Maximizing Your Twitter Profile: The Follower Funnel Strategy for Enhanced Growth

Learn essential elements like bio crafting, profile pics, pinned tweets, and more to maximize engagement and followers.

Maximizing Your Twitter Profile: The Follower Funnel Strategy for Enhanced Growth
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Unlock the secrets of the follower funnel and enhance your Twitter profile for maximum audience growth.
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Master the Follower Funnel: Optimizing Your Twitter Profile for Growth
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One of the most frequent questions about Twitter is, "How can I gain more followers?"
When examining the profiles posing this query, a common issue emerges:
Their profiles aren't tailored to attracting followers — essentially, their follower funnel is malfunctioning.
But what exactly is this "follower funnel" and why is it foundational to audience expansion?
Let's dive in and explore!

What’s a follower funnel?

The principles of building a following are:
  1. You bring traffic (people) to your profile
  1. They check your profile and click the follow button
It sounds simple, doesn't it?
The problem is that 99% of people only think about #1 and completely neglect what happens at #2.
Bringing people to your profile is pointless if the profile isn't optimized to convert them into followers.
Here’s where the follower funnel comes in:
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Let’s dive into what elements make the follower funnel and what’s the best way to optimize every step of it.

Elements of a follower funnel

The Twitter follower funnel is made of:
  • The profile picture
  • The bio
  • The pinned tweet
  • The header
  • Other elements
With each step, you build trust with the person going through it. By the time they've gone through it all, they'll decide whether to follow you or not.
This all happens in seconds, so your funnel needs to be highly focused and optimized.

The profile picture

99% of the time, I tell people not to build a brand account.
People trust people. We prefer to interact with humans, not faceless brands.
And you know the one thing every human has?
A face.
Your profile picture should show your face.
I understand that this may not be ideal for some people. There are many of us who are camera shy or uncomfortable showing our faces, but I am sure you can find one of yours that shows:
  • Is either a head-to-shoulders or a head-to-waist photo
  • Where you are facing the camera
  • And where you are smiling
  • Consider the background as well. In case you cannot get a clean background, you can simply add a plain color instead.
Don't worry, if using your own picture makes you uncomfortable, you can still build a successful and reputable brand with an “anonymous” pic. It’s just harder to do.

The bio

Bios are probably the most influential factor in whether someone follows you.
It's an instant trust builder. It tells people why they should follow you and most importantly, what’s in it for them
Most people make this mistake when crafting their own: They make it only about them.
This is your bio, after all. Shouldn't it be about you?
Yes. And No.
Your bio shouldn’t be about you. It should be about your audience and what you can do for them.
Why should people follow you? What do THEY get if they click that follow button?
To help you get started, here’s a template you can use right away:
I [what you do] [who you do it for, your target audience] / [Something that adds social proof or a transformative promise you're making] / [Call to Action: Follow, DM, contact...or what you are working on]
There are of course more structures on how to create a great Twitter bio. Get more inspiration by checking these 21 examples of great Twitter bios.
Can’t go wrong with following those examples!

The pinned tweet

Think of what you do when you check someone else’s profile.
You check their picture. You read their bio.  And then, you scroll down.
What’s there? The pinned tweet
The pinned tweet is the one that every potential follower is guaranteed to see. You better make it a good one!
My advice is to either make it:
  • A presentation tweet or thread with a bit of your story
  • A tweet or thread with a high amount of likes and RTs
Either of those makes for a good pinned tweet, as they bring either more insight about you or act as social proof (likes & RTs).
As with the other elements of the creator funnel, we also have 21 examples of the best pinned tweets you can find on Twitter. Check them out!

The header

When it comes to creating a good Twitter profile, the header is often overlooked.
Even though it's not the most important piece, it can make your funnel more effective. It’s the perfect complement to a high-converting profile.
We won't leave you without some examples from the best Twitter creators. Here are 22 examples of good banners.

Other elements

These other elements are not that important parts of the funnel, but still relevant and worth taking into account.
You won’t get more followers based on the link. At least not directly. But it can help people learn more about you, which can later translate into more followers.
You should use it to redirect people to:
  • Your newsletter
  • Maybe a service offering
  • Your products
  • Your personal site
  • Or your other projects

Your username

It really isn’t that important, but it’s better if you can secure an @ that doesn’t have _ or numbers and that it’s easy to remember. It helps make your profile look “cleaner.”

What now? Next steps

Take a moment to evaluate your Twitter profile and determine whether it's good or not.
Something that helps me with this process is thinking of my Twitter profile as a digital business card. It needs to share who I am, what I do, who I do it for, and where people can find more:
notion image
It will make more sense if you think of it this way.
Whenever you are done with optimizing your profile and want to take Twitter to the next level, take a look at our resources page. It's a collection of actionable resources to help you get more Twitter followers and monetize your audience.

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