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Here are the tweets formatted based on the provided raw topic: 1. BREAKING: A federal court in Pennsylvania just ruled that voters who submit mail ballots in time for an election but forget to write the date on the mail ballot envelope will still have their ballots counted. #ElectionIntegrity #MailInVoting 2. If a UK general election was held tomorrow, who would have your vote

(trump, biden, president, joe, desantis, joe biden, election, vote)

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Michael Seifert


We voted for a Republican House majority expecting them to fight back against woke and weaponized government and they responded by voting to give the FBI a $300 million new headquarters so that they can rig the next election in luxury this time.



Lmao, conservative heads exploding because Senator Mitt Romney said he'd vote for President Biden if Donald trump is the nominee. Well said, Senator. That is the CORRECT answer if you give a damn about America.

Fulton County Prosecutor to Judge McAfee: The fact that charges like this have never been brought before doesn't make them unconstitutional. A president has never tried to overturn an election before.

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The excitement for the highly anticipated "Grand Theft Auto VI" is palpable on social media, with fans eagerly discussing the release of the game's trailer. Here's a glimpse into the Twitter buzz: 1. "Waking up and watching the GTA 6 trailer has become a part of the daily routine until that masterpiece finally drops. #GTA6 #Gaming" 2. "The GTA

(gta, trailer, last of us, last of, the last of, of us part, us part, of us)

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O’Shea Jackson Jr


I apologize for my initial reaction to the gta6 trailer.

I’m in gta 6 I can’t speak much about it but you’ll see later on throughout the year in the next trailer. Either way I’m blessed and thank you to rockstar for giving me an opportunity to have something to do with the greatest game ever.

gta six trailer really dropped before carti

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has sparked a global debate on the role of international aid, the implications of foreign involvement, and the strategies of world leaders. The United States' support for Ukraine, particularly under President Joe Biden's administration, has been a focal point of discussion, with opinions divided on the morality and strategic value of providing military and financial assistance to Ukraine. Some argue that the U.S

(ukraine, russia, for ukraine, war, putin, aid, ukraine and, to ukraine)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr


Give credit where credit is due. Vivek Ramaswamy makes some good points on Ukraine. Glad to see some of this awareness in the Republican party. #GOPDebate #Kennedy24

Wall Street Silver


Ukraine is not even remotely a critical national security issue for our country. Yet they are trying to give them another $65 billion to fund that entire country. Not just their war, but also their teachers, firefighters, pensions ... everything. We are paying literally for…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1726619851924357450 

It was nice while it lasted. At least we got the truth about the US proxy war in Ukraine out. Good luck my friends.

Chelsea | Premier League | Manchester City | Arsenal | Manchester United | Goals | Liverpool | Scoring Tweet: Who do I have to pay to stop the trap horn after goals? Tweet: Twelve games in. One point off the top of the league. Second highest goal difference. Least goals conceded. Third most scored. Plus, a game where we were clearly robbed of points by the officials. Overall

(chelsea, league, city, arsenal, united, goals, liverpool, goal)

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Never conceded 30 goals in 15 matches😂😂🤷‍♂️

Twelve games in. One point off the top of the league. Second highest goal difference. Least goals conceded. Third most scored. All of that + the fact we had a game where we genuinely got screwed out of points by the powers that be. All in all, a good start to the season.

Jude Bellingham scores again for Real Madrid in their 3-0 win at Cadiz ⚽ He goes past Cristiano Ronaldo's tally of 13 goals in his first 15 games 🥇

Bitcoin's influence continues to grow as Michael Saylor's massive profits highlight the potential of strategic investment in BTC. Despite the buzz around ETFs, some enthusiasts miss the grassroots discussions that defined Bitcoin's early days. The UAE Dirham's stable peg to the USD contrasts sharply with Bitcoin's value proposition, emphasizing the importance of financial sovereignty in regions like Africa. Long-term holders of Bitcoin share stories of financial

(bitcoin, bitcoin is, btc, is, the, will, of bitcoin, of)

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JUST IN: Bloomberg says this is the start of a fresh crypto supercycle that will push #Bitcoin above $500,000.

I keep buying more Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin because our leaders want more war and poverty. Work hard, spend wisely, and save gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Our leaders don’t care.about you. So you please take care of you and the people you love.

Luke Belmar 👽


Why do governments hate Bitcoin? The moment you generate a BTC address you are in business. No licenses, no fees, no paperwork. You don’t need permission from a bank or anyone to initiate commerce and that is why Bitcoin (or the concept of it) is scary to the control freaks

Christmas | December | Month | For Christmas | New Month | Christmas Is | Santa | Want for Christmas Tweet 1: May this new month come with an overflow of success to y’all 🤲🏽🙏 #DecemberWishes #NewMonthBlessings Tweet 2: Dear God, in this new month, never leave a space for sadness in my life

(christmas, december, month, for christmas, new month, christmas is, santa, want for christmas)

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daisy “dan goose” tackett


as you age you’re going to find yourself wanting to say things like “they’re doing christmas ads already?” and “it’s too early for christmas music in the grocery store.” you’re going to want to resist this urge

Dear God, in this new month, Never leave a space for sadness in my life 🙏🏽

вα∂∂єѕт ℓαωуєя 👩🏾‍⚖️


May this new month come with overflow of success to y’all 🤲🏽🙏

Here are the tweets formatted based on the provided raw topic: 1. "Steve Ballmer's net worth is a staggering $110B despite Microsoft's -26% from 2000-14. Bill Gates amassed $116B, building Microsoft from the ground up to $500B between 1975-2000. Satya Nadella's worth hit $1B after Microsoft's ~9

(money, rich, wealth, you, millionaire, your, broke, to)

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The world so broke you don’t even find random money on the ground anymore

To become a millionaire, you don't need to be popular you don't need to be overly smart you don't need to come from wealth. You simply need these 4 traits:

As a man, it is your duty to become the fittest, richest, and smartest you can be

Twitter | Tweet | Tweets | Social Media | My Presence on the Platform 1. Don't quit social media. Quit the need to be validated. #SelfWorth #BeyondLikes 2. Instead of ads by racist tweets, why not sponsor my musings on fashion faux pas that don't matter IRL? #AdChoices #FashionTweets 3. Seeking a partner who tweets

(twitter, tweet, tweets, social, social media, media, my, on)

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I know nobody reads my tweets, but today I found out I don’t have a brain tumour and I just had to tell someone!!

I delete my tweets on a regular basis in case my life ever takes a turn and I need to take a mid level PM role at MSFT.

instead of serving ads next to racist tweets, why don't companies advertise next to my tweets about how clothes can look ruinously wrong in tiny, imperceptible ways that no one cares about in real life?

Family Dynamics: Nurturing Bonds and Parental Responsibility Tweet: Frustrated with my brother for blaming me for the weak bond with his kids who aren't even living with him. Told him it's on the parents to build those connections between their children and other family members. He didn't take it well, but it's the truth. #FamilyFirst #ParentingDuty

(kids, parents, children, child, your, them, father, their)

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The most powerful way parents can help their children be positive, is to be the living example of positivity and love themselves.

Lovers’ Guide 💟


A father’s job is to reveal hard truths about life to the kids. A mother’s job is to comfort them once they hear it.

According to Freud (who was speaking from experience, since he was his mother’s darling), spoiled children have a confidence that stays with them all their lives.

The resurgence of the bull market is palpable, with indicators suggesting we're on the cusp of a significant upswing. After enduring the trials of a bear market, the crypto community is buzzing with anticipation. Here's a glimpse into the sentiment and strategies being shared on social media: 🚀 "The biggest bull market of our lives has just started. After 1000+ hours of research

(bull, market, bear, bull market, bear market, the bull, bears, altcoin)

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Kris | Crypto.com


Class of 2021, congratulations on surviving your first bear market. #FFTB

Pentoshi 🐧 euroPeng 🇪🇺


In the bull market, everything goes way higher than you think it will

The biggest bull market of our lives has just started. After 1000+ hours of research during the bear market, I present my top picks. Here is my bullish shortlist for 2024. 🧵 pic.twitter.com/QjhlIgLAqN

Here are the tweets formatted based on the provided raw topic: 1. Wallahi, if you're a Muslim and you don't pray 5 times a day, don't pay your zakat, don't worship ALLAH, and don't take care of your loved ones, you must focus on these obligations first. Before dreaming of riches in crypto, prioritize your faith. Allah sees the true believers

(crypto, in crypto, the crypto, crypto is, the, in, of, to)

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Market warming up. But still challenging to change preconceived notion on merits of crypto industry. Lives of many sidelined in the past because of high costs of financial services have benefitted greatly. Glad the industry continued to prove naysayers wrong. Keep building. 💪

Been reading about biotech, thinking about how to use crypto to accelerate research funding there. Keep building!

We're not even in the real bull run You are EARLY Crypto gaming will be home to billions of players TRILLIONS in value It is the greatest opportunity of our time And you're here before it happens

Trading is a unique kind of business. It has no customers, no group work, no deadlines. To be a successful trader, you MUST FALL IN LOVE WITH SELF IMPROVEMENT. It's not you vs the markets, it's always you vs YOU. #TradingMindset #SelfImprovement Nathan has been demo trading for 18 months, with 876 paper trades and a

(trading, trade, trader, traders, trading is, your, trades, you)

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To Nathan. A thread. Nathan has been demo trading for 18 months. He has taken 876 paper trades and has a strike rate of 91%. His ROI is better than 99% of global hedge funds. Today he went live. His 0.01 lot position took 3 minutes and 42 seconds to stop out.

Thread 🧵 I'm a fulltime trader 👀 Meaning this is my main source of income 💰 And I started in 2014 with just a humble 2k and a dream for a better life ✨ I'm going to give you the biggest lessons I have learned on this journey so far 🤝 Read on...

This is the part of the cycle where spot holders out perform day traders for the next 18-24 months

Podcasting has become a dynamic and influential medium for sharing ideas, stories, and expertise. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, each episode offers an opportunity to connect with an audience and delve into a wide array of topics. From discussing the latest trends in e-commerce and cryptocurrency with industry experts like Scott Hilse, to exploring the art of feedback with Sheila Heen, podcasts provide

(podcast, episode, the podcast, podcasts, podcast episode, new podcast, new, talk about)

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Marc Andreessen 🇺🇸


Ask Me Anything -- please send questions for new podcast episode with @bhorowitz and me -- post as replies to this xeet -- thank you!

Control of your destiny. Not getting invited on the podcast? Start your own. Bank won't lend you money? Pay cash or owner finance. Not getting paid the money you deserve? Start your own business. Didn’t get invited to the party? Host your own. It's your future. Nobody…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1725862879826477522 

This year I set out to get 100,000 subscribers for the podcast. Next year I’ll do it again on a brand new channel. Crack a 7 figure month across all the businesses. Take Words of Rizdom to 250,000 subscribers. Help a fellow creator 5-10x their results. 🫡

YouTube | Video Creation | YouTube Channel Growth | Content Strategy | YouTuber Insights Tweet: Want to skyrocket your YouTube views? 🚀 I'm sharing 25 killer hooks that propelled my videos to millions of views! 🎥 Comment "chayney" + RT for the secret sauce. (Follow so I can DM you!) #YouTubeGrowth #VideoMarketing https://t.co

(youtube, video, on youtube, videos, youtube channel, content, channel, youtuber)

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wono (YouTube Strategy)


Most content creators mistakenly think YouTube is a single-player game. You produce your video, hit "upload", and frenetically refresh your analytics but not much happens. Your content is "great" (according to you and your mom), how can the algorithm miss such "great" content?…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1725186399324819652 

Jack Packard


There was this brief moment in time, when someone gave me a salary and health insurance so I could make silly videos. I’ve been let go at Gamurs/The Escapist along with the EIC who brought me on @nickjcal & several talented video editors whom I had the pleasure of working with.

Want to get 8,000,000 views on your next video? I’m sending out 25 hooks, a few of them have helped me get hundreds of millions of views in my videos. I’m sending it to everyone, just comment “chayney” and retweet to get it. (Must be following or I can’t send it) https://t.co/cARwqHyVza

Education | School | Students | Kids | Learning | Teachers | College | Schools Tweet 1: Baby school is hilarious like today the teachers feedback about my child was, "she's giving princess vibes." #ParentLife #TeacherFeedback #CuteKids Tweet 2: I keep seeing videos all over social media from teachers that are saying kids don’t know how to read anymore. And not

(education, school, students, kids, learning, teachers, college, schools)

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Ashley Winter MD || Urologist


Baby school is hilarious like today the teachers feedback about my child was, "she's giving princess vibes."

The reason why students cheat in exams is because we value their grades more than they value their learning.

Brittany Martinez


I keep seeing videos all over social media from teachers that are saying kids don’t know how to read anymore. And not like 5 year olds. 10-12 year olds. Has anyone seen this in person with their own kids or siblings around those ages?

Here are some tweets formatted around the given topics: 1. "Despite being deeply racist, The Karate Kid is one of the best movies of the 80s. #RetroCinema #80sClassics" 2. "I got 2 movies in the theaters out now. Bigggg flex. #MovieBuff #TheaterLife" 3. "Seems like there hasn

(movie, movies, marvels, the marvels, anime, film, the, netflix)

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Seems like there hasn't been a single movie worth going to the theater for in 6-7 months. I miss movie popcorn. Bad year for movies?

animal discourse is stupid but personally, misogynistic movies are misogynistic no matter how great the sound effects or direction is. my priorities are the morals and premise, that surpasses any talent for me

The Chosen One


I got 2 movies in the theaters out now Bigggg flex.

Quotes about life by Epictetus and others. Explore the wisdom of not complaining, listening more, detaching from possessions, avoiding comparisons, ignoring imagined troubles, refraining from judgment, and balancing work with life. Reflect on the transformative power of struggles, the urgency of self-improvement, the folly of the barbarian, the importance of authenticity, the lessons of habitual actions, the comfort of

(quotes, life, the, quotes on, of, you, epictetus, to)

Best tweets on this topic

Myk is building lifeboats


Maya Angelou defined home as “the safe place we can go as we are and not be questioned.” I’d never thought of it that way before but, yes. This. Not having to explain myself if I don’t want to is, like, what I have always sought.

Motivational Quotes


"No matter how much it hurts now, someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better."

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” — Epictetus

Here are the tweets formatted according to the given topics: 1. "I won't talk to a Trumper. What's the point? They don't know the truth, they don't want the truth, and they won't tell the truth. #TruthVsLies #PoliticalDivide" 2. "From DeLillo’s Mao II: 'Every sentence has a truth waiting at the

(truth, the truth, lie, truth is, lies, lying, someone is, deadwood)

Best tweets on this topic

Anything you lose by speaking your truth isn't a loss. It's an alignment

People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusion destroyed.

I won't talk to a Trumper. What's the point? They don't know the truth, they don't want the truth, and they won't tell the truth.


(business, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs, entrepreneur, an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is, business is, you)

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I just hate hate hate going to campus "entrepreneurship" events hosted by ppl in academia or VC or blah blah blah fancy title who never ever even closely started their own company The amount of meta talk and no walk just blows my mind

The best entrepreneurs in world agree on one thing: FOCUS is the key ingredient to success You can spread yourself thin in crypto and miss every 100X or hyperfocus on one thing and catch a few life changing runs My focus is GAMING I suggest you find yours

Building a business is hard. • Late nights • Lots of stress • Losing friends • Early mornings • Lots of self-doubt But honestly... It's 100x better than daily small talk in a job you hate.

Here are the tweets formatted based on the raw topic provided: 1. "I cannot believe how pathetically low the bar is for #MW3 lmao this is the same exact game 😭 #CoD #gaming" 2. "MW3 movement is being overhyped. There’s no momentum right now. Chaining slides ❌ Bhopping ❌ Dropshot hops ❌

(warzone, mw3, cod, zombies, warzone is, game, mw2, fun)

Best tweets on this topic

I cannot believe how pathetically low the bar is for mw3 lmao this shit the same exact game 😭

As expected, SBMM is ruining MW3. I'm camo grinding and playing against teams giving each other callouts with Crimson-Iridescent skins and fully kitted out MW2 guns No matter how good the game is, SBMM will make it less fun. That's how CoD is now

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop


I'd like to formally apologize to my viewers, my friends, and my family. Tonight, I joined a $150,000 Call of Duty tournament and faced Shotzzy in MW:III. In the 3 maps we lost, I went 0-7, 0-7, and 1-8. I just texted my therapist for an emergency appointment tomorrow.

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