How to grow your Twitter following through influencer marketing

Getting noticed by Twitter influencers and building relationships with them can help you build a solid foundation for your brand.

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Getting noticed by Twitter influencers and building relationships with them can help you build a solid foundation for your brand.
If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level and get more followers on Twitter, read on to learn more about how this process works.

Why Influencer Marketing on Twitter Matters

Twitter influencers have a huge reach, and their word has a lot of power. If you are new to Twitter, or want to introduce your product, having an influencer endorse your brand quickly boosts your brand awareness. With time, it can also convert you into an influencer.
Here are a few more ways partnering with Twitter influencers can benefit you:
  • A Twitter influencer can bring your product or service in front of a new audience.
  • An endorsement by an influencer can help you earn more reviews.
  • Sponsored content can improve your search ranking and drive more traffic to your site.
TweetHunter can help you identify Influencers quickly, by creating lists of people based on manual selection, past interactions or searches. Test TweetHunter for free.

Finding Twitter Influencers

If you are excited to get your brand noticed by Twitter influencers, you’ll first need to know where and how to find them.
Here are several ways you can go about it:
Google is your friend when you’re trying to find Twitter influencers. You can use Google search to find people who are writing about topics related to your product or service. Make a list of those people and find their Twitter accounts.
Make things easier by including the word “Twitter” with your keywords when you search on Google.
Another effective way to find Twitter influencers is by using Twitter’s search feature. You can use keywords to find people who are most active in your niche. Use advanced search filters to find the type of influencer you are looking for.
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Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists can help you find Twitter influencers in a particular industry.
Here’s how it works:
  1. Let’s say you are looking for influencers in the life coaching niche.
  1. When you have a list of a few Twitter influencers in this niche, you can check the lists they have created. This is a great way to find more influencers in your niche.
TweetHunter can help you simplify this process, by creating lists of people based on manual selection, past interactions or searches. Test TweetHunter for free.

Twitter Influencer Discovery Tool

Influencer Discovery tools allow you to find the right influencer on Twitter. Use automation tools where you can to save time and effort.
So, how does Twitter influencer discovery tool work? Most tools allow you to set filters to find Twitter influencers based on account metrics, interests, and audience demographics.
If you are interested in running an influencer campaign, there are several great tools you can use.
  • BuzzSumo - Explore the database on the website to find influencers for different topics or use search filters to find Twitter influencers in your market.
  • Awario - This social listening tool lets you monitor your niche to get a list of influencers.
  • UpfluenceThis is an influencer marketing tool that lets you find the right influencer, get in touch with them, and manage influencer campaigns.

How to Get Noticed by Twitter Influencers

Reaching a Twitter influencer is not too difficult. Be authentic instead of desperate, and you’ll start noticing results quickly. Here are a few ways you can get their attention:

Follow Them

The first step is establishing a relationship with Twitter influencers is following them. Create a Twitter List and add them to it so you can get easy access to their content.


Following an influencer on Twitter is not enough. You will also have to work on building a relationship. Retweet their content to pay them a compliment. It is an easy way to show that their content resonates with you.


Start a conversation with them. If you find a tweet interesting, click the “reply” button to engage with them.
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Tweet Hunter can help you find tweets that you can engage with and build strong relationships with Twitter influencers.


Like anyone else, Twitter influencers like being appreciated. Approach this authentically. If you sincerely like their content, compliment them. This will definitely get you noticed.

Slide into DMs

This should only be done after you have spent some time building a relationship with an influencer. Once you feel like you have interacted with them often enough, DM them to start a conversation about collaboration.

Influencer Marketing on Twitter- Best Practices

Once you have built a relationship with an influencer and have taken the next step to collaborate, follow these best practices to get the most out of your campaign:
  • Create a special promotion or offer for sponsored tweets
  • Provide visual assets that can be used by the influencer
  • Create a landing page for the campaign
  • Monitor engagement
  • Track conversions
Tweet Hunter has robust analytics features that will take allow you to see your KPIs and track your reach and engagement. Use the analytics dashboard to see how effective your influencer marketing campaigns are.

Get More Twitter Followers

Tweet Hunter helps you build, grow, and monetize your Twitter audience through tools that drive sales.

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