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7 Ways to Reach $10,000 a Month on Twitter


JK Molina


Last update: 2022/06/21

To get to $10,000 a month you need to sell something. To sell something you need to understand why people buy.

The thought process behind a $500 purchase and a $5000 purchase is actually the same. If you can show people you can get them an ROI then you can charge whatever you want.

Think about it:

What’s the easiest way for someone to give you $1? It’s for you to give them $2. What’s the easiest way for someone to give you $1000? For you to make them $2000. The way you get them to give you money is by proving you can make them more money back.

The easiest way to get to $10,000 a month on Twitter isn’t selling a lot. The key isn’t volume. The key is margins and pricing.

So with that being said, let’s dive into the 7 ways to reach $10,000 a month…

Note: You don’t need to use all of these at once.

Method #1: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is essentially selling other people’s courses, services, or products.

Say someone has a $50 product. You then sell 400 copies of it for them. Now, 400 copies of a product is a lot, but it’s doable. So if you sell 400 copies of that $50 product at a 50% commission rate… you’ll make $10,000.

Math checks out. You need to convince 400 people to buy that product to make $10,000.

Method #2: Courses

Let’s say you have a $50 course, which is pretty standard for Twitter. If you sell 200 copies of that $50 course, you’ve made $10,000.

So what kind of courses can you sell? You can sell how-to courses, implementation, or templates. All of those are valuable. But you still need to convince a lot of people to make a lot of money.

But, selling 200 copies is a lot. You need to convince 200 people that there’s a positive ROI from your product.

Method #3: Services

If you have a $2,500 service and you want to get to $10,000 a month, you only have to convince 4 people to invest in your service.

So, you’ll need to come up with an offer worth $2,500. To craft a good offer, we recommend Alex Hormozi’s book $100m Offers - it’s $1 on Amazon.

Let’s say you have 1,000 followers, which realistically, if you use Tweet Hunter University it’s pretty easy. Can you convince 4 people out of 1,000 to buy your product? You probably can. Just raise the price (and the value) of your service and you’ll get to that point.

You can offer a service like consulting, coaching, SEO, email marketing, copywriting, ghostwriting, media buying, cold email, lead generation, high ticket sales closing, and many more that are worth the price you want people to pay you.

So, figure out which one you’re interested in, build out your offer, and eventually you’ll sell it because convincing 4 out of 1,000 people is simply not as hard as convincing 400 people.

Method #4: Cohorts

There are many cohorts that deliver a certain outcome.

For example, Dickie Bush’s Ship30For30 cohort teaches you how to build an online writing habit. Similarly, David Perell’s Write of Passage cohort shows you how to create influence by writing online.

Note: Write of Passage is $4,000 to $7,000…so that’s even fewer people you need to convince to hit $10,000.

The great thing about cohorts is that one unit of input doesn’t equal one unit of output. One unit of input can equal as many units of output as you want. Teaching 1 person on a call costs you the same amount of effort as teaching 100 people on a call.

This is the value of cohorts - one unit of input can lead to as many outputs as you want. Let’s say you sell a $500 cohort and you get 20 people in - that’s a $10,000 a month business right there. It’s slightly more people to convince than a service based offer, but it’s still easier than a course or affiliate marketing because it’s a higher price point.

Plus, your time isn’t diluted. You protect your time and you still deliver value to the people inside the cohort.

Method #5: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Say you have a SaaS, and you sell it for a $20/month subscription. If you can sell it to 500 people, you’ll reach $10,000 a month - and despite needing to convince more people, it’s still better than courses and affiliate marketing.

Why? Because of the benefits of owning a SaaS - the cost of getting a client is usually lower than other models. The marginal cost of getting a client is small because a SaaS is just code. It works for you. You don’t have to work more for code to work for you. You do it once and it stays there forever.

Method #6: Coaching

If you have a $2,000 coaching program, and you sell it to 5 people, you’re at $10,000. And you only need to convince 5 people to pay you. Using this method is easy now that you understand how to craft a good offer - which begins with what we talked about at the start of this offer (people pay you $1, you make them $2).

Understanding that people’s thought process is the same no matter the price point, promise, show, and prove you can deliver an ROI and they will give you their money.

Method #7: Communities

If you have a community, and you charge a $20/month subscription to 500 people, you’re at $10,000. Of course, to reach this number, you need to convince 500 people to join. It’s not easy, but communities are great because they allow you to get feedback while earning recurring revenue.

They also allow you to upsell people. See, there’s a rule that says 10% of the people who bought a program were willing to pay 10x more. So once you have a community, you have a list of buyers that you can sell higher ticket offers to. Some people who buy your stuff are just straight up very wealthy, while some people see the value in paying a higher price for a better service.

What’s the best money making method for you?

There are easier and faster ways to get to where you want to be. But, we’re not here to tell you what to sell. We’re here to tell you how to make money. So, choose whichever method(s) make sense to you.

Rule of thumb: The lower your follower count, the higher your prices should be. People with huge followings can afford to have low-ticket products just because they have such high volume. But you won’t have high volume if you’re just starting out and have a small following.

But what you can have is a good offer. So charge a high price for it, because that’s how you can make up for the lack of volume.

So, we’ve covered 7 different methods you can use to make $10,000 a month on Twitter.

If at some point you get stuck, this principle will help you: All of your client (or customer) acquisition boils down to 2 things: It’s either about your traffic, or it’s about your offer.

Let’s say you have a great offer. It’s expensive. It gives customers a high return. But you don’t have any traffic… so no one buys. Your stuff is good, but nobody sees it. That’s a problem because your business basically doesn’t have oxygen to survive.

On the other hand, say you have a lot of traffic (a huge following), but you don’t have a good enough offer. You’ll make some money, but you’ll never make as much money as you could because you’re not taking advantage of the traffic you’re getting.

What’s the best way to make money on Twitter?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the side of having a good offer. You understand the need to charge high prices, but you don’t get enough traffic because your account isn’t that big.

That’s what Tweet Hunter is for. So, check out the free Tweet Hunter University guide and you’ll understand not only how to create an offer people would be crazy to decline, but you’ll also learn how to get traffic and eyes on that offer.

Once you solve those 2 parts of the equation, you will win because you’re solving the problem from both sides. Ask yourself - which problem do you have at the moment. It could be just one, or it could be both. Either way, you now know what to fix.

In conclusion, here are 7 ways to reach $10,000 a month on Twitter:

#1: Affiliate Marketing #2: Courses #3: Services #4: Cohorts #5: Software as a Service (SaaS) #6: Coaching #7: Communities

Thank you for reading!

The Tweet Hunter Team

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