Why You Should Periodically Clean Your Twitter Account

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Optimize your Twitter experience by cleaning your account regularly. Learn how and why you need to clean your Twitter account.
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How to Clean Your Twitter Account - Spring Cleaning Edition 2023
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For most people, it would have been a while since they would have cleaned up their Twitter account. The negative experience you sometimes have on the platform can be made better by simply cleaning up your followers and your feed.
If you have been on the platform for a few years, you would’ve accumulated dead and irrelevant accounts, random tools, and outdated settings. In this post, we’ll talk about how to clean your Twitter account to keep it safe and enjoyable.
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Why You Need to Clean Your Twitter Account Periodically

On the surface, you may not think your Twitter account needs any upkeep. But you may be wrong. There may be settings you need to adjust, people you should mute or block, and accounts to unfollow.
If you’ve been scrolling your feed for hours and not finding your experience enjoyable or beneficial, it’s time to start exploring. Doing this process periodically will make sure that you’re following the right people, aren’t missing out on opportunities, and are with real, engaged, and loyal followers.

8 Tips to Clean Up Your Twitter Account

If you’re giving your home a once-over this spring, take some time to give your Twitter account the same TLC. Here are a few spring-cleaning tips to help you get started- Twitter edition.

1. Spruce Up Your Profile

Your Twitter bio is your identity on the platform. Making sure it is updated is important to let people know who you are and what you do so that only the right people will follow you. Here’s how to spruce up your bio.
  • Take a look at your name and update it if you’ve recently updated your professional or personal identity.
  • Check your profile picture and cover photo. Make sure they’re the right dimensions. If you aren’t already following a unified brand color palette, it may be time to get some new photos.
  • Click “Settings and Support” and then “Display.” Customize your font size, background, and theme color.
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  • Check your website and location information to ensure they are updated.
  • Review your bio and make sure it is updated and updated. Swap out with a new bio if you feel your current version isn’t impactful.

2. Change Your Pinned Tweet

Freshen up your profile by pinning a tweet if you haven’t already done that. A pinned tweet is what people will see first when visiting your profile. It is like a sneak peek into the kind of content you usually post on the platform.
If you already have a pinned tweet, check to ensure it is optimized to send people to a landing page or website to which you want to direct them. Ideally, you should be changing your pinned tweet once or twice a month.
Here’s how to unpin your tweet:
  • Go to your profile page.
  • Find the pinned tweet and click the ellipsis.
  • Click “Unpin from profile.”
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3. Unfollow Inactive and Irrelevant Accounts

One of the best ways to clean up your Twitter account is by unfollowing dead and irrelevant accounts. If there’s an account that isn’t posting the type of content you prefer to see, don’t feel bad about unfollowing. You should always be in control of what shows up on your feed.
While reviewing accounts, check for any inactive accounts that have been dead for a while. Unfollow them in bulk. You can do that manually or through a third-party tool like unTweeps.
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4. Create or Update Your Twitter Lists

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how busy Twitter is, it may be time to try Twitter Lists. Create a list of people whose posts you wouldn’t want to miss. This will help you stay updated and focus on the most important tweets.
Create Twitter Lists of niche experts, influencers, or prospects. There’s a lot you can do. Start with this guide on Twitter Lists.

5. Review Your Privacy Settings

As you’re spring cleaning your Twitter account, take some time to review your privacy settings. This is a task most of us put aside for some other day. Now is the right time to deal with it.
  • Click “More” in the sidebar menu.
  • Click “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Go through each option on the menu to ensure it is updated.
  • Check your account information.
  • Change your password to something more robust.
  • Opt for Two-factor authentication.
  • Review your Privacy and Safety options and notification settings.
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6. Review App Permissions

While you’re reviewing your privacy settings, you should also review app permissions. Over time you may have given permission to random apps to access your account. Review this list periodically to see if you’re still using those apps.
  • Click “Settings and Support” on the sidebar menu.
  • Click “Settings and Privacy.”
  • Click “Security and account access.”
  • Click “Apps and sessions.”
  • Click “Connected apps.”
  • Review the list and revoke access to apps you don’t use anymore.
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7. Prune Your Followers

Although your goal is to get more followers on Twitter, a bigger follower count is not always better. When you clean up your Twitter account, take a look at your followers list. Here are the kind of followers you need to get rid of:
  • Inactive users. If someone hasn’t used their account in a few months or years, it’s time to get rid of them.
  • Spam accounts. If you see accounts with hardly any tweets but lots of followers that are probably paid for, they won’t contribute anything to your growth.
  • Follow-unfollow accounts. If you’ve ever come across those Twitter users who immediately unfollow you once you follow them, you know how frustrating it can be. Don’t waste your time on those accounts.
  • Trollers. You’ll have to manually go through your follower list to block individual accounts you no longer want to follow you. Trollers are not worth your time. Instead of waging a keyboard war or getting triggered, it’s best to block Twitter trolls.
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8. Delete Older Off-Topic Tweets

We’re all guilty of cringe-worthy tweets we may have published at our less-than-perfect moments. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s also not something you want others to see. You can’t really edit tweets, but you can delete them.
Go through your tweets, and if you see any tweets with typos, off-topic tweets, or just something dumb you published in the past, delete them. If you have a defined niche, it’s best to stick to that niche and avoid posting something completely different.
While it takes some time to clean your Twitter account, getting it organized is worth the effort. It will help you save time and streamline your experience on the platform.
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