Twitter’s Shadowban and suspensions - Get out of Twitter jail

Find out what Twitter jail means, how to prevent it and what to do if it happens to you.

Twitter’s Shadowban and suspensions - Get out of Twitter jail
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Are you in Twitter jail? Learn how to get out of it, and avoid suspension and shadow ban with these tips.
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Twitter Shadowbans and suspensions on Twitter (Exiting Twitter Jail)
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It can be frustrating and inconvenient if you find yourself in Twitter jail, especially if you rely on the platform for business or personal reasons.
However, this article will teach you what you need to know, how to get out of Twitter jail, and steps to take to prevent yourself from being a Twitter "lawbreaker".

How to get out of Twitter jail

Shadow Ban

Shadow ban is a read-only type of ban. It refers to a deliberate action Twitter makes to make an account's content undiscoverable. Twitter Shadow bans accounts due to spamming, harassment, or other violations of Twitter's rules and guidelines.
Your account will not be blocked or suspended if shadow banned, but it will not be visible to your followers and other users. Despite the discoveries on shadow ban, Twitter claims not to be involved in it and regards it as a myth. However, to get out of the shadow ban, you must be patient and wait until the ban is lifted.

Temporary Suspension

If your Twitter account is temporarily suspended, you will not have access to it for some time. However, to get out of this Twitter jail, you have to do the following:
  1. Review Twitter's guidelines and policies: Familiarize yourself with Twitter's policies. Discover and understand what behaviors are considered violations and ensure that you don't repeat the same mistakes in the future.
  1. Appeal: Twitter allows users to appeal a suspension by submitting a request through its Help Center. Follow the instructions provided by Twitter and provide any relevant information that may help your case.
  1. Wait for the suspension to expire: The longevity of your account's suspension depends solely on the intensity of the violation. It is essential to remain patient as you wait for a response from Twitter.
  1. Contact Twitter Support: If your account is yet to be reinstated, contact Twitter support to complain.


Twitter bans accounts permanently if the account is found guilty of violating Twitter rules. These rules include posting abusive or hateful content or sharing misleading tweets. Twitter automatically disables the account, preventing it from performing any activity on the account.
Any account in this Twitter jail can never be regained. The only remedy is to review Twitter's guidelines and create a new account. However, if you feel your account was inappropriately banned, you can send an appeal to Twitter support.
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What does Twitter jail mean?

"Twitter jail" is a slang term coined by Twitter users to describe the suspension or restriction of a Twitter account's functionality.  Like imprisonment in jail or cell, Twitter jail arose as a metaphor to describe the feeling of being confined from using Twitter. It is now widely used and recognized by Twitter users worldwide.

How do you know that you are in Twitter jail?

If you are in Twitter jail, you will likely receive a notification or message from Twitter.
In the case of a suspension (temporary or permanent), you will receive a message from Twitter indicating that your account has been suspended. The suspension includes restriction from performing any activity on the account. Permanent suspension involves a permanent ban on the account which cannot be rectified (except on rare occasions).
If your Twitter account is shadow banned, your content will be undiscoverable and unengaged. Also, your profile visibility becomes limited, and your past tweets might not pop up. Shadow ban might last for hours or weeks depending on the magnitude and effect of the offense committed.

How can you prevent yourself from getting again into the Twitter jail

Twitter jail is a condition no Twitter user wants to get in, especially if you have a valuable account. However, prevention is always better than cure and must be applied while using Twitter.
The first step to take and keep in mind is always to follow Twitter policies and regulations. Twitter's rules can be strict; even unintentional violations can result in temporary or permanent suspension. However, you can take further steps like monitoring your account activity and taking caution about what you put out for people to engage.
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