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Trading Insights and Reflections 1. **The Perpetual Learner**: "Traders possess the remarkable ability to repeat mistakes. Over time, I've worked to eliminate bad habits, yet they find new forms. The journey to improvement is endless." 2. **Strive for Better**: "Your trading performance can always be improved. Never settle for complacency. While a 100% win

(trading, you, your, traders, the, and, to, trade)

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Apr 10, 2024

I will become a 6 figure trader 🙏 I will not stop.

You see a successful trader and get jealous. I see a successful trader and I see the pure pain and sacrifice they had to go through. We're not the same.

if you was ever introduced to trading ion know how you gave up knowing the power in this shit…

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Bitcoin | Crypto | The | Is | To | BSL | Of | And

(bitcoin, crypto, the, is, to, bsl, of, and)

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RWA is one of the biggest opportunities this cycle. BlackRock just launched a tokenised fund. Tokenised assets are set to hit $10T by 2030. If you're still sleeping on this sector, now is the time to wake up. 🧵: My ULTIMATE guide to Real World Assets (+ top altcoin picks).👇

Bitcoin 69K in November 2021 is very different from Bitcoin 69K in April 2024. In November 2021, the Power Law "fair value" was 24.5K. We were trading at 2.8X that. In log terms, thats about 1.6 standard deviations! That's VERY expensive. Today the power law model "fair value" is 64K. We are at 8% over fair value. Thats just 0.1 standard deviation. Basically, we are "on trend". The biggest deviation overshoot was in March 2021 when we hit 58K. At that point the trendline was 18.2K, 3.2X. That's about 2 standard deviations! Most people don't appreciate this. It's one of the big benefits of the power law tool of analysis!

BorpaToken Private Sale Round completed! We are excited to announce the completion of our private funding round with the support of 100+ strategic high profiles investors all aligned with the attention's economy thesis. BorpaToken is a strong bet towards embracing the speculative nature of the crypto industry. Leveraging from a high-quality, dual themed branding bootstrapped by aggressive ponzinomics, our mission is to impose ourselves as one of the leaders of the bubbling meme token industry. Starting as a key meme within CT circles, the next step is to expand our reach to a retail audience. We are very grateful to have received support from some of the most influential investors of the industry, different individuals that trust our vision in setting a new standard of quality within the memecoin realm. Just to name a few: @krugermacro, @Anbessa100, @captain_kole1, @buyerofponzi, @dingalingts, @Zeneca, @RookieXBT, @damskotrades, @0xSisyphus, @0xLawliette, @JohnnyZcash, @dentoshi and @kmoney_69. BorpaToken is expected to go live in Q2, and we will continue to build momentum until our launch.

Good Morning | Today | Day | Positive Vibes

(day, today, morning, good, you, the, to, good morning)

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My brain: (warm and cozy in bed) long day, can’t wait to drift off to sleep. My bladder: you’re not going to believe this

Someday isn't on the calendar. Today is.

It's a beautiful day to stop tolerating maybes.

AI | The | To | And | Of | Is | With | You

(ai, the, to, and, of, is, with, you)

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Alex Reibman 🖇️


Never underestimate the open source AI community. These cracked engineers are here to break the limits of what’s possible with local LLMs. We just witnessed some nutty inventions. Here’s what we saw at the @ollama Open Source and Local AI meetup at @cerebral_valley (🧵): pic.twitter.com/AdRv26RJ0l

The market cap for Match Group is $9B. Someone will build the AI-version of Match Group and make $1B+. I met some guy last night in Miami who admitted to me that he spends $10,000/month on "AI girlfriends". I thought he was kidding. But, he's a 24 year old single guy who loves it. I asked him what he loved about it: Him: "Some people play video games, I play with AI girlfriends" Him: "I love that I could use voice notes now with my AI girlfriends" Him: "I get to customize my AI girlfriend. Likes, dislikes etc. It's comfort at the end of the day". Me: speechless There are a few platforms he likes but he prefers candy dot ai and kupid dot ai "It's kinda like dating apps. You're not on only one." See this photos of women below? Tap in. All of them are AI-generated. Look real, but aren't. AI models are starting to look freakishly real to me. Maybe you too. Things are about to get pretty weird. -- I share things i notice on the world here @gregisenberg (follow me) or in my link in bio for free startup ideas.

PANTHEON (Everything I Know From Game Files/API) 4 Different selectable modes/difficulties: The Pantheon: Atraks Sovereign (First 4 Bosses, +5 Power) The Pantheon: Oryx Exalted (First 5 Bosses, +10 Power) The Pantheon: Rhulk Indomitable (First 6 Bosses, +15 Power) The Pantheon: Nezarec Sublime (All 8 Bosses, +20 Power/Contest Mode) 8 Raid bosses in order: Golgoroth (KF 3rd) Caretaker (VotD 2nd) Zo'aurc (RoN 3rd) Atraks-1 (DSC 2nd) Oryx (KF 5th) Rhulk (VotD 4th) Riven (LW 5th) Nezarec (RoN 4th) It is non matchmade but you are going to be able to use fireteam finder to find a group. It seems like there may also be new or different mechanics and challenges for the encounters. All 4 Pantheon modes have a unique emblem that will drop from the triumph after your first completion. (Pictured Below) All 4 modes have 10% increased Void, Solar, Arc, Stasis and strand weapon damage modifiers. All modes also have a modifier called 'Shot Caller' 'Landing multiple precision hits with a Primary ammo weapon empowers Special and Heavy ammo weapons. Reduces incoming damage while active.' The Pantheon seal is called Godslayer and has 10 triumphs: 4x Complete each Pantheon mode 4x Complete each Pantheon mode with a high score 1x Earn points across all encounters in The Pantheon. (1,500,000) 1x Earn points across all encounters in The Pantheon. (3,000,000) The 4 normal completion triumphs drop their respective emblem and 30 spoils each. The high score and points triumphs drop adept versions of raid weapons, the weapons include: Smite of Merain (Harrowed) Qullim's Terminus (Harrowed) Insidious (Adept) Acasia's Dejection (Adept) Zaouli's Bane (Harrowed) Rufus's Fury (Adept) The Pantheon rules are as follows: • Complete raid encounters in succession. Activate the transmat banner after completing an encounter to progress to the next arena. • Each encounter has a bonus timer. You earn additional points while the timer is active. Finish the encounter before the timer runs out for additional score. • Completing encounters, and completing encounters with a high score, grant rewards. Remaining rewards for The Pantheon are tracked on the Triumphs page. • Arcite 99-40 is waiting at the end of The Pantheon for the Guardians who have completed the "Divine Weaponry" quests.

Women, Men, and Their Dynamics

(women, to, men, the, and, they, are, of)

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BREAKING: Male who identifies as female ARRESTED after stripping N*KED in a Planet Fitness women’s locker room. “It’s a man but he says he identifies as a woman, and he won’t leave the restroom. But he is just walking around showing us his --- and he won’t leave” a caller told 911 dispatch. PLANET FITNESS ISN’T SAFE FOR WOMEN!!

I was nice to trans people. When transwomen complained they didn't have a space to fit in, I said, like many others who wanted to be nice "you can sit with us lesbians". Then they wanted more. They wanted that we see them as real women. They wanted us to see them as sexual partners even when they knew we were homosexuals. They wanted us to see their girl d cks as a female organ and non threatening. Also mouthfeel... All we needed to do was to see them as female and then we would be able to cope. They wanted that we stop talking about our biology and bodies because they felt excluded. They wanted that we see them as the same and believe them when they complained about periods and pains. They wanted that we stop talking about our homosexuality in the space we invited them in because they felt excluded. They wanted that we stopped any mentions of vaginas, and female sex organs whilst inundating our spaces with conversations around male genitalia. When they realised that we weren't complying, they banned myself and other homosexual women from the space we invited them in. They called us bigots, TERFs, hateful, c nts and kicked us out of our own spaces. When the majority of us were out, they got more daring and started writing r pe fantasy posts about r ping lesbians. They shared tips on how to sexually coerce and guilt trip homosexual women into sex with them. I was nice to trans people. And they repaid that kindness by decimating the spaces we invited them in. And by sexually coercing homosexual women. Lesbians like me made one single mistake. And that was to listen to trans people and be nice to them. Never again.

It's been kind of amusing, from a distance, to watch @jk_rowling melt down over men in dresses invading women's private spaces. She still doesn't get it. She doesn't understand that first they came for the men. Only then, much later, did they come for the women. She doesn't understand that "transwomen" are simply doing to women what feminists did to men decades earlier. First feminists demanded inclusion in men's private, unisex environments. Then they demanded that those spaces be changed to suit them. Then they demanded that no male-only space exist, anywhere. And the cosmic irony of all of this is that this is a large part of the reason why "transwomen" exist in the first place. Boys raised without any spaces or groups for boys. Raised without any acknowledgement, or accommodation, for the sex-specific needs of boys. Boys raised solely by women, in environments designed for girls, treated as defective girls, medicated into insensibility with modified methamphetamine if they dare to act like boys. And then told, from an age far too young for psychological self-defense, that men are responsible for all the world's ills, and girls are wonderful and can do no wrong, and can do everything they can do, backwards and in heels. And still Rowling is surprised when some of them grow up wanting to be girls, and move into the women-only spaces, which were never abolished when the men-only spaces were? She was smart enough to write a really good series of children's books, but not smart enough to understand the high-order consequences of her own ideology. It's so incredibly, mind-bendingly delicious to watch. This feminist apocalypse is the result of a chain of events that feminists themselves set in motion, using the same tactics and arguments against them that they used against men. They are being punished not only for their sins, but by their sins. This would all be great except for the niggling little detail that not all women are feminists. There are a great many women who never went along with the insanity, but are nevertheless being hit just as hard by the effects. That's not so funny. Worse yet, men have very little incentive to lift a finger to help them, since almost no one, man or woman, did a thing for them when they were little boys being attacked from every angle by adult feminists. If you make women into a privileged class... If you make women's preferences into your society's moral standards... If you tilt the playing field for the express purpose of making women exceed men in every measure of health, wealth, and social respect... If you strip your society's art and culture of any image or aspect of positive masculinity... Then men will grow up wanting to be women.

Exploring the Galaxy of Samsung: AI, UI, and the Latest Updates

(galaxy, samsung, galaxy ai, ui, ai, one ui, samsungs, update)

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Nvidia CEO Says You Need These Two Traits pic.twitter.com/wbMc4HWOK8

omfg I can render android widgets with jsx ??? I'm honestly thinking of getting a flagship (pixel or s24) and using it as my main phone 🙈 I missed doing whatever tf I want with my phone pic.twitter.com/Cc0dD1C8vz

SamMobile - Samsung news!


Google is copying icons from Samsung’s One UI for Android 15  https://buff.ly/3Uc9SJk 

Interest Rates, Inflation, and the Impact on Gold, Silver, and the Economy

(gold, the, inflation, silver, is, to, fed, rates)

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Michael A. Gayed, CFA


The fact that we went from “the Fed will cut interest rates 6 times this year” to “the Fed could raise rates this year” in the span of literally 4 months means none of us has a fucking clue what tomorrow brings.

$COST OH MY GOODNESS Costco just INCREASED their divided to $1.16 per share up from $1.02 This is really, really important in my opinion. Costco is basically telling the market: "Hey, we did the math, we have too much money, we don't think consumers are going to stop spending so we don't need to hoard cash and be conservative, thanks for being a shareholder, here's an extra 14 cents for every share you have." You don't see companies doing this if their earnings can't justify the numbers. On a very HOT inflation read, $COST Costco still decides to declare a higher dividend, likely on their own economic data showing deflation/disinflation is coming and consumers will continue to spend at Costco.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr


President Biden is trying to gaslight us into believing that inflation is coming down. I understand the pain Americans are suffering from high prices. Since he took the oath of office three years ago… Butter is up from $3.58 to $4.75 12 Eggs up from $2.36 to $3.54 Milk up from $2.73 to $3.25 Peanut butter up $3.48 to $4.52 Toilet paper up from $7.08 to $9.75 President Biden should be telling Americans that their anger is right and justified. He should be acknowledging that everything is so expensive because of the trillions we spent on forever wars. Wars that made us unsafe. Wars that threaten to escalate to catastrophic levels.

Cryptocurrency Farming Enthusiasm and the Shift from Tech to Agriculture In the digital age, the concept of "farming" has taken on new meanings, extending beyond traditional agriculture into the realms of cryptocurrency and digital assets. Enthusiasts and professionals alike are exploring these new frontiers, with some even making the leap from high-tech careers back to the land or into the burgeoning field of

(param, bubble, farming, beyond, mojo, trip, cookie, farm)

Best tweets on this topic

Fuck it, I’m farming 5 tickers. 🚜 $BEYOND 🚜 $PARAM 🚜 $BUBBLE 🚜 $COOKIE 🚜 $TRIP Don’t fade free money.

I FINALLY GOT THE LEGENDARY SKIN 🎉 Racing towards 3M $BUBBLE points 🚀 Now let's farm some pts together 🤝 Engaging with everyone farming ✅ Drop me your posts 👇


Eclipse | The Eclipse | Solar Eclipse | Solar | In | To | Is

(eclipse, the, the eclipse, solar eclipse, solar, in, to, is)

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NEW: Mexican media outlet RCG Media plays video of a man’s testicles thinking they were showing the eclipse. Someone’s getting fired. Shortly after the image displayed for all their viewers to see, the production team quickly removed it. The hosts were clearly disturbed as the two women sat with stunned looks on their faces.

Dom Lucre | Breaker of Narratives


🔥🚨DEVELOPING: Saudi Arabia's deserts around the Holy Cities have been turning green. After heavy rains, parts of Saudi Arabia's desert near Mecca and Medina have turned green. This transformation, particularly in the west, is due to excess water, leading to the growth of grass and plants. Photos show camels grazing on fresh grass, and once arid areas are now vibrant with color. This unusual sight has also been visible from NASA satellites. Some followers of Islam claim ‘Prophet Muhammad predicted this would occur in the end times.’

Toph 🫧 🇵🇸🇨🇩🇸🇩


The moon has a lot of work to do today. Packed itinerary - gotta get to an eclipse then show up for 2 billion Muslims later

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