7 Tips On How to Write Funny Tweets

Discover how to improve your Twitter engagement with humor-based marketing. Learn how to write funny tweets.

7 Tips On How to Write Funny Tweets
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How to write funny tweets. Learn how to use humor as a content strategy for Twitter.
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How to Write Funny Tweets - 7 Tips to Try Today
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If you want to grow your Twitter following and engagement, adopting a humor-based marketing strategy can be a good option to consider. Brands that use a lighthearted marketing approach and voice often see increased engagement.
Whether you go all-in on this approach or post an occasional joke, knowing what your audience will find funny is crucial. This comprehensive guide on writing funny tweets will provide you with actionable tips and plenty of examples for inspiration.

Why You Should Use Humor to Improve Engagement

You don’t have to make humor the center point of your Twitter marketing strategy if it does not align with your brand personality.
You can just throw an occasional Twitter meme or joke to make things a little less serious. Here’s how this approach can help you:
  • It helps you stand out and get the attention of your audience.
  • Humor wins the hearts of your audience and makes you memorable.
  • It helps your audience see the human side of your brand.

7 Tips on How to Write Funny Tweets

You don’t have to be a seasoned comedian to write funny tweets. A little practice and the willingness to indulge in some self-deprecating humor can go a long way. You can also use Twitter templates to make the process easier if you are just starting out. Here are 7 tips to help you get started.

Research Your Audience

Like any other good Twitter strategy, humor-based marketing should also start with audience research. Without doing this, you’ll have no idea what your audience prefers.
To crack jokes that your readers will understand and relate to, you’ll need to know their interests, demographics, and the language they usually use. Use Google Analytics to get demographic data such as gender and location. You can also explore your audience’s topical interests to determine what types of funny tweets to post.

Define Your Brand Voice and Use It

Your funny tweets should also be on-brand to maintain consistency. If you haven’t already, start by having a clear brand voice guideline to follow. Use these guidelines to maintain consistency in your voice on Twitter.
One of the reasons why it is so important to have a brand voice is that it makes your tweets instantly recognizable to your audience. It also makes maintaining consistency easier, even when someone on your team is creating tweets.

Bounce Ideas Off of Someone

Ever made up a joke in your head that you found hilarious, but when you said it out loud to someone, it fell flat? You’re not alone. Everyone’s idea of humor is different. What might be funny to you may not be funny to someone else.
The best way to decide whether that new joke you made up is Twitter-worthy or not is by first testing it out on a few people. Having a vetting process will help you weed out the not-so-good jokes from the true gems.

Double Check to Ensure Your Joke Hasn’t Been Posted Before

With millions of tweets being posted every day, it isn’t unlikely that your funny tweet may have already been posted by someone else. It’s an easy mistake and one that you shouldn’t take too personally, but it’s always better to double-check before you post if you want to be original.

Stay Away from Current Events

Any time there has been a major event, you can be sure that Twitter will be overloaded with jokes on that topic. While there is an opportunity to make some amazing jokes on current events that your audience may like, you may just end up contributing to the noise without actually achieving anything.
Unless you have something highly original and relevant that your audience will like, it’s best to stay away from current events.
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Use Visuals When Possible

Visuals can sometimes help you achieve a lot more than words. Some jokes are funnier when presented visually. Think sight gags and memes. People always love it when you don’t need to explain something to them.
Visuals will also help you get the attention of scrollers who might otherwise scroll away without even reading your tweet.
You can add GIFs, and you can even use recycled ones previously downloaded by you with our Twitter Gif Donwnloader Tool.
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Avoid Offensive Jokes

Posting an offensive joke just to generate a response will not really help you build a loyal Twitter community. Plus, it might cost you a few followers. You may also have to spend a lot of time defending your joke if you decide to post it.
For brands, it’s best to stay away from posting anything offensive that might ruffle the feathers of their followers.

How to Structure a Twitter Joke

When writing funny tweets, especially one-liners, there are two parts you need to be mindful of. The first part is the setup. This is what gets the audience hooked and leads them in an obvious direction.
The second part is the punchline. This is where you deliver a surprise twist, making the joke funny. There are two basic rules to follow when writing one-liners. The punchline should always come at the end of the joke. The distance between the set-up and punchline should be short to make it funnier.
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With tweets, you’ll have additional characters to give you the ability to deliver longer jokes. This means you can express yourself naturally through words. To give your funny tweets the same impact as if it was performed live, use no-caps, some-caps, all-caps, punctuations, and italics to convey expression and timing.

5 Types of Funny Tweets That Actually Work

Now that you know how to structure tweets properly, the question is- what type of tweets do people find funny? Some of the funniest tweets use one of these techniques.


A pun is when one word has two meanings. Our brains may assume a certain meaning, but the punchline delivers a twist, and it turns out that the word means something else entirely.
Puns may seem basic, but they are universally liked. They do extremely well on Twitter and are easier to execute. Puns also do really well when you use visuals to convey the joke.
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Observation Comedy

Observation-based comedy can be a different angle on a very normal situation in life. Humor can be found in every aspect of life. Pay close attention to the people around you and the conversations you overhear in stores, and create jokes based on them.
This is a hilarious example of a tweet observation-based comedy.
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Situation comedy

In situation comedy, you create a vivid picture in the mind of your readers about a scenario. Once they make an assumption based on your set-up, you deliver an unexpected twist. In situation comedy, the outcome is usually absurd and completely unexpected.
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Exaggeration Comedy

Make your tweets funnier by taking an observation-based joke and exaggerating it wildly. The reality we currently live in is crazier than ever before, so your audience might not even notice the exaggeration. Take things way out of proportion to emphasize a point.
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Stereotype Comedy

An easy way to write a funny tweet is by using existing stereotypes and building a joke around it. When done right, it can be funny. There’s a pitfall you should be aware of, though. If not handled in a lighthearted way, your joke can come across as racist or offensive.
When in doubt, run it by a few friends to ensure it is funny and not offensive.
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Fake Tweets

Last but not least, you can try creating mock-up tweets with our realistic Fake Tweet Generator Tool to create some fun tweets for your audience.
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