How to use Twitter GIFs to elevate your brand

Discover how Twitter GIFs can be a powerful tool to enhance your social media strategy.

How to use Twitter GIFs to elevate your brand
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Make your tweets stand out with visually attractive and eye-catching animated Twitter GIFs.
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Twitter GIFs: How to Create and Use GIFs for Engagement
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Animated Twitter GIFs have made a major comeback in the last few years and are now widely used for online marketing. GIFs’ short, looping nature makes them perfect for audiences with short attention spans.
There are many reasons why GIFs should be a part of your social media strategy. Their eye-catching movement and artistic potential are ideal for personal branding on Twitter. Plus, they are easy to create and share.
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Why You Should Use Twitter GIFs for Marketing

If you are planning to add more visual content to your Twitter content calendar, GIFs should be a part of it. Here’s why.

Visually Attractive

Great visuals will allow you to stand out on Twitter. GIFs grab attention and get people to stop scrolling and pay attention.
Twitter audiences prefer interacting with posts that are visually appealing. Posts with images and other visuals drive more engagement on Twitter than those without.

Conveys Emotions

GIFs are a great way to convey emotions without using words. You can find GIFs on Twitter to express boredom, sadness, happiness, and more. Although words are powerful, using visuals as a part of storytelling is sometimes more impactful.
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Increased Engagement

In a study, Twitter discovered that tweets with GIFs resulted in 55% more engagement than any other type of content. Adding branded or custom-created GIFs to your tweets can help you get more likes, replies, and retweets.

How to Find GIFs for Your Tweets

Once you’ve written a great tweet, it’s time to find the perfect GIF to post with it. You can find GIFs on Twitter and share them quickly without ever leaving the platform. Here’s how to do that.
  • Click “Tweet” to start composing your tweet.
  • Once you’ve written the copy for your tweet, click the “GIF” button in the row below.
  • Scroll through the categories to find one you want to use.
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  • Alternatively, enter a search term to find something specific.
  • Once you find a GIF you want to use, click on it to upload it.
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How to Create Custom GIFs

While Twitter has a huge variety of GIFs to choose from, if you really want to take things to the next level, you may want to start creating custom GIFs. It’s easier than you think and a lot of fun! Use a service like Giphy to create your own GIFs from images and videos.

Create Twitter GIFs from Videos

  • Click “Upload” on the homepage.
  • Add a Vimeo or YouTube link or upload a video file.
  • Trim the video to create a short GIF.
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  • Click “Continue to upload.”
  • Click “Download” to save it to your computer.
  • Alternatively, you can also click “Upload to Giphy.”
  • Once uploaded, click the “Share” button.
  • Click the “Twitter” button to share it on Twitter.

Create Twitter GIFs from Images

  • Click “Upload” on the homepage.
  • Click “Choose file” to upload an image.
  • Click “Add more images” to upload more images.
  • Arrange the images in the right order.
  • Enter your caption.
  • Select text style and animation style.
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  • Click “Continue to Upload.”
  • Click “Upload to Giphy.”
  • Click “Share” and then “Twitter.”

Download GIFs from other tweets

Recycle GIFs previously used by others. Try our new tool: Twitter GIFs Downloader.
  • Right-click on a Twitter Gif.
  • Click on "Copy Gif address".
  • Paste your link and click on the download button.

Using GIFs to Increase Engagement on Twitter

Now that you know how to choose GIFs on Twitter and create your own GIFs from videos and images, let’s explore a few ways of using them to increase engagement.

Use Them as a Teaser

Link posts may not always generate a lot of traffic, and native video on Twitter does not support long-form videos. Use Giphy to create short GIFs of your video content as a teaser. Share these on Twitter to generate interest from your audience before you share the link to the original video.

Short Tutorials

Want to share a quick tutorial with your audience? Use GIFs to create a short walkthrough to deliver value to your customers. Share a quick step-by-step guide in the form of a GIF on how to accomplish something. This will also motivate prospects to try your product or service if they haven’t already.
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Entertain Your Audience

GIFs on Twitter are incredibly effective in increasing brand recognition. They allow you to showcase your personality, add some flair to your content, and show the personality behind the brand.
GIFs can be used for much more than educate your target audience. Use them to entertain your audience and lighten things up a little. Share GIFs that will resonate and will be easy to understand for your audience.

Hype Up Your Product Launch

Whether you are counting down to a milestone, important announcement, product launch, or event, use GIFs to get your audience excited and generate interest. Words may not get your audience excited, but showing them through visuals can grab their attention. Keep the GIF simple and tap into that excitement by engaging with your audience.
If you are using Tweet Hunter, you will be able to add GIFs to your tweets without having to leave the platform.
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  • Click “Write a Tweet” on your dashboard.
  • Compose your tweet.
  • Click the “GIF” in the bottom row.
  • Enter your search term to find the right GIF.
  • Click the GIF to insert it in your tweet.
  • Add to queue or schedule for later.
  • You’re all set!
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