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Every second, over 6000 tweets are posted to Twitter. That’s 350,000 every minute. But only a handful of those tweets go viral, get hundreds of likes and retweets, and drive traffic and business results for their author. Here at Tweet Hunter, we’ve decided to take a deeper look at the elements that make tweets high-performing and show you examples of some amazing viral tweets.

What is a viral tweet?

Weirdly enough, a viral tweet doesn’t only have one definition. Most people consider those to be any tweet with a huge amount of engagement (likes, retweets, replies), but that’s not how we see things here at Tweet Hunter.

Think about it.

If you have over 100,000 followers and you get 1000 likes on a tweet, can you really say it’s gone viral? Or isn’t that just the way you would expect most of your tweets to perform?

But if you have 100 Twitter followers, and you get 20 likes and 5 retweets on your latest tweet, it’s actually a pretty great performance.

For a tweet to go viral means it overperformed. The difference between how a tweet “should” have performed and how well it actually performed is the best indicator of whether it was good, effective content or not.

Sometimes, going viral is just luck. But for most people who are actively trying to do business on Twitter, it’s a mix between hard work, consistency, and knowing what you’re doing.

How do tweets go viral?

There are many components and ingredients that go into increasing the virality of a tweet, but there is one element that is absolutely key: shareability.

If you want to increase your chances of your tweet going viral, you need to add viral components to it, ones that will increase their likelihood of being retweeted and shared across the web. Some of those components are:

Engaging copy

Text that really catches the eye of the readers and surprises them, both in terms of format and actual content.

Incentive to share

Give people a reason to share your content. What can you give them in exchange for them retweeting your content? (hint: our auto-DM feature can really help with that)

Be interesting and original

Hot and original takes about just about any topic have a high likelihood of being shared. The risk is you might find that your opinion is original and your content valuable, but other people maybe won’t agree. It’s always frustrating when you spend hours writing a thread only for it to underperform.

Avoid anything Twitter doesn’t like

It’s not about flattering Twitter’s algorithm, but it is about not doing things that it’s obviously not going to like. One of those things is using links because they take people off Twitter. Sure that’s too bad because sending people to your website is a great opportunity for more business, but Twitter likes it better when people stay on Twitter.

Use hashtags (but in a smart way)

Hashtags are great, but they’re also a scream for attention. We recommend you use them to take advantage of currently trending topics and events, but don’t fill up all your tweets with hashtags just for the sake of it. Most tweets with hashtags in them are low quality.

Just ask for a retweet

It’s OK to ask for a retweet at the end of a great content piece you wrote. Everyone knows it’s tough, especially at the beginning, and no one will judge you for wanting your content to be shared by others.

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How can I get more Twitter followers quickly?

The key to growing a Twitter audience is content. Tweets? Sure. Threads? Of course. But also: replying to tweets, sending DMs to relevant people, and overall building great relationships with other people on Twitter. But let’s be honest and reasonable: it’s highly unlikely that you will grow to 10,000 followers in 48 hours.

Sure, you could actually just buy followers. But please note that ANY service that advertises 5000 genuine, organic followers for $50, whether it’s for Twitter or any other social media platform, is simply lying to you. Do not fall into that trap of purchasing followers from those companies. You will in fact get some followers, but they won’t care what you tweet, they will never engage with you, and, over time, their accounts will stop following you or get banned.

If you’re looking to become a Twitter influencer, it’s not worth it either. Brands are getting used to fake influencers and do their research before working with them.

One last important thing is to note that Twitter growth is not linear and constant. You could have low reach and impressions for weeks or months, and then one day wake up to one of your tweets that has gone viral and hundreds or thousands of new followers. The best advice we can give you is to show up every single day on Twitter. Tweet regularly, engage with other people, and give yourself as many chances as you can to get spikes of growth and virality. Do that and it will only be a matter of time before it actually works.

How can Tweet Hunter help me go viral?

Our unique goal at Tweet Hunter is to help our users grow and monetize their Twitter followers. Whether you are a creator, influencer, founder, or consultant, we give you the necessary tools and features to maximize your audience growth and attract new opportunities from Twitter.

Starting with content. Over time, we have assembled and analyzed a gigantic database of over 2.2 million viral tweets for every niche and topic. Digital marketing, crypto, NFTs, startups, fitness, self-improvement, coaching, sales, cold emailing. You’ll find thousands of high-performing and relevant tweets and threads to inspire you and help you create better tweets at scale. Using our custom AI models, you’ll even get your very own personal assistant for tweet writing.

We also provide advanced automation features helping you give your tweets and threads a boost and reach more people. This includes telling you the best time to post, automated retweets to reach more time zones, sending DMs to people who interact with your tweets, and a lot more. We also developed CRM features so that you can import Twitter accounts based on various rules and criterias, and engage with all their latest tweets straight from Tweet Hunter.

Finally, we tell you what’s working and what isn’t with our advanced analytics page. At one glance, you’ll know which tweets brought in the most followers and to make more of.

You can try Tweet Hunter for free for 7 days, and we also offer a generous 30-day refund policy, no questions asked. So that’s up to 37 days of risk-free use. Plenty of time to figure out if you really like it.

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