10 examples of content curation that will help you grow on Twitter

Grow your Twitter with content curation by highlighting niche expertise & providing value to your audience.

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Grow your Twitter with content curation by highlighting niche expertise & providing value to your audience.
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10 examples of content curation that will help you grow on Twitter
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Content curation is a useful strategy to help you grow on Twitter. It allows you to highlight your niche expertise while providing extra value to your audience.
The key to success with this strategy is simple- providing value.

What Does Content Curation Mean?

Content curation means sharing content created by others on your social media. While that is a simple explanation, there’s a lot more that goes into successful curation.
As a curator, your role is to look for the best, most relevant content in your niche and share it with your audience. Knowing which content is worth sharing and what information would be valuable for your audience is crucial.
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Content Curation Best Practices

Here’s how to approach curation on Twitter in the right way to help you get more followers.

Share Content Relevant to Your Audience

When creating content from scratch, you think about whether the information is relevant. The same thought process applies to curation.
Anything you post on your profile should be in complete alignment with your overall goals as a content creator as well as with your audience. Here are a few basic things to think about before you share:
  • The content you share should be helpful for your target audience.
  • It should provide solutions to the problems your audience is facing.
  • It should align with your personal brand and your goals.
If you are able to effortlessly weave the curated content with your own content, it is worth sharing.

Always Credit the Source

When sharing content from someone else, always give credit and link to the creator. Not doing that gives the impression that the content was created by you. Plagiarism is not something you want to deal with.
Tag the right person with an @ on Twitter. This will also open an opportunity for engagement with the content creator and help you expand your network.

Share the Right Content Mix

There’s only so much original content you can create and share. Schedule curated posts in your content strategy to fill out your calendar.
Offering your audience the right mix of original and curated content is also important. Ideally, 60% of the content you share on Twitter should be curated, while 40% should be original.
The original content you share on Twitter should be engaging and high-quality because that is what will attract your ideal audience. The role of content creation is to keep your audience engaged once they follow you. Check out this guide on how to write great tweets.

Add Value When Sharing

While you don’t really have to do this for every post you share, a good strategy for successful content curation is to add some value when you share.
A couple of sentences of your own thoughts about the content you are sharing will be helpful for your audience. Add your own unique touch to the posts you share to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

Invite Your Audience to Share Something They Created

An excellent way to drive engagement and find relevant content to share is by inviting your audience to share their own creations.
Sharing the work of your audience is a huge boost for engagement, and it enhances follower loyalty.
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Schedule Posts in Advance

Content creation provides a lot of benefits, and one of those benefits is saving time. Schedule your content well in advance because it is convenient and allows you to save even more time. This 35-minute growth framework shows how to grow your following with just 35 minutes of work a day.
This is also important because it gives you a clear idea of whether there are any gaps in your content calendar and if you need more content for a certain day. Fill those gaps by sharing some more curated content.
Use Tweet Hunter to plan your content and schedule it in advance. It also gives you a clear idea about the best time to post to drive engagement and analyze the performance of each tweet.

10 Great Examples of Content Curation

1 - Bill Gates’s Twitter account is heavily focused on sharing interesting things he learns through his foundation and from other sources.
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2 - Relevant book recommendations are always a good idea.
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3 - Leverage current trends in your content curation strategy.
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4 - Share videos with your audience for better engagement. If you need to download videos, try our video downloader tool.
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5 - Add your own thoughts when sharing content from others.
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6 - Share your favorite podcast with your audience.
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7 - People love reading lists. Include them in your content strategy.
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8 - If you find opportunities you think your audience will love, spread the word.
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9 - Share quotes from other creators.
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10 - Share interesting stats.
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