How to get explosive growth with Twitter B2B Marketing

Maximize Twitter for B2B marketing. Learn strategies and tips for mastering the platform and driving growth.

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Maximize Twitter for B2B marketing. Learn strategies and tips for mastering the platform and driving growth.
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How to get explosive growth with Twitter B2B Marketing
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Every social media platform is different and must be treated as a separate, unique tool for B2B marketing. The reason why some people find more success on Twitter is that they have a deep understanding of the platform and have mastered strategies that work specifically for Twitter.
This post will provide you with a deep understanding of how to use Twitter the right way for B2B marketing for explosive growth.
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Why Use Twitter for B2B Marketing

B2C companies have always flocked to Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms to collaborate with influencers to increase their sales. Using social media for B2B marketing is slightly different, but there is still a growing market to explore.
Twitter offers on-the-go availability, being a mobile platform. This is a major advantage for marketers because phones are considered to be essential for performing the job for 84% of millennials. This means that marketers can tap into their target audience at any time they want.
While most marketers focus on LinkedIn for marketing, including other platforms in your marketing strategy will provide you with a wider reach and more opportunities to connect with your target audience.

Top Tips to Succeed as a B2B Marketer on Twitter

The right B2B marketing strategy tailored for Twitter can help you get the explosive growth you need to take your business to the next level. Here are our top tips to help you achieve that goal.

Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

To get noticed on Twitter, you’ll have to position yourself as a thought leader by showcasing your industry knowledge. Tweet content that highlights your knowledge. Link to your industry’s current news, blog posts, and podcasts.
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Don’t Hard Sell

One of the most important things to understand about B2B marketing on social media, including Twitter, is that it is an opportunity to forge conversations and build trust and relationships.
If you try to push your followers too hard by pushing your products and services, you’ll end up losing a good chunk of them. Focus on building a network and meaningful conversations. If you do that, your target audience will be more receptive to your offers when you make one.

Provide Valuable Content

To gain the support of B2B buyers, provide additional value through education. Create engaging content that provides your audience with a deeper understanding of your brand, your business, and product education. Post evergreen tweets, tutorials, and industry insights.
Use Twitter to ask questions and encourage your audience to interact with your content. This will make them feel that they know your brand better, and they’ll be more likely to support you.
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Create Brand Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of using Twitter for B2B marketing is its massive user base. This provides you with the opportunity to put your brand in front of millions of people and create brand awareness.
Use the platform to establish yourself as a trusted brand in your industry. Stay active on the platform to , and drive traffic to your website, where you can capture those quality leads and turn them into customers eventually.
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Engage with Others’ Content

While you shouldn’t be using Twitter for hard selling, you should definitely use it to build a relationship with your target B2B buyers.
Instead of always talking about your own brand, start taking an interest in things that your target audience is interested in. Engage thoughtfully with content others are posting. Pay compliments. Ask a question. Share tips. Provide answers when asked. Quote, tweet, or retweet others.
Do not miss an opportunity to start a conversation but keep it natural.
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Collaborate With the Right People

Influencer marketing is not just for B2C. 84% of B2B marketers used influencer marketing to create brand awareness, and for a good reason.
Twitter has a huge number of quality influencers and thought leaders you can partner with. Your target audience is more likely to purchase when they hear about it from a trusted influencer or thought leader.
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Have a Clear Content Strategy

Build credibility on Twitter by developing and executing a smart content strategy. Look at your competitors and learn from their mistakes and successes. Create an authentic strategy to ensure that your posts are high-quality, valuable, and regularly posted.
You don’t have to spend hours on the platform, but with the right strategy, like this 35-minute growth framework, you can get astounding results with only a little time investment.

Schedule For a Global Audience

If you are serving global markets, Twitter is the perfect platform to reach all of them. Your B2B marketing strategy should factor in the right time to post on Twitter for your target market.
Think about who will be seeing your content at what time. Use a scheduling tool like Tweet Hunter to ensure that your content will be posted at the right time. Even if you post stellar content, it will not deliver the results you want if it doesn’t get enough visibility.

Monitor Your Competition

Monitor your own performance and then compare it with how your competitors are performing. Use social listening to get a better understanding of how your target audience feels about your top competitors.
Monitor their Twitter activity, the content they share, their engagement, and mentions. This data will provide you with a benchmark for future marketing efforts. It will also reveal opportunities for you to offer your products and services to solve the pain points of your target audience.

Measure Your Impact

The only way to know if your B2B marketing strategies are effective is by measuring your impact. Use Twitter analytics to check how well your tweets are performing. You can track everything from follows, comments, and likes to get a better understanding of areas you need to improve.
Some of the top Twitter metrics to track include:
  • Top Tweet
  • Follower growth
  • Engagement rate
  • Link clicks
  • Profile clicks
  • Impressions by the time of day
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Twitter is not where you’ll be able to sell your products and services, but it is a valuable platform for building relationships and B2B lead generation. The audience you build on Twitter and the relationships you build there can be leveraged to drive traffic to your website, capture leads, and turn them into loyal B2B customers.
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