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Twitter Business Account — Should your business get one?


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Last update: 2022/09/01

While you may have heard that business accounts are not as important as they once were, it's still worth considering. The world is on Twitter, so your business should be there too.

Whether you are looking for new marketing channels to promote or want to develop further an existing one, you might want to consider creating a Business Twitter account. It's easy, free, and it can be used in multiple ways.

Why should I have a business account?

You're probably wondering: why should I get a Twitter business account? What will it do for me?

Well, Twitter is a great place to build your brand and establish a following.

Most people work on their personal brand, and it makes sense to make a “creator” account for that (which happens to also be a business account!). But if you have an established company, you want to separate things and make your company independent from your personal brand or account.

The reasons to do this might differ from person to person, but here are some remarkable ones:

  • Twitter is an excellent way to build brand recognition. If people see the name of your business in their newsfeeds and timelines, they'll start to recognize it as something they can trust—and eventually, they'll start to know who you are. This can help with sales because it makes buying from you seem more familiar and comfortable for them (they know what they're getting) than buying from someone new or unknown.

  • Twitter is also a great way to find new opportunities for your business. You can use it to find potential partners or sponsors by reaching out directly through tweets or DMs (Direct Messages), which lets the other person know that there's interest on both sides of the conversation before anything gets too serious (and prevents wasted time). It's also possible that someone who follows your account could become interested in working with your company if they like what they see. \

  • Know what your potential customers think about your brand. You'll have access to tons of data (and connections) about what people are saying about your brand or industry—and maybe even about yourself. \

  • It’s easy to connect with others. Sometimes, connecting with customers can be difficult, but nowadays, customers tend to trust more those businesses and individuals they can interact with. By using your business account you can build that kind of relationship with your potential customers. \

  • Easy to use. You don’t need to be a designer or good photographer as on Linkedin or other visual platforms. All you'll need is an internet connection and a few minutes each day (or week) to post content that will engage your followers while also helping them learn more about what makes your brand unique from others out there on the web today. \

  • Customer Service. You want to help your customers, and fast before clients start complaining. Be open and multi-platform, so you can catch most of the issues as fast as possible.

Twitter business account vs. Personal, what are the differences?

First of all, a Twitter business account is an official account for a company, brand, or organization, while personal accounts are meant for people looking to share their thoughts with friends, family members, or in the case of more business-prone profiles, to engage and create a “personal” business. If you are this last case you can make a “Creator” Business profile.

But strictly talking about business accounts: these are different, as they are often used by companies to connect with potential customers and clients, explain what’s going on behind the scenes, and give better insight about their culture and work practices. And of course, business also uses them to do customer service, share news or promote their products with customers.

Twitter business account: do they cost you anything?

The Twitter business account is free. That’s the reason it can be the most yielding marketing you can ever try. Of course, you can buy paid promotions on Twitter, which can help you as well, but using your business account is entirely free.

How to create a Twitter account for business?

To create a business account, the steps are mainly the same as creating a personal account:

  • First, we should go to Twitter’s main page:


    You should be seeing something like this:

  • Now, it’s time to sign up: Use your business email or phone number. It’s important to use your real name and email/phone number. Make sure you have an email for your business, if you already have a personal Twitter account you cannot use the same email for both accounts. You’ll need to complete your name and birth date.
  • After clicking on the “Next” button, Twitter will ask you to customize your experience. Right now, setting up any of the three options is unnecessary, so you can automatically hit “Next”.
  • Now, it will tell you to create your account. Make sure the data is correct, and just click on “Sign Up”.
  • Once you’re on this step, Twitter will send you an email to authenticate your account, so you must copy the Verification Code in the box. After that, you should write down the password you want to use.

  • Now, it will ask you to pick a profile picture. Most times, the best initial profile picture for your business is your logo, so you can upload it. If you don’t have it right now, you can skip it and upload it later, but it’s strongly recommendable to do it. After that, you’ll need to choose your username.

  • It will ask you for some more settings, such as the languages you speak and your interests. Then, it will ask you to follow at least 1 account to set up your timeline.

Your Twitter account has been created! Now you just need to convert it to a “Professional” account.

How to change Twitter accounts to business?

Now you have a nice and professional Twitter account…. But it’s only a personal account made up for your business. How to upgrade it to professional?

It’s easy, just follow the below steps:

  • On your profile, go to the “More” button. There, click on “Twitter for professionals”

  • After that you can choose your business category and the account type: Creator or Business. Creator accounts are for public figures, artists, or even freelancers, while Business accounts fit better for brands, companies…

Now, your account has been upgraded to business! That’s it, you now have a business account!

Once you have your profile ready, it's time to add some flair!

How to set up a Twitter business account

For setting up a Twitter account for a business (or a personal brand) you should start by updating your profile image with something that represents your brand or organization well.

If there's already a logo available for use on other social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, use it here too — just make sure it's high-resolution in order to maintain its quality when scaled down for smaller screens. Make sure that the username is short and easy to remember.

The Twitter header (also called “banner”) is the image that appears when someone looks at your profile, so it’s also essential to make it part of your branding. As it’s bigger, many companies use a photo with their employees, others just go for some kind of logo, the building, or activities related to the industry. But you could also create a dynamic Twitter header.

Having your own website makes your business look better, so… why not add it to your profile so your followers can find it easily?

A Twitter bio should provide your followers with some context about your business. But be careful, you cannot use more than 160 characters.

As you begin to tweet, a great practice is to pin the product, news, or service that is more relevant right now, so it will always appear first.

If you are unsure on how to manage your account, maybe you want to know how to tweet properly. After that, find the best time to tweet.

When you feel ready to tweet, you can read these 12 templates to get likes, followers, and retweets.

Best business Twitter accounts to follow and learn from

Twitter’s not only the place for people to spend their time arguing or for companies to do some marketing but a great place for learning, for example, by checking all these tweets about business.

As a business owner, you want to also follow good “Creator” or “Business” accounts like the following:



Wrapping Up!

Twitter has become an essential tool for increasing visibility and building customer loyalty. Some of the most successful companies use Twitter as a way to engage their customers, build their brands, and drive sales.

It allows users to tweet and connect with a large audience. You can use this platform to promote your products, services, and brand. Now, you have this powerful lever to supercharge your business… Are you ready to pull it off?

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