How to Make a Thread on Twitter with Tweet Hunter (Step-By-Step Guide)

Wanna know how to make a thread on Twitter that is informative and engaging? Tweet Hunter has a wide range of awesome features that can help you.

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Wanna know how to make a thread on Twitter that is informative and engaging? Tweet Hunter has a wide range of awesome features that can help you.
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How to Make a Thread on Twitter with Tweet Hunter
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If you scroll through your feed on Twitter, you’re likely to come across a variety of Twitter threads. Twitter’s 280-character limit is sometimes not enough to convey all the information you want. If you want to get more followers as a content creator, learning how to make Twitter threads is crucial.
Twitter threads make it easy to break the content down in an easy-to-consume manner.
So, how to make a thread on Twitter that is informative and engaging? Tweet Hunter has a wide range of awesome features that can help you.
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Tweet Hunter Tools for Creating Threads

If you’re not sure how to make a good Twitter thread, explore some of the features offered by Tweet Hunter.


Tweet Hunter has a collection of over 10,000 professionally curated high-quality tweets. Explore this feature to gain inspiration and learn how to correctly make a Twitter thread.
The Staff Picks section features a collection of thread starters on various topics that you can start with.

Thread Ideas

Tweet Hunter also has an AI-powered thread idea generator. Simply enter a topic of your choice and click “Generate”. The platform will automatically generate thread ideas on that you can base your next Twitter thread.

Thread Starters

The Thread Starters feature on Tweet Hunter is designed to automatically generate thread hooks for you. Type in a topic of your choice and click “Generate” to get a list of relevant, incredibly accurate thread hooks.

How to Create Threads with Tweet Hunter

Now that you’re familiar with some of the features of Tweet Hunter, let’s dive in and explore how to make a thread on Twitter with Tweet Hunter.

Find Inspiration in Collections

Start by making a list of content ideas for your next Twitter thread. Head over to your Tweet Hunter dashboard and follow these steps:
  • Click Tweet Library on the menu
  • Click Staff Picks
  • Click Thread Starters
  • Explore the ideas listed
  • Click Shuffle if you want to shuffle the ideas
If you find an idea that inspires you, click “Edit and Tweet”. You can edit the content and tweet it now or add it to your schedule or your queue.
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Generate Thread Ideas

To generate customized thread ideas, follow these steps:
  • Click AI Writer
  • Click Thread Ideas
  • Enter a topic of your choice
  • Click “Generate”
This is an excellent feature to explore if you don’t find anything of interest in the library and want to generate specific thread ideas in your niche.
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Generate a Hook

Once you have a clear idea about your thread, the next step is to generate a hook. Here’s how to do that:
  • Click AI Writer
  • Click Thread Starters
  • Enter a topic of your choice
  • Click “Generate”
Browse through the hooks generated and if you find something that resonates with you, the next step is to edit and tweet the hook. Tweet Hunter also has a collection of fill-in-the-blank thread hook templates you can explore.
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Create a Series of Tweets

Once you have created the thread hook, the next step is to create the rest of the thread.
  • Click “Edit and Tweet” on a thread hook to edit the hook.
  • Hit “Enter” in the “Your Content” window to create the second tweet in the thread.
  • Continue to enter the content in each tweet until the thread is completed.
  • Check the “Preview” tab to make sure your content looks well-formatted.
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Pick a Time to Schedule Tweets

Once you have created a draft of your thread, the next step is to schedule on Twitter.
  • Click “Add to Queue”
  • Click “Schedule”
  • Click “Pick a Time Slot”
  • Select a date and time and click “Schedule”
Scheduling your tweets at the right time can increase the reach of your tweets and help you get more followers.

Pick an Interval for Tweets

The interval for your tweets will determine how far apart each tweet in your thread will be posted.
Tweet Hunter’s advanced options include a thread delay feature that allows you to determine the interval between each tweet.
  • Click “Advanced Options”
  • Toggle “Thread Delay” to on
  • Select the right delay interval
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Add to Your Queue

Once you have selected the right thread delay interval and chosen a schedule for your thread, click “Add to Queue”. Your thread will be automatically added to your content queue and will be posted on Twitter.

Monitor Performance with Analytics

Now that you know how to create a thread on Twitter, it's also important to keep a tab on the performance of your threads. As you continue to post your threads, Tweet Hunter will automatically generate data.
Some of the Twitter analytics metrics tracked by Tweet Hunter include:
  • Tweets that generated the most followers, engagement, and reach.
  • Daily follower gain
  • Detailed performance of threads including engagement performance, profile visits, likes, replies, retweets, and more.
Creating, scheduling, and monitoring the performance of your Twitter threads is incredibly easy and convenient with Tweet Hunter. 👉 Sign up for Tweet Hunter and see how it helps you skyrocket your account’s performance.

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