Building Influence: Twitter Thread Templates for Authority

Establish authority on Twitter with perfect threads. Learn to showcase expertise with our guide.

Building Influence: Twitter Thread Templates for Authority
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Establish authority on Twitter with perfect threads. Learn to showcase expertise with our guide.
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Building Influence: Twitter Thread Templates for Authority
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Professionals establish themselves on Twitter in a few different ways, they share valuable tweets, leverage trending topics, and showcase their industry expertise. If you really want to establish authority, learning how to create perfect Twitter threads is the way to go.
Threads on Twitter are the best way to showcase the depth of your expertise and knowledge. They provide you the opportunity to show that you have valuable insights to offer in your own unique style of writing.
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8 Twitter Thread Templates to Establish Authority and Drive Engagement

If you want to build your audience, build your personal brand, drive engagement, expand your network, and create opportunities, here are the Twitter thread templates you should be using. The most successful people on Twitter are doing this, and you can be one of them.

1. Blog Post to Tweet Storm

One of the easiest templates to follow when creating Twitter threads is to convert your blog posts into threads. If you have a blog where you share informative content, you can repurpose that content.
Break down the blog post into a series of bite-sized, distilled key points. Create a thread with those key points, and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a notable authority on the platform.
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2. Advice Thread

Everyone has unique insights and lessons they have learned through their work, reflections, and realizations. Pass on that valuable information to others in the form of an advice thread.
The key here is to share genuine lessons you have learned in life, whether it is about how to live life, relationships, professional success, or anything else. Put your thoughts together in a coherent, engaging format that will make your readers stop in their tracks and take notice.
Offer solid advice in an area you have some expertise in to grow your Twitter account. Occasionally, you can also get away with sharing advice from other notable personalities or industry leaders. But, if you want to be recognized as a thought leader in your own niche, it’s always better to create your own content and offer your own advice.
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3. Threads With a List of Steps

Another great template for maximum engagement on your Twitter threads is a “List of Steps Thread.”
Basically, this is sharing a step-by-step list of actions that your readers can follow to achieve something. People love knowing exactly what to do to achieve a certain outcome. You can apply this template in a number of scenarios, such as explaining the exact steps involved in using a certain product to the steps to follow to get 1000 followers on Twitter.
Keep the steps simple and easy to understand, and detailed, and you’ll definitely find success with this template.
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4. Personal Story Thread

Another Twitter thread template that always works is the personal story thread. This particular template is effective because it allows your audience to relate to you on a personal level. Use your storytelling skills to craft a thread that offers more than just entertainment.
Use this template to tell not just your own story and what you learned from it but also the exceptional stories of other people. The stories you share can be motivational and offer some insights and wisdom that your audience can apply to their own life.
Don’t shy away from sharing stories about your failures because they make you more relatable to your audience.
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5. “How I Did ___” Thread

The “How I Did___” Twitter thread template is used by pros over and over again, and for a good reason. Showing your audience exactly how you achieved something noteworthy in your life is probably the most powerful content you’ll ever share on the platform.
Copy this template and put your own spin on it. Whether you have achieved something big or small, your audience will be interested in knowing exactly how you accomplished it. Talk about how you managed to grow your account on Twitter, how you accomplished your fitness goals, and how you managed to earn a certain amount from your business or land so many clients.
Help your audience achieve their goals by being generous with the information you share with them, and they’ll respect you for it.
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6. Curiosity Creating Threads

People love suspense and a head-scratcher. Pique their curiosity and trigger their interest through your threads. Share tidbits of information that generate a lot of interest without giving away the entire information.
Curiosity hooks people in, and if you are creative with your words, this is fairly easy to do. Another great way to use this thread template is by sharing information about interesting topics that will get your audience thinking.
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7. Breaking Down Complex Topics Threads

If you want to establish authority on Twitter, you’ll need to be recognized for your in-depth knowledge of a particular topic. Showcase your expertise by breaking down a complex topic in an easy-to-understand manner for your audience.
If there are any areas in your niche that most people usually get wrong or do not have a deep understanding of, create a thread that breaks it down for them in a simple way. Help them make sense of something they are curious about but too afraid to ask someone about.
From current affairs to technical topics, you can use this template for just about any subject if you have in-depth knowledge about it.
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8. The Curated List Thread

Finally, an easy and effortless way to share relevant, valuable information with your audience is through Twitter threads that make use of content curation.
Content curation should be an important part of your content strategy on Twitter because it allows you to offer some value to your audience without the pressure of creating new content every single day.
Follow influential people in your own niche, subscribe to some of the best blogs in your industry, and keep updated with the latest developments. Curate content from all these sources if it is relevant to your audience, and then create a thread on Twitter.
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