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How to Get Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers


JK Molina


Last update: 2022/05/25

The Perfect Twitter Profile

A great Twitter profile has 3 components: Profile picture, Bio and Content.

In this blog post we’ll cover all three. We’ll analyze a profile that converts over 15,000 followers a month, tell you how to attract them and what content you should be producing. If you do what’s in this blog post you shouldn’t have a problem getting your first 1,000 Twitter followers.

So let’s get right into it:

What Should You Tweet About?

There’s one rule to follow here. You should tweet about something that check three boxes:

  • Are you good at it?
  • Does it have a market?
  • Do you enjoy it?

You want something that you’re good at because that means you’re already ahead of your competition.

You want something that has a market because you’ll want to monetize it later on.

And you want something that you actually enjoy because if not you won’t stick long enough to do it.

Should be noted that your topic isn’t set in stone. At any point you can pivot and rebrand. Some of the most successful accounts have done it. So don’t think too much about this. The most important thing now is you actually start.

How Often Should You Tweet?

Tweet 1-2 threads a week and 5 tweets a day.

Threads are great because they attract a lot of attention. One thread can easily do more than 10,000 tweets. And this isn’t an exaggeration.

Threads drive serious impressions. So here are 10 thread topics you can use:

  1. This lesson costed me X, but you're getting it for free:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill

Jan 13, 2022

I paid $75,000 for this lesson, but you’re getting it FREE. THREAD: A tactical approach for turning losses into wins.

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


It took me 10,000 calls to learn this playbook, but you're getting it FREE. THREAD: How to sell $50K+ deals as a small business.

  1. How to change that will impact something you do daily:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


Faster decisions will improve your life. A framework for choosing goals, making decisions and fulfilling potential. THREAD: "The Person I Want to Be"

  1. I (or someone) achieved X with Y strategy. Here it is:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


I turned $50 into $100,000 with this psychology-powered sales strategy. THREAD: The Rule of Reciprocity (and how to implement it).

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


I've created $10,000,000 in traffic value: Here's everything you need for a *simple* SEO strategy that works: 🧵

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


One company increased sales 262.5% with this pricing strategy: The Decoy Effect. What it is & how to use it: 🧵

Note: Only attribute it to one thing. Stick to the rule of 1.

  1. How to take advantage of something before it's too late:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


It's the Golden Age for startups: The risks of entrepreneurship are decreasing. Here's how to take advantage: 🧵

  1. Stories about popular topics:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


This EPIC story is hard to believe, but it’s true… Here’s how a $400MM man, President Obama and a water bottle full of vodka changed my life. After 8 years, this chance interaction just came FULL CIRCLE.

Why does Red Bull own an F1 team? Because the company — which sells $7B+ of energy drinks a year — is a pure marketing firm (outsources all production). Its invested $2B+ into F1 but has gained multiples of that for the brand by "manufacturing history". Here’s a breakdown🧵 https://t.co/Okk5o1dUmh

With Jeff Bezos stepping down as CEO, here’s a thread of the best things I’ve learned from him. 1. Be willing to change your mind. As Bezos famously said: "Anybody who doesn’t change their mind a lot is dramatically underestimating the complexity of the world we live in.”

  1. What you need to get to X level:

Barrett O'Neill


Barrett O'Neill


What got you $500K won't get you $5M. The evolution of a bootstrapper: Master these 5 roles to scale your startup:

  1. Credibility + biggest mistakes people make in X industry (this implies that the person reading it isn't good, which is what we want):

10 Biggest Workout Mistakes I've been lifting for 20 years and coaching for 18 of them. I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime. Here are 10 things I wish I said to my 20 years old self to avoid them:

Dr. Taylor Burrowes | The Vetting Specialist™️


Dr. Taylor Burrowes | The Vetting Specialist™️


13 Red flags in MEN‼️ 1. He won’t take charge, passive, indecisive + insecure (poor leadership) 2. He’s too agreeable, puts you on a pedestal, seeks your approval (Nice Guy) 3. He lack’s emotional intelligence, detached, can’t control emotions, poor communicator (immature)

Phillip Rivers 👑


Phillip Rivers 👑


How To Not Suck At Marketing A thread:

  1. What the future of X looks like:

Here's what the future of education looks like: 1. Teaching will become an extremely lucrative profession. Salaries will follow a power law. The best teachers will make millions of dollars per year and teach thousands of students every year. In fact, this is already happening.

  1. Mental models, book recommendations, productivity tips and all that geeky stuff always performs well:

Some paradoxes of modern life: 1. The paradox of reading: The books you read will profoundly change you even though you’ll forget the vast majority of what you read.

The golden age of freelancing is upon us. I get tons of messages asking me how to get paid as a freelancer. Here's are some resources to get started. Thread.





Mental models are the secret to making the best out of the world around you But there is a million of them... A guide to my favorite mental models:

  1. Put all your threads into one (at least 10):

MEGA THREAD TIME Here are 50 ideas that shape my worldview. These are my guiding principles and the light of my intellectual life. All of them will help you think better, and I hope they inspire curiosity.

  1. If I were in X situation, here's what I'd do / wish I knew:

If I was starting from scratch and needed to generate cashflow quickly, here's what I'd do: Automation consulting for non-techy/traditional business owners. You can learn this skill in a week and it requires zero money down.

3 things I wish I knew when I first started lifting weights. //Thread// https://t.co/f65AiMj3rD

Now that you have them written, here’s the next question:

How Do You Get People To See Your Tweets?

Make a list of everyone who has the audience you’d like to have. So if you’re a freelance writer, pick accounts related to copywriting, marketing and sales.

Put them on a list.

Then engage with them for 20 minutes a day. But don’t just say anything. Add to the conversation and make your comment relevant.

This way we’re using the big accounts’ platform as leverage. If your comment gets a lot of likes then people will see it.

And if your bio and profile picture is on point, people will follow you.

Now you’ll see how to choose the perfect profile picture and craft the perfect bio.

Choose The Perfect Twitter Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first thing people see from you. It’s the first opportunity you have to land a good first impression. And those are hard to change, so let’s make it good.

Some people like to have an anonymous profile (nothing wrong with that). If you want to keep your identity secret, go for it. But there are some tradeoffs:

Anonymous profile: higher engagement and is more recognizable. But you trade credibility and leverage associated with your name. It’s easier to do business with a human than with a movie character, after all.

Altcoin Gordon Twitter profile picture

Non-Anonymous profile: Less popular appeal (since a Brad Pitt profile picture is probably more recognizable than yours). But you have more leverage.

David Perell Twitter account's description

It’s recommended to have a personal brand. But whatever you do: have a face on it.

Logos don’t attract attention. Faces do. Even if it’s not yours. Invest in some high quality headshots. It will make your profile way more relatable and easier to trust.

Craft the Perfect Twitter Bio

The perfect twitter bio has 3 main components. They all play a role in making you money, making you relatable and in converting the profile visitor into a follower.

The perfect twitter bio answers three questions:

Question #1: What have you done?

Social media works a lot like a high school. Everybody wants to be friends with the cool kids. And the coolest kids are the ones that not only have a life on Twitter. But a life outside of it as well.

Tell people what you've done and it brings you credibility:

  • What business have you built?
  • Where have you worked?
  • What achievements are you proud of?
  • What do people think is impressive about you?
  • What are you learning about?

Prove that you're competent at something. This will translate to better engagement and higher quality follows. Now on to the next one.

Question #2: What are you building?

This is an often overlooked one. Telling people what you're building allows them to relate to you. Too often do social media accounts want to look perfect.

But that doesn't work on Twitter. Instagram is where people pretend to be brands. But Twitter is where brands pretend to be people. Everything is more real. There's a better connection. That's what makes it special.

And telling people what you're building allows that connection to flourish. It brings people into the journey and they'll end up cheering for you. Both during your journey and when you get to the destination.

It's just an excellent way to show vulnerability and relatability.

Question #3: What can you do for other people?

This is the most important one. It's what will convert people to "that's interesting" to "I need this". Rule of thumb: "Nobody cares about what you do. Everyone cares about what you can do for them."

It's good to show vulnerability and credibility. But in the end people are self-centered. They want to know what's in it for them. Nothing wrong with it, that's just human nature.

Show them

  • What you tweet about
  • What you can do for them
  • Why should they follow you

And chances are they'll at least consider it (which is more than most people get).

And that's it! That's how you craft the perfect bio. Here's an example for you:

JK Molina Twitter banner

What have you done?

Writer, Ghostwriter and SaaS Founder.

What are you building?

Building a $4MM company (tweethunter.io).

What can you do for other people?

Tweets on audience, copywriting and persuasion.

This profile converts 500 people a day on average. And in the last 30 days it has converted 15,020 people. Proof:

Twitter growth

What’s next?

Like almost everything, Twitter is a game of both luck and consistency. If you crafted your bio and chose a good profile picture you’re already ahead.

Log on every day and engage with people for ~20 minutes. It’s not that much. The Twitter game (and business in general) is won by the people who are willing to put in the work without seeing any progress.

One day you’ll wake up with the audience you want. You just don’t get to choose when. It will happen, but you have to stay consistent.


  • Tweet about the trifecta:
    • What you’re good at
    • What there’s a market for
    • What you actually enjoy
  • Tweet 5 tweets a day and 1-2 threads a week
  • Show a face in your profile picture
  • Your bio should answer 3 questions:
    • What have you done?
    • What are you building?
    • What can you do for other people?
  • Just keep tweeting and one day you’ll get what you want

Thanks for reading!

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