How to use Twitter for Lead Generation

If you have a following, there are several ways you can generate leads from Twitter. Here’s how.

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If you have a following, there are several ways you can generate leads from Twitter. Here’s how.
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How to use Twitter for Lead Generation
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If you have a following, there are several ways you can generate leads from Twitter. You may be missing out on amazing opportunities if you aren’t leveraging Twitter to find potential customers.
If you are strategic, you can harness this powerful platform to grow your business with simplest and oldest form of business-making: lead generation.
But how to do this? Let’s dive in!

Why invest time in Lead Generation?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should be investing your time and resources to find leads on Twitter:
  • Twitter is highly adaptable and works well for any type of brand promotion. When done right, users on the platform are open for interactions, from passive (likes, RTs, etc.) to actively commenting or reaching out through DMs.
  • New content on Twitter is easily discovered, thanks to Twitter’s algorithm. Once your content gets a like or retweet, it will be shared automatically with a lot of users.
  • Because it’s seems as more natural, it is easier to interact with people you don’t know.
  • Twitter communities are tied by mutual connections. Finding a target audience is easy once you find the right community on Twitter. Once you find your audience, you can easily generate leads with Twitter.

Creating a Lead Generation Funnel for Twitter

Before diving into the best strategies to get more leads on Twitter, it's important to understand what a lead generation funnel is and how it can help you.
Lead generation is a process that allows you to identify your target audience and start interacting with them.
A lead generation funnel is a process through which you can funnel leads and convert them into paying customers.
Finding leads and bringing them into your funnel can be challenging.
Providing them with the right resources and offers can help you get their attention.

Always be pitching

For a start, consider the classic marketing funnel:
  • Awareness → Interest → Consideration → Intent → Evaluation → Purchase
All these steps can be reduced to three on Twitter:
  • Awareness → Interaction → Lead
  1. Awareness: they see your Tweet or Thread.
  1. Interaction: they like your stuff so they decide to like it, RT, Comment or bookmark it to read later.
  1. Following: by doing the above, they buy into the idea of becoming a lead. Just by being part of your newsletter list, becoming a follower or booking a call with you.
How to do the above? For example, at the end of a thread you can offer a lead magnet by joining your mailing list. It could be a PDF that will help your audience achieve something. If you are a gardener you can create a guide for easy garden maintenance guide when they join your newsletter. But how to do this at scale? → Use TweetHunter for free and it will let you automate the delivery of the said guide with the “Auto DM” function.
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Converting Leads into Customers

The goal for lead generation on Twitter should be to not just collect email addresses but to sell them products. With the right lead generation funnel, you can improve the conversion rates of your Twitter marketing efforts.
Here’s how to do that:
  • Create a lead magnet that will entice your target customers to click and enter their email addresses.
  • Present your target customers with an irresistible offer that they will not be able to deny.
  • Price your initial offer at a low price so your potential customers don’t have to justify spending that amount.
  • Use an email sequence with logical progression so you can guide them toward the most expensive product that you want to sell.

Best Strategies to Get More Leads on Twitter

Now that you know what a lead generation funnel is and how to utilize it to convert leads, let’s explore various tips on how to get more leads on Twitter:

Use Twitter Lists

Segment users into separate Twitter lists such as influencers, potential clients, and existing clients. Keep track of interesting content within these lists so you can engage with your potential customers.
Create customized, targeted messages for your potential clients based on what they are currently talking about.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio can be a source of lead generation on Twitter. Make an impact by optimizing your bio:
  • Include a link to your newsletter or lead magnet
  • Include links to your top content
  • Use relevant keywords in your bio
  • Use a CTA (call to action) in your bio that leads to your landing page
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Post Awesome Content

Post content that can capture the attention of your followers. Spend some time gathering information about what your followers are interested in. Use this insight to post on-trend and share-worthy content.
Use Tweet Hunter to generate ideas about what to post and to create insightful content.
The best Twitter posts for getting leads always provide value to the audience.

Post at the Right Time

To get the most visibility for your tweets, post when your target audience is active.
Check out Tweet Hunter’s guide on the best time to post on Twitter. Use the scheduling features to tweak your posting times to boost engagement rates.

Use Ads to Promote your Magnets

Invest in Twitter Ads to promote the magnets that drive the most leads. Your magnets act as an incentive for your potential customers to provide your contact information.
With Twitter Ads, you can expand the reach of your magnets and boost their effectiveness. Once the leads start pouring in, nurture your leads strategically to turn them into paying customers.
Tweet Hunter’s CRM can help you identify leads, capture data, and start building strong relationships with them to get more sales.

Get More Twitter Followers

Tweet Hunter helps you build, grow, and monetize your Twitter audience through tools that drive sales.

👉 Try Tweet Hunter for free!

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