How to get people to love your Twitter bio

Get the information you need to craft the perfect professional Twitter bio that leaves a great impression.

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Get the information you need to craft the perfect professional Twitter bio that leaves a great impression.
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How to get people to love your Twitter bio
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On Twitter, you’ll be judged by what you write on your Twitter bio. You have only 160 characters to create a memorable impression, build relationships, and attract followers.
Every letter counts so here we’ll talk about exactly how to make a Twitter bio that people will love by:
  • Being personable
  • Adding links
  • Using humor
  • Talking about your accomplishments
  • And more!
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Top Tips to Create a Twitter Bio That People Will Love

Let’s dive right in and discuss all the elements that go into creating a professional Twitter bio that makes a lasting impression.

Let Your Personality Shine

If you want to learn how to write a good Twitter bio, you’ll have to let your personality shine through your writing.
If you have a defined brand personality, use that to make your bio stand out. Pack it with charm so people will connect with you instantly. Your bio should make people feel that they would enjoy reading your tweets.
Check out this bio. It packs a big punch of charm and personality.
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Connect on a Personal Level

If you want people to relate to you, your professional Twitter bio should be able to connect with your audience. Letting people know what you enjoy doing helps them connect with you on a personal level.
Whether you love playing guitar, doodling, or collecting coins, make some space in your bio to mention things you are passionate about.
This Twitter bio example shows just how to do that. It also makes great use of the header image to provide more details about interests.
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Use Power Words

Use power words in your Twitter bio to generate an emotional or psychological response in your Twitter followers.
Whether you want people to follow you, click a link, or read your blog post, using power words can help you achieve those goals quickly.
Here are just a few examples:
  • Profound
  • Revolutionary
  • Transform
  • Turbocharged
  • Extraordinary
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Manage Expectations

People love Twitter accounts that know how to manage expectations. Use your bio to provide accurate information about who you are, what you tweet about, and where you are located (if relevant).
Let them know there is a real person behind the account and what to expect once they start following you.
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Talk About Your Accomplishments

Talking about what you have achieved is a good conversation starter. People love following someone they can get inspired by.
Use social proof to talk about:
  • Your awards
  • Your accomplishments
  • Your successes
  • Courses and books you’ve written
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Check out Tweet Hunter’s guide on leveling up your Twitter bio for more valuable tips.

Use Humor

Adding a touch of humor to your custom Twitter bio shows others that you took the time to create something that will be memorable.
If you want people to love your bio enough to keep coming back, use subtle humor to bring a smile to their faces. This will make you memorable.
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Connect With Them On Another Avenue

Give people the opportunity to learn more about who you are and what you do by adding links to your Twitter bio. This gives you one more avenue to connect with your Twitter audience.
You can add a clickable link to your bio and a second link within the 160 characters limit you have.  Use this space to take people to your “About Me” section on your website or your blog (if you have one) so they can learn more about who you are.
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Avoid Cringe Buzzwords

Buzzwords may have been cute once but when everyone starts using them, they lose their meaning.
Avoid using some of these overused buzzwords:
  • Hustler
  • Marketing guru
  • Social media maven
  • Marketing
  • Growth hacker
Don’t let these buzzwords take up valuable space in your Twitter bio. Keep it simple and straightforward.
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