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Last update: 2022/06/21

Are you looking for accounts to follow on Twitter to learn SEO? Well look no further. This is the very first edition of the Twitter Awards by Tweet Hunter, and our topic of choice is... SEO!

What are the Twitter Awards by Tweet Hunter

Twitter is filled with high-quality accounts that publish great content. But it's not always easy to find them. As experts of Twitter, we thought it would be nice to help people find which accounts to follow for specific topics. So we created these awards!

How do you select Twitter accounts?

One of our founders Tibo published a tweet allowing anyone to mention their favorite Twitter account(s) for SEO. During 24 hours, anyone can vote and at the end we count the number of mentions.

At the end of the voting period, we create 2 rankings:

  • The "Staff Pick" ranking, which is our opinion of the best accounts mentioned, we give them the "Twitter Gem" title

  • The "People's Pick" ranking, which reflects the votes, ranked 1st to 3rd

This lead to the following rankings for the best SEO Twitter accounts to follow.

Best SEO Twitter accounts to follow according to our staff

Here are the Twitter accounts you need to follow if you love SEO:

SEO Keval

Keval is quite the SEO superstar on Twitter. It seems like the community agreed to because he did also get a lot of votes. He's the founder of Inbound Pursuit which, you guessed it, is an SEO agency with a lot of e-commerce and SaaS clients.


She's not your typical SEO expert, because she doesn't own an SEO tool or an agency. Instead, NicheSiteLady is building niche websites, getting them to rank on Google, and drive revenue from that traffic. And she's kind enough to share her advice and learnings in her newsletter.


Similarly, Mike Donovan built his own blog to 500,000 page views per month and has turned those visitors into a nice business. He works with Keith and they have a blog together where they share their SEO experimentations.


Last but not least, Roberto Robles (a very kind person we actually know personally) made it inside this list. He's the founder of KatLinks, a user-friendly and affordable SEO tool. Needless to say, he knows what's what when it comes to getting your site to rank.

Best SEO-focused Twitter accounts according to the votes

Here's the list of top Twitter accounts that talk about SEO according to the voters in the contest.

Sagar Taneja

Sagar is the founder of TwoCreators, his very own SEO agency that he launched a year ago after working 5 years in the field. You can learn about him and his process by following Sagar on Twitter.


Vinay is an multi-skilled growth marketer and tweets about all things related to marketing. His account seems to have taken quite a big turn towards SEO in the past few weeks, so you can follow his journey to learn alongside him!


Lovish founded DigiHandler, his own SEO and performance marketing agency. He tweets often about SEO and is the host of MarketShift, a Twitter space about digital marketing.

What should you do with these SEO accounts?

If your goal is to learn SEO, we suggest following them because you're likely to get regular interesting insights about the topic.

And if your goal is to grow your very own SEO-focused account on Twitter, we suggest analyzing how these accounts have grown and the types of content they create to get more followers and engagement.

The full list of the SEO-focused Twitter accounts

  1. @sagartaneja
  2. @VinayKrKatiyar
  3. @heylovish
  4. @SEOKeval
  5. @NicheSiteLady
  6. @NicheDown
  7. @robertodigital_
  8. @csaba_kissi
  9. @parthsuba77
  10. @natmiletic
  11. @jmoserr
  12. @KorayGubur
  13. @aleyda
  14. @patientpublish
  15. @Marie_Haynes
  16. @greatMuffi
  17. @NicheCampus
  18. @denicmarko
  19. @Suganthanmn
  20. @KrysikPeter

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