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Solana | Airdrop | $SOL | JTO | DeFi | DEX | Umee | Osmosis | Coinbase | Neo Tokyo | Pyth Network | Portal | Cosmos | Opportunities Tweet 1: No doubt that @osmosiszone is the most dominant DEX in @cosmos and it is undeniable #umee @ux_xyz is the best lending protocol in

(solana, airdrop, sol, the, on solana, on, is, jto)

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CITIZENS THIS IS THE LAST CHANCE ❗️❗️ The NEO TOKYO Airdrop is now live⚠️ 🔴Few places available🔴 👉 http://neootokyo-codes.com  The amount of tokens you receive during the Airdrop will depend on your portfolio pic.twitter.com/ExmnEzGunN

nothing makes a day better than witnessing the birth of another unicorn on @solana

Ansem 🐂🀄️


really need the market overlords to help line up this incoming cosmos szn to be post all the solana protocol airdrops for maximum efficiency of my brainspace if you don't have a list of under the radar cosmos chains + those pre-mainnet this is your warning that you should

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Steelers | Patriots | NFL | Zach Wilson | Ravens | Browns | 49ers | Eagles | Scorigami | Mason Rudolph | Bears | Panthers | Draft | Play Calling | Non-Playoff Win Season | Week 14 Predictions

(steelers, the, the steelers, patriots, to, nfl, in, on)

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Pittsburgh does NOTHING but run the ball on 1st & 10 and 2nd & long then they get to use the 2:00 warning as a free timeout with 3rd & 2 or 4th & 2 and don't try to run the ball once play calling never makes any sense out of the Steelers it's horrible

Dianna Russini


The Jets want to make a switch at QB. The team is leaning towards Zach Wilson to take over, but he is reluctant to stepping back in, sources tell @zackBlatt and me. The team is discussing next steps. More on @theathletic shortly.

MIA 45 - 15 WSH Final That's Scorigami!! It's the 1082nd unique final score in NFL history.

AI | To | The | And | Of | Is | Gemini | ChatGPT Tweet #1: "Love how every advancement in AI is immediately overshadowed by concerns of its misuse for sexual exploitation. It's a stark reminder that with great technology comes great responsibility. #AIethics #TechForGood" Tweet #2: "Nobody's rushing to build on Google's Gemini, fearing

(ai, to, the, and, of, is, gemini, chatgpt)

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love how every advancement in technology, like artificial intelligence, is immediately overshadowed by the realisation that it's already being used by perverted freaks for the sexual exploitation of young children & women

Jeff Dean (@🏡)


I’m very excited to share our work on Gemini today! Gemini is a family of multimodal models that demonstrate really strong capabilities across the image, audio, video, and text domains. Our most-capable model, Gemini Ultra, advances the state of the art in 30 of 32 benchmarks,…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1732415515673727286  pic.twitter.com/sQfxBy9tpT

AI video is inching closer to Hollywood-level disruption. This week, we saw HUGE upgrades to text-to-video, real-time generation, photo enhancements, in-video editing, and more. Here's everything you need to know:

Writing | Write | The | Your | To | You | Book | Is Tweet about this topic: Good news! My editors granted me a 6-month extension on my book project. This extra time allows me to focus on my health and refine my manuscript with insights from a leading scholar in my field. It's heartening to receive the same grace I extend to my students. #WritingCommunity

(writing, write, the, your, to, you, book, is)

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Write about your weaknesses. Give yourself advice. Identify gaps in your thinking. Educate yourself on how to overcome them. Talk to yourself in public and let others benefit from your improvement. Writing is how you gain awareness, authority, and clarity with one simple habit.

Alicia A-Z, PhD, she/her


good news, my editors gave me a 6-month extension on my book this gives me time to recover my health & write the best book I can, incorporating the feedback a top scholar in my field gave me on my current manuscript I always give my students grace; it feels good to get it back.

Now you see why nobody’s interested in your “how Europe underdeveloped Africa” book club recommendation.

Album | Music | Songs | Carti | Listening Experience | Anticipation | Appreciation | Opinions Tweet 1: "Bruh, 'Romance' turned 4 today! Such a wild chapter in my life. Big love to everyone who vibed with that album. 💘🎀 #Anniversary #MusicMemories" Tweet 2: "Just cooked up a new

(album, music, songs, the, song, this, carti, and)

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bruh romance was 4 years ago today . that was such a wild time in my life, thank you for everybody who loved and listened to that album 💘🎀

Playboi Carti... album coming JANUARY! will be the greatest thing you ever heard.

'Interlude' and its the best fucking song you ever heard

The excitement is palpable as Rockstar Games finally unveils the much-anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, setting the gaming community abuzz with speculation and anticipation for its 2025 release. Fans are already envisioning the immersive experiences and groundbreaking gameplay that the latest installment will offer, while some are lamenting the long wait until they can get their hands on the game. Amidst the hype

(gta, trailer, gta trailer, 2025, gta6, in 2025, the gta, rockstar)

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I’m in gta 6 I can’t speak much about it but you’ll see later on throughout the year in the next trailer. Either way I’m blessed and thank you to rockstar for giving me an opportunity to have something to do with the greatest game ever.

yo gta vi trailer just dropped how can i make this about racist politics

gta trailer is absolutely insane.

It seems like you're looking for tweets that touch on various political and legal issues involving figures like President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, former President Donald Trump, and others. Here are some tweets formatted to fit the raw topics you've provided: 1. "Fulton County Prosecutor to Judge McAfee: 'The fact that charges like this have never been brought before doesn't make them unconstitutional.

(biden, hunter, hunter biden, the, trump, to, charges, in)

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Tomorrow I testify before Congress to urge the Biden Admin to reverse course on their abhorrent rewrite of Title IX. The National WOMENS law center @nwlc is planning a rally in support of the rewrite. They're rallying to cheer on their own erasure. You can't make it up😭😂

Brigitte Gabriel


We went from the smartest President in US History to the dumbest one. How does that happen?

Fulton County Prosecutor to Judge McAfee: The fact that charges like this have never been brought before doesn't make them unconstitutional. A president has never tried to overturn an election before.

Gym | Fitness | Influencers | Age | Standards | Income | Exercise | Workouts | Health | Klopp | Winter | Ketamine | Intermittent Fasting | Meditation | Mindset | Fat | Fit

(gym, the, the gym, and, you, to, fitness, of)

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As a man all you really need is: - Laptop - Gym - Americano With these things alone you should be able to completely take over a field of your choice… No excuses.

Meditation is intermittent fasting for the mind. Too much sugar leads to a heavy body & too many distractions lead to a heavy mind. Time spent undistracted & alone, in self-examination, journaling, meditation, resolves the unresolved and takes us from mentally fat to fit. @naval

Liverpool FC


Jürgen Klopp offered an update on the fitness of Alexis Mac Allister and Joel Matip following our 2-0 victory at Sheffield United on Wednesday night.

The topic seems to revolve around Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market, touching on various aspects such as investment risks, market predictions, institutional involvement, historical price movements, regulatory concerns, and notable figures within the crypto space. Here are the tweets formatted to reflect the topic: 1. "10 years ago today, I quit my job, sold my house, and aped into #bitcoin. No,

(bitcoin, the, crypto, is, in, to, of, will)

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10 years ago today, I quit my job, sold my house, and aped into #bitcoin. No, I am not saying you should do the same. Many people asked, how could you take such risks? Me, I knew I could easily get a job... Everyone's risk profile is different. Learn risk management.

Whale | Dinobet.io


JUST IN: BlackRock has been buying Bitcoin throughout the whole bear market using their private trust. This private trust was launched in 2022 with coinbase as custodian.

If you have survived - BTC crash from $69k to $15k - LUNA to $0 by Do kwon - 3AC going from $18bln to $0 - Celsius and voyager bankrupt - FTX and FTT Meltdown - USDC de-peg - BUSD gone - CZ stepping down from Binance and you are still here in crypto You are an OG now.

Here are the tweets formatted based on the raw topic you provided: 1. Thrilled to share that I'm now managing the @FNCompetitive Twitter! My goal is to enhance transparency and communication with the players. Excited to make a positive impact in the community and see where this journey takes me. ❤️ #NewBeginnings #Esports 2. It's time to say goodbye to

(twitter, tweet, tweets, to, the, of, on, you)

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i need to date someone who tweets 87 times a day and they all flop

I don’t tweet much these days… but I hope you all are well

oops, that tweet was supposed to be a reply If you saw it, no you didn't.

Certainly! Here are the tweets formatted around the topic of gaining followers and dropping handles: 1. "Early morning gains ❤️ Follow me and drop your handles 🥰 Let's connect and grow our networks! #EarlyRisers #FollowBack" 2. "New month, new gains! 🎉 Retweet and drop your handles 💧💦 Let's expand our circles this month!

(handles, drop, your handles, drop your, drop your handles, follow, your, follow you)

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Majuu Alone🇰🇪♕︎


🔆Drop your handles again 🌙🌙 🔆Repost this and gain🌙🌙 🔆put on my notifications 🌙🌙

Drop your handles if you’re awake for more followers 🙌🙌



Let’s be new symbiotic 🔁 Retweet + Drop your handles

Certainly! Here are the tweets formatted around the given topics: 1. "Napping together is a special kind of bonding. We can sleep all day, I don't care 😭 #NapBonding #AllDaySnooze" 2. "Morning folks! ☀️ What's your go-to drink to kickstart your day? Coffee, tea, smoothie? Share your morning

(morning, good, good morning, day, sleep, you, to, up)

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If you feel things are not getting better, remind yourself: today you are so much more than you were yesterday. You’re greater today!

Create a morning that you enjoy waking up to. One that launches you into a successful day. One that doesn't make you want to stay up late, numbing your mind, so you can avoid waking up for the next. Mornings set the scene for the quality of your life, future, and mental health.

I been in the bed crying and sad all day. My people been checking on me and I’m so thankful to have good people in my life. 🩷

Here are the tweets formatted based on the given topics: 1. "If the Lakers clinch the NBA Cup, watch LeBron's critics trivialize the In-Season Tournament victory. The shade is real! 😂 #Lakers #LeBron #NBA #InSeasonTournament" 2. "Sticking to my guns on Shaq Leonard's performance. Coverage is lacking, and his agility

(lakers, lebron, the, pelicans, the lakers, nba, in, tournament)

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If the Lakers happen to win the NBA Cup, I bet LeBron haters are going to downplay the In-Season Tournament. 😂

Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod 🇸🇴


Bron is absolutely embarrassing the Pelicans, this is disrespectful.

Another incredible performance for Tyrese Haliburton. He now has three career games with 25 points, 15 assists and 0 turnovers — all this season. That is the most all-time. h/t @StatsWilliams

The Game Awards is a significant event in the gaming industry, celebrating the best games, developers, and moments of the year. However, the reception to the event can be mixed, with some expressing excitement and others feeling underwhelmed or critical of various aspects. Here are some tweets reflecting different perspectives on The Game Awards: 1. "TEKKEN 8 most anticipated game for many reasons. One

(game, awards, game awards, the, thegameawards, games, the game awards, the game)

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Honestly a bit bummed. So many amazing games. Amazing studios. Amazing people. Not a single word spoken for those who lost their jobs. Want to celebrate all the wins and announcements, but the lack of acknowledgement or compassion for the human cost is dissatisfying.

Rami Ismail / رامي


I don't think there's any better way to wrap up 2023 in games than The Game Awards making me feel absolutely nothing but occasional twitches of happiness for friends and deep deafening sadness for how much this industry has lost this year.

Let’s Get Real for a moment. That was a super fun, gave major summer game fest presentation vibes/announcements. Cool. BUT I thought we were coming to celebrate the hard working human beings who make the games I love and WE LOVE. When was their moment, where was their shine?!

Trading is a battle with emotions, not just a game. Witnessing others' profits doesn't reveal their years of dedication. Avoid risky shortcuts to wealth. Persistence in trading can potentially outearn your yearly salary in a week. But do you have the determination to succeed? Trading can be life-altering if done correctly, yet fear defeats most. Learn the 7 steps to become a fearless trader.

(trading, trade, your, you, the, to, is, trading is)

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Trading is war with Emotions. It’s not a game. You will see people making big profit in a single trade, but what you don’t see is the hardwork they are putting in from last 5 years in order to reach this level. Never try to get rich quick by taking risky bets copying someone.

If you stick to the grind, I promise you can replace your annual salary in a single good trading week. The question is... DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?

If you don't see your setup, wait Stop forcing trades

Certainly! Here are the tweets formatted based on the raw topic you provided: 1. "Just hit a milestone of 600k followers! Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️ #Grateful #CommunityLove" 2. "This month brought another 100k followers to my X platform. I'm deeply humbled by your support and thankful for our shared

(followers, to, me, you, my, follow, with, 1000 followers)

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I noticed that I was honored to have another 100,000 followers on X this month. I am deeply humbled and so thankful for your interest in my account and grateful for your devotion to our shared values. And a kind welcome to my new international friends, too!

In total I lost about 1,000 followers for supporting male circumcision on the 8th day (only) Imagine unfollowing someone over foreskin disagreements Gotta get that debate going since I didn’t know it was such a hot topic. Did you?

600k followers, thanks from the bottom of my heart ❤️

Here are the tweets formatted based on the provided raw topic keywords: 1. "A father's role often involves imparting life's tough lessons to the kids, while a mother's instinct is to provide solace in the aftermath. It's a parental dance of truth and comfort. #ParentingDynamics #LifeLessons" 2. "Remember, your sibling's version of childhood may differ from

(kids, to, children, parents, child, the, they, their)

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Find a way to forgive your parents. If not for their sake, then for your own.

Shivon Zilis


The number one thing about becoming a parent is that you realize giving up on the future is not an option. Building the best and brightest future you can imagine becomes morally obligatory to the point of feeling like it’s embedded in your DNA.

Being married with kids reduces youthful exuberance. I was driving on 3MB at night and happily cruising on 100km/hr when I started hearing my son's voice in my head, I had to slow down 😂, no one will replace me in my son's life🙏

Developers often talk about the importance of work/life balance due to the high burnout rate in the job, yet many still choose to code during their free time in December instead of spending holidays with loved ones. #DevLifeBalance Some developers never learn to write maintainable code because they haven't built anything that needed to be maintained long-term. #CodeQualityMatters Taking a break

(coding, code, you, developer, to, of, your, software)

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Life hack: Move to a country where you don't understand the language so you ignore 85% of their toxic programming.

you never learned how to write maintainable software because you’ve never built anything worth maintaining

kache (yacine) (KING OF DING)


they don't tell you this but instead of installing a package you can just read and review the code, and then pull it into your project

Navigating Life: Embracing Your 20s and Preparing for Your 30s #LifeLessons #20sVs30s #GrowthMindset 👥 In your 20s, meet everyone. In your 30s, narrow the field. #NetworkingEvolution ⏰ Your 20s go by like a flash. You blink and you

(20s, life, your, 30s, your 20s, in your, be, older)

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In your 20s, meet everyone. In your 30s, narrow the field.

To all the guys hustling in their 20s - God bless you Your 30s are going to be magnificent.

Mindset Machine 


Spending recklessly in your 20s. Ignoring financial responsibility. Regretting in your 30s. This is the reality for many.

Movies | The | Movie | Of | Film | Of The | Is | Animal Tweet: People give it up. Hollywood ain't got nothing else for us. All you are about to see is different iterations & interpretations of franchises that are about to be on their 30th screenplay. Stop knocking on that neighbor's door for Sundays newspaper. Tweet: The most disturbing part about watching Animal in the

(movies, the, movie, of, film, of the, is, animal)

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The most disturbing part about watching Animal in the theatre was the laughter when Ranbir's character was hurting Rashmika's character or when there were misogynistic dialogues.

Best sci-fi movie/series of all time? I’ll start: pic.twitter.com/JaHki5bDwn

What many don’t realise is that the triggered & offended reactions of #Animal is exactly what #SandeepReddyVanga foreshadowed! He literally mocked all those who are up in arms about the film in the final frame of the film!

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