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How to make $5000 a month on Twitter


JK Molina


Last update: 2022/06/21

The Twitter Opportunity

Twitter isn’t the biggest social media. But you could make an argument that it has, on average, wealthier users than most social media. It’s no coincidence that the richest man in the world, many venture capitalists and thousands of hot-shot entrepreneurs are on the platform.

Twitter isn’t a social media. It’s a networking platform. If you’ve been on Twitter for a couple months you’ll realize that there’s a lot of money there. And it isn’t some exclusive club. You can simply walk in whenever you want.

In this blog post you’ll see exactly how to get to $5,000 a month from Twitter. Don’t expect it to be fast. But expect it to be very simple.

But before we begin, here are some people who have already done what you want to do (All Twitter)

JK Molina: Went from making $250/month to running a six figure ghostwriting agency in ~8 months

JK Molina profile description

Joe Kingman: From $0/month to $6k/month in ~2 months

Joe Kingman profile description

Ciaran Houlihan: From $0/month to 10k/month business in ~6 months

Ciaran Houlihan profile description

Geeky Red: From no income to closing a $2.5k deal from Twitter

Geeky Red profile description

Now that you know it’s possible to make money without making money, understand the math.

Don’t look at $5,000 like a lump sum. Instead, look at it as “how many people do I need to convince?”

Here are 7 common business models and how many people you need to convince to make $5,000 a month from Twitter:

MethodMathPeople you need to convince
Affiliate marketingSell 400 copies of a $50 product you make half off200
CourseSell 200 copies of a $50 product100
ServiceSell a $2,500 service to 4 people2
CohortSell a $500 cohort to 20 people10
SaaSCode, then sell a $20/mo SaaS to 500 peopleCode, then sell a $20/mo SaaS to 500 people250
Coaching / ProgramSell $2,000 program to 5 people2-3
CommunitySell a $20/mo community to 500 people250

Which one looks easiest?

If you answered affiliate marketing, congratulations.

You’re wrong. It’s actually the higher ticket items (services and cohorts). And the reason why can change the way you think about sales in general:

The thought process behind a $500 and a $5,000 purchase is the exact same. And here’s the proof:

What would it take for you to give someone $50? Many things, but in reality the only way you’d do it is simple. You would have to receive something that’s worth more than $50.

And what would it take for you to give someone $5,000? Again, many things. But they’d have to give you something worth more than $5,000.

See where this is going? The only way people will give you money is if you make one thing abundantly clear: “You’re going to get more than your money’s worth”.

So the game is actually quite simple. Just convince a few people that they need an expensive service. $5,000 a month is actually 2 clients away.

Say you have, maybe 3,000 followers. And if you don’t you could get there in a couple months by following this article. Can you convince 2 out of 3,000 people? That’s 0.06%. Chances are you can.

Rule of thumb: the smaller your following, the higher your price should be. That’s because you don’t have much volume. So you have to compensate by charging high prices.

Now that you know what you need to sell, here’s how you get people to buy:

Improving your Twitter Traffic, Market and Offers

This analogy will serve you well. Most of your marketing problems can be solved by fixing one of three levers: Market, Traffic or Offers.

If you have good traffic and a good offer but the market isn’t right, people won’t buy from you.

If you have a good market and a good offer, but no traffic, nobody will see it.

And if you have a good market and traffic, but a bad offer, a competitor who does will win it all.

To drive this point home, let’s say you want a partner:

You work hard on yourself. Get in shape. Focus on your goals and are a pretty high value person. But you never talk to other people.

So you don’t get a partner.

In that case, the offer (you) is good but the traffic (talking to people) is bad.

Let’s say you do the opposite. You don’t work on yourself. You dress poorly and smell weird. But you talk to 10 people every day.

In the end, you still don’t get a partner.

In that case, the offer (you) is bad but the traffic (talking to people) is good.

And if you have both but for some reason nobody in your local area wants to get a partner, things will go bad. You could have the best traffic and offer in the world, but if the market says no then it’s a no.

Sure, you could get someone every now and then. But you don’t want to get stuck with someone you don’t like.

Same with Twitter. You could make some cash but you don’t want to get stuck with a bad business model.

So it’s in your best interest to nail the three: Market, Traffic and Offers.

Lucky for you, by following this article you can win in both traffic and market. So let’s talk about how to win in offers. Because without a good offer, it’s too hard to get to $5,000 a month.

Don’t look at it as $5,000 a month. That’s intimidating. Look at it as 1 good offer that you need to sell to 2-3 people.

But what could you possibly charge for that’s worth more than $2,000?

Many things:

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Cold Email
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok video creation
  • Youtube / Google Ads
  • Web Design

AKA a skill that can make them more money in return. Buy courses and learn these things on YouTube. These are high ROI skills. Meaning that they have the potential to turn $1 into more than $1 (which is exactly what we want).

This should take you 2 months. Don’t stay here too long. If you learn every day that should be enough.

And if you have a skill, that’s even better. Just don’t forget:

You don’t need to be the best at what you do to make money. You just need to be better than the average solutions in the market. And that’s not hard. Especially not with how much information you have available.

Now that you know a skill, there’s 3 things you need to do to get clients. And you won’t even have to reach out. They’ll come to you.

3 Steps To Get Twitter Prospects to Buy From You

Prove Your Competence via Tweets

Proving your competence is what makes clients DM you. It’s a key step. Twitter makes getting clients easy because you can convince them with every tweet you send. So make sure you send at least two of these a week:

  • Testimonials (They say how good you are)
  • Humble flexes (You show how good you are)
  • Case studies on something you were involved with (You prove how good you are)
  • Achievements / Analytics (You share how good you are)
  • Contrarian opinions (You prove how different you are)
  • How-To’s (You show how helpful you are)

Here are some examples of proving competence:

  • https://twitter.com/WrongsToWrite/status/1513888637217292295?s=20&t=vsUdEoLt-ZhU3XeklD-VlA
  • https://twitter.com/OneJKMolina/status/1516793332151853056?s=20&t=X6xsvUIsnqezaoWHc_B8qw
  • https://twitter.com/tomjacquesson/status/1518973697738031105?s=20&t=nX4JPK9qPbJsMmqichTtOg

Do these twice a week.

Uncover Audience Pain Points

Once you have a following it’s time to uncover people’s pain points. This is actually very easy. Just poll your audience.

what's your biggest Twitter frustration
which would you rather have
which conversations do you need the most help with

This will give you valuable information to:

Launch Offer to Following

Once you have a good following (3,000 is very good), it’s time to launch an offer. Your offer should be something that the market needs (not wants), and that you’re competent at.

By now people should see you as competent and are ready to pay for it. But if you want to craft a perfect offer, the best resource on this is $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi. It’s $1 on Amazon and possibly the highest ROI purchase you’ll ever make.

Craft your offer like Alex says. Then simply tweet it. Ask people to DM you. See if you can get them to their desired goal. Then close them on a call.

Summary on how to get to $5,000 a month from Twitter:

  • Twitter isn’t a social media. It’s a networking platform.
  • Most of your marketing problems can be easily fixed by tweaking your offer, traffic or market
  • It’s equally hard to convince people to buy something expensive, so you might as well charge a lot
  • The smaller your following, the higher your price should be
  • Learn a skill that will allow you to charge higher prices
  • Prove your competence twice a week
  • Uncover pain points with Twitter polls
  • Launch an offer and close them on the DMs

Thanks for reading!

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