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Valentine's Day is a time for love, but it seems like some folks are feeling the pressure! 😅 #ValentinesDay #LastMinuteLove Watch out, the guy sliding into your DMs might just be prepping a sweet Valentine's post for his main squeeze. 💘 #ValentinesReveal #SocialMediaLove It's show and tell time! Share your

(valentines, valentines day, day, valentine, happy valentines, happy valentines day, for valentines, for valentines day)

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valentine's day sus baka cramming day

if youre single on valentines day remember it's because you're ugly. dont ever forget that. if you looked better you would have the person you wanted. Or literally anyone: one person, on a planet of 7 billion, would've asked you to be with them.

(psttt happy valentines day i finally got my streamer awards dress and now instead of streaming today ill be on miyoung's channel doing date poll review thing at 4pm pt see ya there)

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Usher's Halftime Show Performance Generates Buzz on Social Media 1. If you vibed heavy during Usher’s halftime show, remember to take your probiotic! 2. If Usher wants a truly memorable halftime show, he should bring out that pop tart. 3. Usher's halftime setlist predictions: OMG, Bad Girl with Addison Rae, U Got It Bad/I Got It Bad

(usher, halftime, halftime show, show, usher is, ushers, show usher, usher was)

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Apple Music pays the NFL $50 million annually to sponsor the Super Bowl halftime show. But Usher won't get any of that money. Instead, he'll perform for free, leveraging the exposure to gain followers, sell tickets, and increase streaming numbers. Here's how it works 👇

Usher, halftime show : 1.39M tweets Beyonce, new album : 714K tweets Taylor, just attending : 1.47M tweets. Insanity.

if usher wants a truly memorable halftime show he’ll bring that pop tart out

The Super Bowl is not just a championship game for American football; it's a cultural phenomenon that extends beyond the sport itself. Here are some tweets reflecting various perspectives on the event: 1. "We are winning the Super Bowl next year. #Confidence #TeamSpirit #Goals" 2. "If you’re watching the Super Bowl, remember to turn your TV off during the #BringAllD

(bowl, super bowl, super, superbowl, the superbowl, the super, the super bowl, commercials)

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super bowl my dating history 🤝 non stop fumbling

well i guess i gotta throw a superbowl party now. who wants to come?

if you’re watching the super bowl make sure you remember to turn your TV off during the #/bringalldadshome commercial— it’s Israeli propaganda that they paid $17M to advertise in our country, turning your TV off for 45-60 seconds will make the commercial ratings drop

The recent interview with Vladimir Putin has sparked a flurry of reactions, with some viewers questioning the narrative of who the "bad guys" are in the context of the Ukraine conflict. Meanwhile, Hungarian far-right politician Toroczkai's controversial remarks about Transcarpathia have raised eyebrows, given his alleged connections to Russian intelligence. Tucker Carlson's engagement with Russian topics continues to stir debate, with a

(putin, ukraine, russia, tucker, russian, nato, interview, carlson)

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The putin interview is wild. Really makes you think who the bad guys are.

BREAKING: Tucker Carlson accepts russian passport and has already received mobilization papers.

SzabadonMagyarul 🇬🇧🇭🇺🇺🇦🇪🇺


Since Toroczkai (hungarian far-right politician) admitted they want Transcarpathia back from Ukraine, here's a couple infos to share with you about him. His real name is Toth, changed to Toroczkai, as his grandpa executed ppl His party is under the control of the russian GRU

The political landscape in Pakistan has been dynamic, with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led by Imran Khan playing a central role. Karachi, along with other cities, has been a battleground for political parties, including PTI and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) led by Nawaz Sharif. Elections in Pakistan are often contentious, with allegations of

(pti, pakistan, khan, imran, imran khan, karachi, nawaz, election)

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Dr. Shahbaz GiLL


PTi Won. Will form the next Government !

Aiysha Abbas Mirza


not sure if @rumshum12 had any support to fight pti morons yesterday but this woman is stronger than an entire gang of fake accounts. more power to you and i am sorry if patwar khana wasn't there.

I wish Indian and Bangladeshi voters were as brave as Pakistani voters!

Bitcoin (BTC) is a topic that continues to captivate the financial world, with its price movements and the concept of halving being of particular interest. Here are some tweets reflecting various perspectives on Bitcoin: 1. "As #Bitcoin hovers around $50,000, it's clear that a higher price point is needed to entice HODLers to sell to Wall Street, meeting the

(bitcoin, btc, price, halving, bitcoin is, of bitcoin, price of, price of bitcoin)

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$50,000. The price has to go higher to get bitcoiners to sell their bitcoin to Wall Street and satisfy the increased demand.

I’m not sure who needs to hear this today, but the #bitcoin bull market hasn’t even started yet. Instead of fixating on price, I suggest the following: - Head down - Work hard - Stack sats (while they’re still super cheap)

the halving is in April... bitcoin is currently $50k half of that is $25k simple mathematics ... do the math

Discipline is essential for personal growth and success. It's about making choices that align with your goals, even when it's tough. #Discipline #SelfImprovement You owe it to yourself to stay focused, consistent, and disciplined. It's a form of self-respect. #SelfDiscipline #Focus "I don’t have discipline" is a choice, not a fixed state.

(discipline, discipline is, disciplined, selfdiscipline, be disciplined, yourself, your discipline, your)

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Stay disciplined, it comes w a nice price

Your discipline must override your feelings.

You owe it to yourself to stay focused. You owe it to yourself to be consistent. You owe it to yourself to be disciplined.

The topic revolves around the comparison of Joe Biden and Donald Trump, focusing on their capabilities, cognitive abilities, and performances as President of the United States. It includes discussions on Biden's alleged cognitive decline, Trump's perceived lack of empathy, and the contrasting public perceptions of both during their presidencies. The topic also touches on the influence of Democrat elites, the role of the media in covering presidential actions

(biden, trump, joe, joe biden, president, bidens, biden is, he)

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Ho. Ly. S***. That was the Challenger explosion of presidential press conferences. What a full-scale disaster.

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives


Joe Biden called Trump the sitting president last night and nobody noticed.

Laurence Tribe 🇺🇦 ⚖️


When the U.S. electorate hears for itself how thoroughly Trump’s mind has deteriorated since 2020, not only will Biden seem eloquent and commanding in contrast but Trump will emerge as demented and hopelessly incapable of being president again. A walking 25th Amendment disaster.

Kennedy24 | RFK Jr. | Our America | Political Engagement | Voter Foundation | Constitutional Republic | Dedication to Justice | Presidential Options | Common Ground | Political Spectacle | Treason Accusations | Jan 6 Insurrection | Zelensky's Actions | Tim Mellon's Influence | Protecting Democracy | Social Media Politics | American Policy Control | Party Blindness

(kennedy24, rfk, jr, rfk jr, our, america, political, we)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s path to potential presidency is not merely a political journey, but a story of unwavering dedication and a commitment to making a difference. From his early days as a lawyer and advocate, he has consistently fought for justice and equality. But it is his…

If we can’t agree that our options for president are the problem, there’s a good chance we can’t find common ground on much of anything.

Brigham Emack 🇺🇸


Every one talks about the spectacle of the election. No one talks about the foundation: us, the voters. We've allowed ourselves to become mere spectators. We must reclaim our place in this Constitutional Republic.

Design & Graphic Design: Celebrating Talent and Best Practices 1. So. Many. Talented. Designers! 🫶🏾 #DesignCommunity #Creativity 2. The best designers dive into the chaos of creativity, iterating rapidly to evolve ideas. The worst? They're stuck on components before the vision. #DesignProcess #CreativityInChaos 3. Design

(design, designer, graphic, designers, graphic design, designing, logo, as designer)

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Using two graphics only, show me your growth as a designer

the best designers jump straight into design, duplicate frames and are overall messy and wild they iterate fast and push ideas the worst start with components

STOP paying $500 to hire designers. This tool creates stunning, high-quality logos for only 1% of expert prices. Here's how:

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