Boost Your Twitter Lead Generation with Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder

Discover how Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder feature can help you generate more leads on Twitter.

Boost Your Twitter Lead Generation with Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder
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Improve your Twitter lead generation with Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder feature. Boost leads, conversions, and sales on the platform.
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Twitter Lead Generation - Find Leads Automatically With Lead Finder
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Modern marketing is driven by techniques that allow you to keep your audience engaged and drive real connections. This is one of the reasons why Twitter is used extensively by marketers. Even with limited characters, it is possible to connect with people and increase conversions and sales.
If you are looking for an actionable way to generate leads, the Lead Finder feature from Tweet Hunter is an exceptional tool. Let’s take a look at how this feature can play a pivotal role in your Twitter lead generation strategy.
Discover new leads on Twitter with Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder. Leverage advanced AI to identify your target audience and grow your business. Try it now and start generating more leads today!

Why You Should Be Using Twitter for Lead Generation

Twitter is a powerful platform for growing your business through lead generation. The flexibility of the platform is what makes it so effective. You can leverage this to reach them at the right moment with relevant content.
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Here are a few more reasons why you should be using Twitter for lead generation:

Effective for Any Type of Brand

93% of Twitter users are open to interacting with brands if they reach them the right way. LinkedIn is great for B2B solutions, Facebook relies on a strong community, and Instagram is ideal for visual brands. Twitter, though, is flexible enough to be suitable for any type of brand.

Easy to Tap into Undiscovered Audiences

Twitter makes it easier to start a conversation with anyone, even if you have never interacted with them before. Nobody bats an eye, even if brands strike up a conversation with strangers on Twitter.
This makes Twitter an ideal place to discover new audiences and tap into them to build your business and a strong community.

Geared Towards Interaction and Engagement

Twitter is geared toward casual conversations, so you’ll find that users are more open to engagement. They may do it through comments, DMs, likes, and RTs.
With the right content and lead-generation techniques, you’ll find it easier to generate better results on Twitter than on any other platform.

What is Lead Finder

Lead Finder is one of the new features of Twitter Hunter. It is a highly advanced AI-based feature. It is available as a part of the CRM features and is designed to simplify Twitter lead generation. Lead Finder can identify new leads automatically based on your specific prompts and inputs.
You can then nurture these leads by engaging with their content, sending personalized DMs, and building a strong relationship with them to turn them into clients, users, and subscribers.

How to Use Lead Finder

Lead Finder works based on the prompts you submit. It users “watchers,” which is a set of rules and information that you can set to specify the criteria for finding leads. Once a watcher is created, Lead Finder will work automatically to find new leads.
Lead Finder will continue to generate new leads and send them to you through daily email updates as long as it is active. You can always go back and change your criteria to tweak the results you generate.
Here’s how to create a watcher on Lead Finder.
  • Go to your Tweet Hunter Dashboard.
  • Click Lead Finder under the CRM section on the menu.
  • Click “Create a new watcher.”
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Next, follow the steps listed below.

Select Input List

For the first step, you’ll need to provide an initial input to Lead Finder for it to start working.
  • Set a name for your watcher.
  • Select a contact list that you already have on Tweet Hunter.
  • If you don’t have a contact list yet, go back to “Contacts” under the CRM section.
  • Create a contact list and import contacts based on the people that have interacted with your content or from a specific Twitter post.
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Select Criteria

To make sure that the leads are relevant, you can add additional criteria for the leads. Provide as much information as you can to get better results.
  • Select Bio keywords you want to include in your search.
  • Specify Bio keywords that you want to exclude from your search.
  • Specify any countries you want to exclude. If you would like your leads to be based in a certain geographic area, this feature can be helpful. It will only work if the profile mentions a country.
  • Select a follower range you want to target for your leads.
  • Select a precision grade. This grade will determine whether you receive lots of leads or fewer but more targeted leads.
  • Click Next.
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Select Output List

The output list is where the new leads generated will be saved.
  • Select a contacts list from the drop-down menu if you already have it.
  • If you prefer to create a new list for lead generation on Twitter, click “Create a new empty list.”
  • Specify a name for your new list.
  • Click “Create List.”
  • Click “Create Watcher.”
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You’re all set! You’ll see your new watcher on your Lead Finder page. You can create up to three watchers and have them running simultaneously.
You can click “My Leads” to take a look at the leads that have been identified and added to your output list. You can also download a CSV file to export your leads. If you’d like to receive an update about the number of leads that were found each day, you can do so from the “Email Settings.”
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What’s Next?

While Lead Finder can automate the process of Twitter lead generation, the results you generate from it will depend on what you do with those leads once you get them.
To turn these leads into paying clients and customers, you’ll need to nurture them and build a strong relationship with them. There are several ways Tweet Hunter can help you with that.
  • Click “Engage (people)” under the CRM section on your menu.
  • Select the contact list or output list you created for your watcher.
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  • Engage with the content posted by your prospects on a daily basis.
  • Once you spend some time building a relationship with them, you can also send personalized DMs to connect with them.
  • Go to your “Contacts” under the CRM section on your menu.
  • Select your contacts list or output list from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “DM” to write a DM and send it to the person you want.
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Start using Tweet Hunter's Lead Finder today and unlock the power of advanced AI for Twitter lead generation. Identify new leads on the platform based on your target audience and take your Twitter marketing to the next level. Try Tweet Hunter now!

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