clarify a few things, especially for my fans who are always so caring and curious about how I am doing—yes, we are really dating. I'd like to apologise for shocking you with this news. We truly had no intention of disrespecting anyone or causing harm. Those who have followed me for a long time know that I always strive to be respectful and true to myself. My focus is always on spreading love and positivity through my work and dedication. I am incredibly grateful for everything that has shaped me into who I am today, and for all the love and support I've received. Thank you to all of you who continue to support and love me. It means a lot. Nene is one of the most precious people I've met. She makes me feel warm and safe every day we've been together. I hope you guys will cheer for us. Love you as always, BRIGHT

You’ve asked me several questions on this thread and accused me of avoiding answering, so here goes. I believe a woman is a human being who belongs to the sex class that produces large gametes. It’s irrelevant whether or not her gametes have ever been fertilised, whether or not she’s carried a baby to term, irrelevant if she was born with a rare difference of sexual development that makes neither of the above possible, or if she’s aged beyond being able to produce viable eggs. She is a woman and just as much a woman as the others. I don’t believe a woman is more or less of a woman for having sex with men, women, both or not wanting sex at all. I don’t think a woman is more or less of a woman for having a buzz cut and liking suits and ties, or wearing stilettos and mini dresses, for being black, white or brown, for being six feet tall or a little person, for being kind or cruel, angry or sad, loud or retiring. She isn't more of a woman for featuring in Playboy or being a surrendered wife, nor less of a woman for designing space rockets or taking up boxing. What makes her a woman is the fact of being born in a body that, assuming nothing has gone wrong in her physical development (which, as stated above, still doesn't stop her being a woman), is geared towards producing eggs as opposed to sperm, towards bearing as opposed to begetting children, and irrespective of whether she's done either of those things, or ever wants to. Womanhood isn't a mystical state of being, nor is it measured by how well one apes sex stereotypes. We are not the creatures either porn or the Bible tell you we are. Femaleness is not, as trans woman Andrea Chu Long wrote, ‘an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes,’ nor are we God’s afterthought, sprung from Adam’s rib. Women are provably subject to certain experiences because of our female bodies, including different forms of oppression, depending on the cultures in which we live. When trans activists say 'I thought you didn't want to be defined by your biology,' it’s a feeble and transparent attempt at linguistic sleight of hand. Women don't want to be limited, exploited, punished, or subject to other unjust treatment because of their biology, but our being female is indeed defined by our biology. It's one material fact about us, like having freckles or disliking beetroot, neither of which are representative of our entire beings, either. Women have billions of different personalities and life stories, which have nothing to do with our bodies, although we are likely to have had experiences men don't and can't, because we belong to our sex class. Some people feel strongly that they should have been, or wish to be seen as, the sex class into which they weren't born. Gender dysphoria is a real and very painful condition and I feel nothing but sympathy for anyone who suffers from it. I want them to be free to dress and present themselves however they like and I want them to have exactly the same rights as every other citizen regarding housing, employment and personal safety. I do not, however, believe that surgeries and cross-sex hormones literally turn a person into the opposite sex, nor do I believe in the idea that each of us has a nebulous ‘gender identity’ that may or might not match our sexed bodies. I believe the ideology that preaches those tenets has caused, and continues to cause, very real harm to vulnerable people. I am strongly against women's and girls' rights and protections being dismantled to accommodate trans-identified men, for the very simple reason that no study has ever demonstrated that trans-identified men don't have exactly the same pattern of criminality as other men, and because, however they identify, men retain their advantages of speed and strength. In other words, I think the safety and rights of girls and women are more important than those men's desire for validation. I sincerely hope that answers your questions. You may still disagree, but as I hope this shows, I’m more than happy to have this debate.

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