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Scorpios and Leos

(you, to, may, or, with, scorpio, sagittarius, leo)

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i think they should make the tarkov secure container only for stuff you bring into raid with you. you shouldnt be able to put anything "in raid" in there during the raid. ok now argue about it below. thanks


I never owned crypto, never owned a bitCoin, never owned an NFT, BUT back in the 90s I joined the BMG Music Service and for a penny got a bunch of CDs almost free, as long as I promised to buy a certain amount of CDs at regular club prices, so I am right there with you, dawgs.


Your faith will be tested again and again. It’s easy to believe when things are going your way, when the path is rosy. But the true test comes when the Almighy puts obstacles in your way. Do you become disobedient & defiant or do you submit to Him, be patient and ride it out?


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