How to Send Twitter DMs That Don’t Get Ignored

Most DMs get ignored. With this guide, you’ll learn how to send un-ignorable DMs so you can build your network on Twitter.

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Most DMs get ignored. With this guide, you’ll learn how to send un-ignorable DMs so you can build your network on Twitter.
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How to Send Twitter DMs That Don’t Get Ignored
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Growth on Twitter has two levers: the content you put out and the network you build.
The problem with most creators is that they focus so much on content that they totally neglect the network.
If you want to grow on Twitter, you need both.
DMs are a great way to build that network. They are a great way to start conversations and build relationships.
However, most DMs get ignored.
In this post, we’ll show you how to send DMs that don’t get ignored.

Engagement basics

General Twitter advice says “DM 20 accounts in your niche and connect with them.”
And that’s it.
Then what most clueless creators end up doing is bombarding everyone with DMs that feel like spam and not genuine.
To properly build a network, there are 2 basics you should cover:
  • Do not make it a numbers game. If you engage or DM someone, do it because you are genuinely interested in that person.
  • Run away from basic interactions. “Hi, how are you?” won’t get you any responses. Try to make each of your engagements feel unique and tailored to the person you are engaging with
But we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Before going too deep into the how, let’s explore some basic work you need to do before sending a DM.

Before sending the DM

It's true that you could simply go and DM whoever you want to talk to. But that's likely to backfire.
You could be damaging relationships before you’ve even built them. So hold off on sending that DM, and do these two things instead 👇

1. Engage with your target first

The likelihood of your DM being open is way higher if the account is already familiar with your face.
For that to happen, they need to recognize you. And the easiest way to do that is to engage with that person a few times BEFORE you DM them.
Twitter is a social platform. Use it as such.

2. Have an optimized profile

Would you open a DM from an account with a weird username and no profile picture?
If you said yes, you are scam material 😅.
Elon Musk is fighting hard against bots, but while he gets there, just make sure your account doesn’t look like a bot. Try to:
  • Have a good profile picture (better if we can see your face)
  • Write a direct bio that makes clear who you are and what you do
  • Make sure your last tweets are interesting and not just random RTs from your fav sports team

Sending the DM

Okay, we are ready to send that DM. Here are a few more tips to avoid getting ignored👇

1. Do some research and personalize your message

Doing some research beforehand on who you want to DM can take you a long way. 2 minutes of your time can totally make a difference:
  • Use their name (and don’t misspell it! 🤦‍♂️)
  • Reference a tweet of theirs you’ve seen
  • Or mention a project they are working on
This will make your DM stand out and show the person you are sending it to that you’ve taken the time to actually be interested in them.

2. Keep it short and focused

People hate walls of text, so keep your message short and to the point.
This will make it easier for the person receiving it to actually read it and respond.
If you have more to say, just wait until the conversation starts. It’s likely you’ll get a chance to get all your questions answered.

Who should you DM?

We’ve covered what to do when DMing others. But as important as the What, it’s essential to know WHO to interact with.
Let’s explore the different types of people you should aim to DM with while on your Twitter journey:

1. DM Top players

These are “the big guns.” Those people in your niche that have already established authority.
You want to build a relationship with them because it can lead to a ton of new opportunities and learning.
These are the best connections you can make, but the most difficult too. Take into account that these people receive a ton of DMs every day.
Make sure they know you if you want your DM to succeed.

2. DM People “2 steps ahead”

These are people who are currently building their authority on your niche. They are often “2 steps ahead of you”, but nothing too crazy.
They are what you could become in 6 months.
The main reason you should DM them is that they can guide you; they were on the same journey as you not long ago.

3. DM Peers on a similar journey

These are people just like you. Maybe they are early on the Twitter journey and learning the ropes.
Why should you DM them?
These people will work as your support network. They are going through precisely the same as you are. It’s where you’ll make most of your “Twitter friends.”

4. DM Your audience

Once you start creating content consistently, you’ll start building an audience.
Why should you DM them?
Well, your audience is content fuel. You should ALWAYS be talking to them.
Ask them what problems they have. Then create content that solves those problems.
You can never go wrong with that recipe.


Sending DMs on Twitter is the best way to start conversations and build relationships.
Make sure your DMs don't get ignored by:
  • Actually being interested in that person
  • Having an optimized profile
  • And keeping it short and focused
They say "your network is your net worth.”
On Twitter, this is especially true. Go build it.

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