Introducing Tweet Hunter’s Cool New Twitter Features

Boost your Twitter game with Tweet Hunter's new AI Assistant, Lead Finder, and Public Profile features.

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Try now the new Twitter features on Tweet Hunter: AI Assistant, Lead Finder & Public Profile features.
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Tweethunter’s New Twitter AI Assistant, Lead Finder and Public Profile
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Twitter is more competitive than ever before, and to have your voice heard on the platform, you need a robust strategy. This is where Tweet Hunter comes in. Whether you are trying to grow your network or get more sales, Tweet Hunter can help you achieve measurable results faster.
With over in the U.S. alone on Twitter, there’s no better time to start leveraging this platform. To help you achieve this, Tweet Hunter has recently introduced three cool new Twitter features to help you produce better content, find quality leads, and generate more engagement.

3 New Twitter Features from Tweet Hunter

Let’s dive in and explore how these new features for Twitter can help you boost your growth and gain more visibility on the platform.

AI Assistant

The AI Assistant from Tweet Hunter is designed to help you create high-quality tweets, DMs, and replies. You can generate topic ideas for tweets and create content from scratch quickly and effortlessly. The best way to start improving the results you generate from the AI Assistant is to clearly understand how you want to position yourself on the platform.
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What It Does

The AI Assistant has an Action Library that provides you with multiple options to generate topic ideas, create tweets from scratch, improve the content you’ve already generated, and add extra content to make it more valuable for your audience.
Here’s a sneak peek of some of the actions your AI Assistant is capable of handling:
  • Find your audience’s pain points
  • Find common misconceptions about a topic
  • Brainstorm topics for tweets
  • Create a controversial tweet about a topic
  • Create a “how to start” tweet about a topic
  • Make your post more concise
  • Change the tone of your tweet
  • Add specific examples
  • Create a hook for your post
  • Create a conclusion for your post
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Lead Finder

Lead finder is Tweet Hunter’s new feature for Twitter based on the latest and highly advanced AI model. It is a part of Tweet Hunter’s CRM features. Lead Finder can help you identify new leads on the platform based on what you consider to be your target audience.
The leads you find through Lead Finder can then be used to turn into subscribers, users, and clients. You can engage with the content posted by your leads, send them personalized DMs, and nurture them to build strong relationships.
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What It Does

Lead Finder uses “watchers,” which is a set of information and rules that you can set to find relevant leads on the platform. Once you create a “watcher,” Lead Finder will work continuously to find new leads as long as you keep it active.
New leads are generated over time, and you can receive daily email updates about the number of leads identified on that day. Every watcher includes:
  • A prompt based on which it will find leads
  • Extra criteria such as location and number of followers
  • An output list where the leads can be exported
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If you are trying to monetize your Twitter account, Lead Finder can boost your lead generation efforts by finding leads that are relevant to you. You can then use the other features in Tweet Hunter’s CRM, such as “Engage,” to turn them into actual clients.

Public Profile

The Public Profile feature allows you to share your threads with your audience and collect emails. Your audience will be able to sign up to receive your threads directly in their email.
With a Public Profile link, you’ll have a powerful and effective CTA to use at the end of each thread to grow your newsletter, funnel your readers, increase your views, and improve your engagement metrics.
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What It Does

The Public Profile feature is capable of automatically detecting and adding threads to your public profile. It is powered by AI, which will automatically scan for new threads every 24 hours.
The public profile link that is generated can be shared at the end of the threads as well as in your Twitter bio. You also have the capability to add a secondary CTA to your profile. Choose the text for the CTA button and provide a link that you want to direct your subscribers to.
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Maximizing Your Engagement with These New Twitter Features

Twitter’s algorithm shows your audience the content that will make them spend more time on the platform. The new features for Twitter introduced by Tweet Hunter are designed to ensure that your content is seen by those that matter the most to you.
Here are a few more tips to maximize your reach with the help of these features:
  • Use the Public Profile feature to attract more followers and retain them. This will help you maintain a high follower-following ratio.
  • Niche down and become an expert in your niche. Use the AI Assistant to create engaging tweets to become a prominent voice in your community.
  • Use Lead Finder to identify your target audience and engage with their content. This will help you gain more visibility.
  • Give people a reason to engage with your content. Use the AI Assistant to generate topic ideas and create content that will generate a response from your target audience.
Tweet Hunter now offers you more resources and tools to step up your Twitter game and gain more subscribers, clients, sales, and engagement. Try it for free today!

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