Get more insight from Twitter

Tweet Hunter X is a browser extension for Twitter that automatically surfaces the most interesting ideas.

It helps you spend less time mindlessly scrolling, and more time developing your thoughts.

If you aren't using @TweetHunterX, you're using the "flip phone" version of Twitter.

Contextual Sidebar

See the big picture

Tweet Hunter X replaces the distracting Twitter sidebar and surfaces insightful tweets, in context:

See a user's most popular tweets of all time. See someone's best ideas, not the random thoughts they happened to post today.
On This Day
See tweets from this date in prior years. Get re-inspired by ideas from yourself and others.
Our Conversations
When you're on a Twitter friend's profile, revisit the past tweets you've sent to each other.
Recent Hits
See recent popular tweets from your timeline that you might have missed.

Enhanced Search

Finally find that tweet

Tweet Hunter X replaces the stock search bar with a power UI, with convenient shortcuts and instant results as you type.

Shortcut commands
Commands to efficiently find what you're looking for, including:
  • /me: Search your own tweets
  • /user: Search tweets from the user you're currently viewing
  • /follows: Search tweets from people you follow
Powerful search sidebar
No more opening a new tab just to search. Tweet Hunter X lets you search directly in the sidebar, so you can search as you compose a tweet or browse the feed.
  • Instant results as you type
  • Keyboard shortcut to start a search (Cmd+/)
  • One click to copy URL of a tweet
  • Autocomplete usernames in from: search
Search Likes and Bookmarks
Coming Soon
Search your liked and bookmarked tweets. Start getting value from the archives of ideas you've personally curated.

It made Twitter a true goldmine of ideas and resources. This is exactly how I always imagined how Twitter search should have been built.

This adds a whole new dimension to Twitter surfing. Hard to explain why until you see it surface interesting tweets that you would never otherwise see.

About The Tweet Hunter X Philosophy A note from the developers

We love using Twitter as a memex: a tool for thinking and making connections between related ideas. We've used it to find so many fascinating people, thoughts, and discussions.

But using Twitter this way has always felt like fighting the natural design of the tool. The Twitter product is trying to get me to refresh the feed, not grow my thoughts. That might make sense for most casual users, but we wanted something more powerful.

So we started building a browser extension to make Twitter a better place to think. It all started out with a lightweight search UI, so that we could seamlessly search through tweets to reference while we were writing new threads, weaving together old ideas with new ones. Then we added a way to see people's best tweets, so we could get more from coming across an interesting user's profile.

We used this extension ourselves for about 6 months, and after a while we couldn't live without it. Other people started asking us to share it, so we decided to turn it into a product. Our hope is to build Tweet Hunter X into a high-quality tool that makes Twitter a better memex for everyone.

Rapidly became one of my core features when browsing Twitter. Cuts through the noise and finds quality so well.

I cannot believe how broken twitter feels *without* Tweet Hunter X

Frequently asked questions

How can I learn to use Twitter as a memex?
Building long threads of connected tweets is a great way to connect ideas across time. This thread explains it well:
What browsers are supported?

Because this is a browser extension, it only works with the web version of Twitter, not the app.

Chrome and Firefox are officially supported. Chromium-based browsers like Brave, Edge, and Sidekick can use the Chrome version.

Safari isn't supported yet. To get an update when Safari support lands, follow @TweetHunterX on Twitter.

Is it free?

A significant part of the Tweet Hunter X features are free. Without any condition. You don’t even have to sign up to use them.

Following Tweet Hunter’s acquisition of Tweet Hunter X, we wanted to keep providing free value to the people using it instead of asking long-time users to start paying for things they had grown accustomed to. As such, all the original features of Tweet Hunter X are free for everyone.

How does this compare to ThreadHelper?

ThreadHelper is another Twitter browser extension that automatically surfaces related tweets based on what you're currently typing. It's cool and definitely worth a try!

Tweet Hunter X has some related goals, but a different focus. We are more interested in targeted search rather than automatic suggestions, and surfacing related content from all of Twitter, not just your own saved tweets.

How does Tweet Hunter X work?

Tweet Hunter X sends searches to the Twitter search backend from your browser, as if you were typing into the official search box yourself.

Who's behind Tweet Hunter X?
Tweet Hunter X is a product maintained by Tweet Hunter. Tweet Hunter aims to help individuals build a personal brand on Twitter.

To get updates on Tweet Hunter X, follow the makers, Tibo & Tom

Ready to get more out of Twitter? Install Tweet Hunter X today.