30 Tips To Grow Your Twitter Audience

30 tips that will help pyour account grow beyond your wildest dreams!

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30 tips that will help pyour account grow beyond your wildest dreams!
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30 Tips To Grow Your Twitter Audience
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We all want to grow a Twitter audience because a strong Twitter brand gives you many things:
  • Positions yourself as someone interesting and worth reaching out to
  • Acts as a modern-day CV
Why Twitter in particular? There are lots of places to build an audience, but Twitter wins because:
  • It is easy to create content there. Writing only 280 characters is much easier than recording a video for Youtube or taking a high-quality picture for Instagram.
  • Twitter’s organic reach outpaces all the other social media platforms. Some Twitter features, such as retweets, allow accounts with low follower counts to go viral. A retweet from the right account is all it takes.
  • People are more open there. When you reach out to someone with a large following on Instagram, you’re likely to receive no response. Try the same on Twitter. Your results will be entirely different. Trust us.
If we haven’t convinced you yet, we can’t do much more. But if we have, here are 30 tips that will help you get more followers on Twitter and maximize its use.

30 tips to grow your Twitter audience

Branding tips

  • Think of your profile as a business card. It’s something you can share with someone to give them an impression of you in 5 seconds or less.
  • Your bio shouldn’t be about you. Rather, it should focus on what you can offer your audience.
  • People trust other people. It’s better if you show your face and use your real name, although you can grow your Twitter audience without doing any of that (it will be harder).
  • Include a link in your bio to direct people to your products and services. You’ll get a lot of eyes on your profile, so try to make the most of it.
  • Your pinned tweet should either be a tweet sharing a bit of your story or one that has quite a few likes and RTs (for social proof).
An optimized profile will significantly increase your follower conversion rate. Don’t ignore it.
For an in-depth look at how to optimize your profile, check this post we wrote about the 5 changes you can make today to get more Twitter followers.

Writing tips

  • The shorter a tweet is, the better. There are obviously exceptions.
  • Your tweets should either entertain, educate, or inspire. Combine them if possible.
  • Experiment with the format. Separate sentences with blank spaces. This will make your tweets easier to read.
  • When writing a thread, spend 80% of the time on the hook (the first tweet). The hook is what makes or breaks a thread. And threads are what really grow your Twitter audience.
  • Struggling to get tweet ideas? Recycle your old tweets. Make them shorter, longer, change the format or take the core idea and remix it entirely. 90% of your audience hasn’t seen it, and the other 10% don’t remember they have. Learn more about how to repurpose your content. You can also create polls that engage.

Follower growth tips

  • Your first followers won’t find you. You need to find them where they hang out (usually around bigger accounts in your niche).
  • Turn notifications on for big accounts and be the first to reply to their tweets. This will create a relationship with them and expose you to their audience, attracting potential new followers.
  • Audience growth is about the people, not the numbers. You don’t need a huge audience, you just need the right audience.
  • The less you try to get followers, the more you’ll attract them. Giving value is the real way to grow your Twitter audience.
  • If you want to accelerate follower growth, focus on threads. But always with a balance, or people will quickly lose interest.

Networking tips

  • Take an interest in what other people do. Friends > Connections.
  • Don’t see others as competition. See them as inspiration. Instead of comparing how fast they grow with how fast you grow, understand what makes them grow and apply it to your own account.
  • Make sure you’ve interacted with the account a couple of times before sending a DM. It’s much more likely that they’ll respond if they see a familiar face.
  • Create a Twitter list of top people in your niche (aim for 20-25). Each day, leave them a comment under their tweets. This will expose you to their audience.
  • Manage that list with the CRM function at Tweet Hunter, which makes the interaction 2x easier.

Monetization tips

  • Give, give, give, give, then ask. Never lead with the sale.
  • Create free content to attract attention and build trust. Then use that build and trust to sell.
  • Plug whatever you want to promote (product, newsletter, community…) under your most popular tweets. Tweet Hunter has a feature that allows you to do that automatically!
  • Attract via tweets and threads, close on DMs. The DMs are where everything happens on Twitter. Master the art of DMing and you’ll be unstoppable.
  • Think of your Twitter banner as a billboard. What are you currently selling? Add it to your banner, and let people get exposed to it.

Publishing Tips

  • Posting 10 tweets in 10 days is better than posting 10 tweets in one day and nothing else thereafter.
  • Distribute your content. Don’t hesitate to share your useful tweet in other conversations where it can add value. Just remember to keep a balance.
  • Use a scheduling tool ( Tweet Hunter)l. Plan your content ahead and write it in batches. Then schedule it throughout the week.
  • Don’t worry too much about posting days and times. A good frequency is one tweet in the AM and one tweet in the PM.
Use the Auto RT feature (also on Tweet Hunter) to reach people in different time zones. It will allow you to 2x your content reach without 2x the effort.

Now it’s your turn

Any maker, entrepreneur, creator, or even someone who works at a company can greatly benefit from having a Twitter audience. Trying to build an audience has only upside, and the only investment is your time.
If you don’t know where to start, a good place can be by reading our How to get your first 1000 followers guide or The complete guide to get more engagement on Twitter.
If you need information on Twitter Ads, you can check our special Twitter Ads for Beginner guide.
Tweet Hunter is here to help you on that journey. Why don’t you give it a try for free and let us know?

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