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Is a Twitter Audience Worth it in 2022?


JK Molina


Last update: 2022/06/21

Yes. Here are 8 reasons why:

In this article, we’ll go over 8 reasons why you might want to consider building a Twitter audience.

We’ll also talk about why it can be a powerful asset, whether you’re growing it for your personal brand, or a brand on its own.

Let’s dive in:

Reason #1: Twitter has a higher income per user (on average) than other platforms

Twitter is where entrepreneurs and investors - people who are knowledgeable about business (and are competent in other areas) hand out. Instagram and TikTok are more mainstream apps. They’re designed for entertainment.

Don’t get us wrong. Twitter’s also designed for entertainment. But it also has niches focusing on education - and education. And education is a huge industry. Full of people who can (and will) pay for your services or products.

Since Twitter has a higher income per user (on average) than other platforms, it’s great for selling. You’ll be able to sell with great margins on Twitter, even with a small following. If you have a small following on Instagram or TikTok, it’s much harder to sell anything.

Why? Twitter has higher profile people who are usually more knowledgeable about online business. That means they don’t have to be convinced to pay you as long as you can show them an ROI. More on that here.

Reason #2: There’s high performers everywhere - and they’re easy to reach

Think about it: even the richest man in the world and the President of the United States use Twitter.

So do podcasters with 1,000,000 listeners. People running credible YouTube channels. 6, 7, 8 figure company owners. Investors. VCs. High profile individuals. They’re already here. They have their DMs open.

You can easily reach out to them, and if you have something they want, they’ll reply back.

On Twitter, you can interact with people who have bigger followings and bigger companies than yours. They’ll engage with you. Vouch for you. Maybe even send business your way. Twitter people are just more open, more real, and more likely to talk to others. Especially if you know how to network.

It’s harder with Instagram or TikTok. If you want to talk to people who are at a higher level than you on those platforms, your DM goes to a separate inbox. So you probably won’t even get seen. On Twitter, your DM goes to the same inbox as everyone else’s DMs.

Think about it: Your DM goes on the same inbox as verified accounts. That’s huge.

You’re in the same category of DMs as everyone else. Level playing field. And if it’s good, they’ll see it.

Even just one connection can lead to huge business for you, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try.

Reason #3: Speed

If you want to grow on Instagram or TikTok, you have to create certain kinds of content. It’s not just written. It’s also visual, which means you have to add effects, sounds, and music. That takes minutes. Sometimes hours.

On Twitter, it takes seconds. You only have 280 characters to make a point, so you have to be concise. It doesn’t even have to be pretty. Most viral tweets are not even capitalized and have poor grammar. But they drive a point. And if you can do that in 280 characters, you can write as many tweets as you want to in a day.

There’s a limit to how many quality posts you can create for Instagram since it takes 10 to 15 minutes to come up with a single post. Writing a tweet takes 20 seconds. It’s that easy.

Most viral tweets are just text. And they’re barely more than 2 sentences long. On Instagram, the prettiest wins. On Twitter, the most concise wins.

Anyone can go viral on Twitter because of this. Even you. You’re always 20 seconds away from a viral tweet that changes your life. That’s unprecedented in history.

Reason #4: Network Effects

If we comment on your post on Instagram or Tiktok, only we will see it. But if I reply to your post on Twitter, your followers see it AND our followers see it. Same effort. More reach.

This also means you tap into other people’s networks.

The audiences cross pollinate. This in turn leads to far more network effects. Which leads to more business. If one influential person’s network sees you, then you can get even more access to other networks, and so on.

This is what makes Twitter so powerful. There’s a huge feeling of community because everybody feels like they know each other. Other platforms don’t have this. Or if they do, it’s limited.

There’s Money Twitter, Investor Twitter, Startup Twitter, Crypto Twitter, Founder Twitter. And these distinctions are not even defined. They’re simply the name people give it just because they enjoy hanging out in it so much.

And if you want business, one of the easiest ways to get it is to be where the action already is.

Reason #5: Retweets

Retweets are just one button. But it’s a button that says “I like your content so much that you can borrow the audience that took me months to build - for free.” It’s like they’re vouching for you. It’s like some of the richest and most influential people on the planet vouching for you.

If someone with 10,000 followers retweets you, you’re in front of 10,000 followers. It’s like you were them. That’s huge.

One retweet can start a business. One retweet can put you in front of investors, prospects, and customers. One retweet puts you in front of other people, which leads to more connections, more opportunities, and more business for you.

A retweet is traffic. It’s eyes on your stuff. After that it’s all about your content. If it’s good then you’ll never have a problem getting business. You have traffic. And you have good content. And that’s all you need to build a great audience.

Reason #6: You’re 1 away

Going viral on Twitter isn’t easy, but it’s easier than on other platforms. Let’s say you sell email marketing. And let’s say another marketer has 20,000 followers. And they retweet you.

Just like that, you effectively have 20,000 followers interested in copywriting that are seeing your tweet. What if then, someone who has the money (of which there are plenty) reaches out to you. That single text you wrote on a whim can completely change your trajectory.

You’re always one viral tweet away from the eyes you want. You’re always one connection away from the money. You’re always one thread away from the influence and credibility your business needs.

You’re only one away. And if you tweet consistently then one day you will get lucky.

Reason #7: It’s becoming more popular with the recent Elon Musk news

Twitter is only going to get bigger. There are a lot of people on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok who are now seeing Twitter for the value it has. They’re seeing how much money they could make, and they’re like “why haven’t I tried this before?”

Just ask Taylor Welch, founder of Traffic & Funnels. A multi-million company that made it’s fortune with Facebook and Instagram:


It truly is a huge opportunity. Barely taken advantage of. And ready for you, the entrepreneur, to attack.

Reason #8: Free

You can literally start tweeting, commenting on other people’s tweets, and trying growth tools like TweetHunter where we have a free guide on how to get your first 1000 followers from starting with nothing.

What if your first thread does well? You’ll already have the audience you want. What if it takes you a few days? You’ll already have access through network effects to people way ahead of you. It didn’t even take you a month. And you didn’t even have to spend money on it because you can start for free.

For example, TweetHunter has a free trial you can cancel anytime. You can get the guides to everything in Tweet Hunter University, which shows how to get your first few thousand followers and how to make $1 per follower per month.

Building a Twitter audience is worth the effort

In conclusion, those 8 reasons are why we do believe Twitter audiences are worth it in 2022:

  1. Twitter has a higher income per user (on average) than other platforms
  2. There’s high performers everywhere - and they’re easy to reach
  3. Content creation and speed
  4. Network effects from replies and retweets
  5. The Retweet button
  6. You’re always 1 away
  7. It’s becoming more popular with the recent Elon Musk news
  8. You can build an audience for with $0 - without risking anything

See you in the next one!

The Tweet Hunter Team.

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