How to set up Twitter Auto DM with Tweethunter

Looking to automate your Twitter Direct Messages? Check out this guide on how to set up auto DM on Twitter with Tweethunter.

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Discover what is Twitter Auto DM feature and how to use it with Tweethunter with this step-by-step guide.
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Setting up Auto-DM on Twitter - Explore Benefits of TweetHunter’s autoDM feature
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In this article, we will discuss how to set up auto DM on Twitter using Tweethunter. We will also discuss Twitter's auto DM stand and explore its benefits.
Let's dive into steps to take to set up a Twitter DM with Tweethunter.
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Step 1. Create a tweet

Once you have your Tweethunter account in place, log in to your account and create a tweet. Why do you need to create a tweet? Tweethunter's auto DM tool works with the content and the prompts you give it to achieve your goals.
For instance, if you want to have more engagements on Twitter, you can state your intention to share a free resource with whoever engages with the tweet.
You can upload your tweet immediately or schedule it for another time using Tweethunter's "Add to Queue". However, it is important to inform Twitter users they will receive a DM upon engaging your tweet.
Let them know that adding words like "dm", "send" or other words in the comment section of your tweet will trigger an immediate response in their DMs.
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Step 2. Activate the advanced option

After creating your tweet, click on the "Advanced option" to continue the process. The advanced option consists of a list of settings that will affect the just-created content only.
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Step 3. Set up your DM Message

Next, toggle on the "Auto DM" setting under Advanced Options to check the conditions for receiving an auto DM.
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After selecting your option, create a good DM message for your new follower, prospect or lead. Make sure your message does not look like bot-generated or spam content.
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Does Twitter allow auto DMs?

Yes, Twitter allows auto DMs (Click here for more info) as far as your third-party application complies with Twitter's automation rules.
Fortunately, all tools created by Tweethunter comply with all of Twitter's rules, meaning your Twitter account is exempted from suspension or ban if you use Tweethunter.

What results can you achieve with auto DMs?

The results that you can achieve with auto DMs can variate based on how many followers, how engaged there are, and how good your tweet is. But once you figure out how to do it you can find 100 or even 1000 people that want to work or learn from here. Here you can see a few results that your customers were able to achieve.
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