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Every day, people on Twitter publish thousands and thousands of threads. So finding the very best ones isn't easy. So we decided to compile some of the best viral threads you can stumble upon on Twitter.

What's a viral thread?

First of all, a thread (or "tweet storm") is a series of tweets that are connected to one another and posted by the same person. Each tweet that is part of a thread is published as a reply to the original tweet. Many people on Twitter use threads in order to be able to publish long-form content on Twitter, which is famously known for being a short-form content platform.

A viral thread is, as its name suggests, a thread that has gotten a lot of attention from people on Twitter. Other people may have liked, replied or even retweeted that piece of content because they liked it so much or, on the contrary, disagreed strongly with it.

What are some top viral threads?

Here are a few examples of Twitter threads that have gone viral.

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How do you find viral threads?

There's a few ways to do it. First of all, you can stumble upon them on Twitter. Just follow interesting people with a lot of followers and you'll see they publish a lot of great Twitter threads that are bound to get some interest.

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