Interview with Nick Conn: “You want to be a guide, rather than a guru”

Learn how to build a Twitter following from scratch with Nick Conn. Discover his personal branding journey and tips for optimizing your profile.

Interview with Nick Conn: “You want to be a guide, rather than a guru”
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Learn how to build a Twitter audience from scratch with Nick's personal brand story and advice.
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Meet Nick Conn: Web Engineering Manager, Endurance Athlete, and Content Writer
Auto-generated image“You%20want%20to%20be%20a%20guide,%20rather%20than%20a%20guru”
Interview with Nick Conn, a Web Engineering Manager and experienced Technical Writer and Ghostwriter.
He is an avid endurance athlete and builds internet businesses and niche communities websites for fun.
Nick shares his personal brand story and gives advice for building a Twitter audience from scratch.
Nick Conn recommends treating your profile as a landing page or business card, engaging with other users, and providing value to visitors.
You can find Nick Conn on Twitter at @NicksBasecamp and on his website, where he writes essays and shares his thoughts on various topics. Nick also offers content writing services and is currently building digital courses around Code, SEO, and Writing.
He also does Shiny Object Saturday at

Who is Nick Conn?

Hi Nick, please present yourself
Hey! My name is Nick Conn.
During the day, I am a Web Engineering Manager for a Small Tech Company based in the United States. I was a Web Application Developer there for 10 years before making the transition to management.
During the very early morning hours, I build internet businesses and niche community websites for fun.
In between all the tech chaos, I am an avid endurance athlete who focuses on cycling and hiking.
What do you sell?
  • Content Writing
I am an experienced Technical Writer and Ghostwriter. I have written for very well-known Web3 projects on Twitter and Medium.
Reach out to me on Twitter if you are a Web2 or Web3 product needing a writer.
  • Digital Products
At this moment, I am currently building digital courses behind the scenes.
Nothing is public right now, but I am working on things around the Code, SEO, and writing space.
What’s the story behind your personal brand?
In November of 2021, I finally made the jump from content consumption to content creation.
I’ve always had a fascination for writing and had goals to make my own blog on the internet. I figured Twitter would be the best place for me to build. At this time, the bull market in Crypto and Stocks was winding down. I found a mentor by the name of @Route2FI.
He had a digital product teaching you how to begin a Twitter profile and get started. At first, I built my account anonymously with a logo. I was too embarrassed to let people know who I was.
After I started gaining traction, I changed the profile picture and bio to something more personal. That’s when the major growth began and I landed monetary deals.
My tweets picked up in the web3 world and I started offering content services. This came in the form of ghostwriting for Twitter accounts and writing content for Web3 projects. The content for projects was mostly project updates, headlines, and anything else we could get out of their developer activity.
I had an advantage, and still do, in the space because I was a developer for 10 years.
Now that the crypto bull run has slowed down. I’ve started back building my niche content websites. I build these in semi-public. Sharing analytics, but not URLs.
Overall, Twitter was the best thing I’ve ever done for my mental health. Being at the computer all day takes a toll on your social life day-to-day after a while. It’s always nice to connect and network with like-minded people on the internet while you sit here 10-12 hours a day.
Why Twitter and how long have you been on Twitter?
I had a personal account from the early days of Twitter that I do not use anymore.
I first came to Twitter because my college soccer coach used Twitter to release the “traveling teams” and team updates.
Back then Twitter was text message only.
I recently deleted this account, because it was focused on high school friendships of people I don’t talk to anymore and 100% content consumption.
In 2021, I started going full-time in content creation. That’s when I created NicksBasecamp. It changed my life.
What have you managed to achieve with Tweet Hunter?
Tweethunter has changed the game for me.
I’ve managed to get a follow and engagement from some of the coolest people I look up to.

Nick Conn’s advice for newbies

What can you say to someone that wants to build a Twitter audience from scratch?
Building an audience from scratch is hard, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
But the most important points to grow a Twitter audience are:
  • Landing Page
Treat your profile as a landing page or a business card. Have a good bio and a good header.
  • Engagement
Engagement is key. Use the Tweethunter CRM/Engage tool to your full advantage. Build a few lists. One could be people in your niche, one could be people you look up to, or anything else.
I have 3 lists I go through: GOATS, Friends, and SEO. I spend a few minutes a day replying thoughtfully with helpful insights.
Think of engagement as going to a college party. Engaging in other people’s tweets is like joining in a conversation already happening. You don’t have to start it.
  • Give Value
When people visit your profile to learn more about you, you want to bring value. Teach them something. Write to yourself from 2 years ago. You’ve learned tons of things within the past 2 years.
At the top of my ideation journal, I have the following in bold print:
You want to be a guide, rather than a guru.

On Tweet Hunter

In your personal case, how do you use Tweet Hunter? (scheduling, writing inspiration, etc?)
My favorite is by far the CRM/Engaging feature.
This helps me cancel out the noise on Twitter and focus on giving insights into a conversation.
I also use the Analytics tool regularly. This allows me to dive into my Lean Writing techniques. Seeing what tweets did the best -> expanding them into a thread -> expanding them into an essay.
I also use the auto-retweet feature to retweet evergreen content. Set the evergreen content to automatically add tweets with over a threshold amount of likes.
Use the auto plug feature to plug your newsletter or product.
Automation always wins. Use it all.
What are your favorite features of Tweet Hunter?
  • Engagement
  • Daily Inspiration
  • Analytics
  • Auto Plug
  • Evergreen Content
What feature would you like Tweet Hunter to have that it doesn’t yet?
A nice feature would be something along the lines of diving into people who follow you. Where did they come from? What people do they follow?
This would allow me as a creator to follow the people they’re following and engage.
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