Not seeing results from Twitter? Ask yourself these 5 questions

There’s a reason why you don’t see results from Twitter. These 5 questions will help you uncover why.

Not seeing results from Twitter? Ask yourself these 5 questions
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There’s a reason why you don’t see results from Twitter. These 5 questions will help you uncover why.
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Not seeing results from Twitter? Ask yourself these 5 questions
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Nothing is more frustrating than dedicating time and effort to something that doesn’t work.
This is what thousands of Twitter users feel every day.
One of the most common pieces of advice I give to new creators starting out on Twitter is to give it time. Growth there requires time and effort.
But if you have been putting in that time and effort, and it still doesn’t work, your strategy likely has a problem.
There is a good chance we can fix it, so don’t worry.
These are the 5 questions you should ask yourself to figure out why Twitter is not working for you:

1 - What does it mean for it to “work”?

The first step for you should be clarifying what you want from Twitter.
Drive traffic to your website?
Are you trying to sell something?
Position yourself as a thought leader?
Or maybe get more newsletter subs?
Not everything on Twitter is likes, retweets, and followers.
We know from accounts with less than 1000 followers that are closing many leads thanks to a targeted content strategy and a well-crafted offer.
It will be easier for you to create a successful content strategy when your goal is more straightforward.

2 - Is your follower funnel optimized?

The basics of building a following are:
  1. You bring traffic (people) to your profile
  1. They check your profile and click the follow button
It sounds simple.
Yet 99% of people think only about #1 and ignore #2 altogether.
When people check your profile, that’s your chance to convince them to follow you. The problem is that you have but a few seconds to do so.
So your convincing needs to be VERY good.
This is what people go through when they are checking your profile:
notion image
I like to call this the follower funnel. And it needs to be perfect.
The good news is that we wrote an entire article on how to optimize the different parts of it.

3 - Have you tried for long enough?

I get it. We all want to grow a huge audience and immediately start making money off Twitter.
But that’s hardly ever the case.
Twitter is a long-term game. So you need to be in it for the long haul.
Be patient, keep producing great content, and engage with others.
If you don’t believe me, ask any successful account on Twitter. Then, ask them how their first six months to 1 year were on the platform, and you’ll see.
My first “big” success on Twitter happened about three months in.
It was also my tweet #1070.
Of course, there are exceptions, but those are just the top 1%. You and I are likely not in it.

4 - Are you looking at your analytics?

Do you regularly check your analytics to see what’s working and what’s not?
If you’re not, you’re missing out on many valuable insights that can help you improve your Twitter strategy.
Things like which one of your posts gets more profile clicks (even if it doesn’t get the most likes) could signal what types of content your audience is more interested in.
Data talks. You just need to listen.

5 - Do you have a plan?

No, I’m not talking about a full fledge 10-page Twitter growth strategy.
You need a plan. That doesn’t mean it needs to be anything complex.
Last week we talked about how you can grow on Twitter by just investing 35 minutes every day.
The basics are:
  • Invest ½ on your time in content creation
  • Invest the other ½ in engaging with others
Make sure that everyone you engage with is in the same niche as you, and boom. You have more strategy than 99% of creators out there.

Moving forward

Building a personal brand on Twitter is supposed to be fun.
That doesn’t mean that every day will be a piece of cake. Growing a Twitter account takes time and effort.
After all, what you do should make you feel good. If it feels like a chore, you’ll burn out very quickly.
So if something is not working, ask yourself these five questions and try to fix things before investing more time in it.
If you plan it and work it out for good, you could even make money on Twitter.

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