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Last update: 2022/09/16

If you want more Twitter followers, you need a follower funnel. For those who are unfamiliar with it, a follower funnel consists of the following parts:

  • The profile picture
  • Your banner
  • Your bio
  • And your pinned tweet

We’ve already covered the profile picture, the banner, and the bio. In today's post, we're going to analyze the last step in that funnel: the pinned tweet.

Why is it important to have a great pinned tweet?

Together with the banner, the pinned tweet is the most overrated part of the follower funnel. In many cases, creators don't have a pinned tweet, or if they do, it's one without much purpose.

These creators don't realize how valuable a pinned tweet can be. When people enter your funnel, they usually scroll down to see your tweets. Your pinned tweet is the one piece of content they are guaranteed to see. It must be good.

In reality, a pinned tweet is much more than just a tweet with a bunch of likes. A pinned tweet works as:

  • Social proof for you and your content
  • Proof of work for what you can do
  • Gives credibility to your brand
  • Serves as an introduction to your story and to learn more about you
  • And much more!

Examples of great pinned tweets

We classified the different pinned tweets into a few different categories based on an analysis of tens of creator profiles.

Statement pinned tweets

Tweets that show who you are and what you do, and make a strong statement.

Chris Do (@theChrisDo)

Chris Do

Chris Do makes an extremely strong statement with his pinned tweet. When you read his profile and see this, you instantly understand what he is about and the type of mission he is on.

Dan Koe (@thedankoe)

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Human potential is one of Dan's core content topics. His thread encapsulates just that. It is a statement of what he talks about on Twitter.

Codie Sanchez (@codie_sanchez)

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Codie Sanchez is all about sharing contrarian views on business and life. In her pinned tweet, she shares 13 opposing viewpoints that have changed the way she sees the world. That's pretty powerful stuff.

Flav (@Wealth Profits)

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Flav's content talks about creating passive income assets. His pinned tweet reflects exactly the sentiment the people who are interested in that same topic share.

Proof of work tweets

Some of us use Twitter to increase traffic to our businesses and to what we do. This type of pinned tweet can serve as proof of your work (or what you can do for others)

Easlo (@heyeaslo)

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In a short amount of time, Eslo has built a massive following and online business. In his pinned tweet, he describes how he did it while demonstrating his skills in building digital products.

Ali the CFO (@AliTheCFO)

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Ali is a virtual CFO for startups. His pinned thread mission is to demonstrate his expertise in all things accounting (a core role for a CFO). It also has a HUGE number of likes, which helps add credibility to his message.

JK Molina (@oneJKMolina)

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Twitter’s favorite ghostwriter is a master at leveraging Twitter to generate client leads. His pinned tweet is a great example. It’s a case study of something he did for a client. He has tweets with a higher number of likes and RTs than this one that he could pin, but this one serves exactly his purpose: generate interest in his services.

Dave Kline (@dklineii)

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Dave is a leadership coach. In his pinned thread, he showcases different tactics he's used in his 20 years of career. What better way to show what you can do than to show it?

Proof of content tweets

Similar to the proof of work tweets, those serve as an example of the type of content you can expect from the account.

Abhishek Shah (@abhishekshah173)

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Abhishek talks about psychology and lifestyle design. This thread is a perfect example of what you’ll find in his account if you decide to follow him. It complements his follower funnel really well.

Dickie Bush (@dickiebush)

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Dickie is all about digital writing. Digital writers must master storytelling. Dickie gives a masterclass in storytelling by breaking down Pixar's rules. What this thread says to readers is that this is the level of detail and quality you can expect if you follow him.

Joey Justice (@heyjoeyjustice)

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Joey Justice is all about making you more effective. Most of that starts with habits. His pinned thread is a clear value add to his pitch of why someone should follow him.

Wes Kao (@wes_kao)

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A different way of showcasing your content is to combine your best tweets and threads into a single mega-thread. Wes Kao uses this as his pinned tweet. Smart move!

Alex Banks (@thealexbanks)

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If you are going to talk about something complex like investing and finance, you might want to consider a pinned tweet or thread that demonstrates your deep expertise. Using Wes Kao's formula, Alex Banks creates a recap thread on the different topics he talks about.

Story tweets

We care about your story. Your story makes you unique. On Twitter, there might be hundreds of people talking about marketing for SaaS businesses. But only one you.

Alex Llull (@AlexLlullTW)

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Alex was fired right before he started sharing content on Twitter. The pinned tweet is based on that piece of his story. His "bounce back" story allows him to form a quicker connection with anyone looking at his profile.

Brian Bourque (@bbourque)

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The pinned tweet from Brian shares a transformation story. After joining a company, he immediately wanted to quit. He didn't and it proved to be the right choice. This kind of story complements everything Brian has to say in his bio. The story is about him and his journey, something that's likely to persuade indecisive followers.

Get Paid Writing (@getpaidwrite)

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Although GPW talks about writing, a more personal thread is sometimes a better choice for a pinned tweet. It offers more insight into who you are and how you think. This is especially true if you tweet from an anonymous account, as it might prove a little bit challenging to connect with your followers.

Matt Gray (@Matt_gray_)

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Matt shares his entrepreneurial journey on Twitter. His pinned tweet is a direct entrance to learn more about his journey. Plus, he sprinkles in some crazy revenue and community numbers to make it more impressive for potential readers.

Dustin McCaffree (@terribledustin)

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Dustin's pinned tweet is an excellent example of a "Story tweet". There are three parts, the before, the now, and the one event that changed everything. Potential followers can see your entire journey at a glance.

Other types of pinned tweets

Jay Clouse (@Jay Clouse)

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Maybe you just launched a new project or service that you'd like to attract people to. As Jay does, the pinned tweet is the perfect place for it.

Treyton (@treytonwrites)

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It's also a great way to say hello to potential followers. Bonus points if you use a video so they can see your face and hear your voice, as Treyton does.

Ana Bibikova

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Alternatively, you can use it to share a milestone you're proud of, as Ana does.

Your pinned tweet is more than just a tweet

Don't ignore a pinned tweet. It may be the perfect addition to your funnel and profile.

As we said above, this is the one tweet anyone visiting your profile is guaranteed to see. Make it count!

If you are still looking for a way to attract people to your profile, take a look at our article on How to Get Your First 1,000 Twitter Followers to get you up to speed.

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