The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Twitter Handle

Find the right Twitter handle for your personal brand. Learn how to select a handle that supports your marketing and enhances authenticity.

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Twitter Handle
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Find the right Twitter handle for your personal brand. Learn how to select a handle that supports your marketing and enhances authenticity.
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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a Twitter Handle
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Your Twitter handle is a crucial part of your profile so you need to select one which will be easier for people to find you and support your marketing strategy.
The handle you choose can make or break your personal brand on Twitter. So, how to choose a Twitter handle that supports your growth and makes you look authentic?
In this blog post, we’ll provide you with all the information you need to pick the right handle for your Twitter bio.
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Twitter Display Name Vs. Twitter Handle

Before we delve into how to choose a Twitter handle for your business, let’s first understand the difference between your handle and your display name.
Twitter profiles may share the same display name, but each account will have a unique handle. Your Twitter handle acts as a unique identifier for your account. Here are some differences between the two.

Twitter Handle

  • Maximum characters: 15
  • Minimum characters: 4
  • Must be unique
  • It cannot contain any signs or spaces except lowercase, uppercase, and underscore

Twitter Display Name

  • Maximum characters: 50
  • Minimum characters: 2
  • It may contain special characters like %, #, and @

Twitter Handle Guidelines

In some cases, you may see that a username is available, but you’ll still not be able to claim it. There are a few Twitter guidelines that you’ll have to follow when choosing your Twitter handle, such as:
  • Your handle cannot contain the words “Admin” or “Twitter.” Only official Twitter accounts can use those words in their handle.
  • Your Twitter handle cannot exceed 15 characters.
  • You can only use alphanumeric characters and underscores in your handle. It cannot contain any other dashes, spaces, or symbols.
  • You cannot claim the name of a deactivated or suspended account as your Twitter handle.
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Do’s of Choosing a Twitter Handle

To make the right first impression on your future audience, follow these do’s of how to choose the right Twitter handle.

Use Your Name or Business Name

When choosing your handle, your first option should be the name of your business or your own name. If it is already taken, you can also use your first and last name. Most people will use names to search for users on Twitter, so it is best to use that in your handle.
If your business name is not available, you can add “Inc” or “Pvt” after your business name.
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Keep it Short

There’s a character limit set by Twitter, so you should choose a short name for your handle. People find it easier to remember short usernames, so it is even more important to choose a name that is simple, short, and easy to remember.
This will also work in your favor because shorter usernames do not take up a lot of character space when people mention you in their tweets.

Make it Easy to Remember

You would want your Twitter handle to be easy to remember to increase your chances of success on Twitter. People will be more likely to mention you in their tweets if you’re handle easy to remember. This is important because it can help you build your profile and attract more followers.
If you have an unusually long name or business name, you can use your initials to make it short. You can also stick to just your first name if your first and last names take up too many characters.
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Use Taglines

If you find that your name or business name is already taken by someone else, another option is to use your tagline as your Twitter handle. If you have a tagline, you can use an abbreviated version of it as your handle.
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Be Consistent Across Social Channels

Make a list of all the social media channels you currently use, along with your website. Note down the usernames you are using on all those channels. You want to maintain consistency across all channels to make it easier for your followers to find you quickly and follow you everywhere.
Maintaining consistency also helps you establish brand authority. If available, use the same username you are currently using on other social media platforms. If it isn’t available on Twitter, a better strategy would be to change the username on all the channels to maintain consistency.

Don’ts of Choosing a Twitter Handle

Now that you know a few do’s on how to choose a Twitter handle, here are a few things you should avoid.

Don’t Use Numbers

If the handle you have in mind is already taken, an easy solution most people use is to simply add a few numbers to the username. This is something you should avoid if you don’t want to come across as spammy.
Numbers in the handle make it appear odd and also make it difficult for people to remember and search for your handle.
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Don’t Use Keywords

Using keywords may seem to be tempting because they may help your profile appear when people search for your keywords, but it is not ideal in a Twitter handle. If you must use keywords, use them in your Twitter bio but not in your handle.
Keywords can be a huge turn-off for many Twitter users, and you may lose a few potential followers.

Don’t Overdo on Underscores

Underscores are usually used to separate characters and may be useful in certain cases, such as when there are two or three words in your business name. Don’t go overboard, though, as they do not look professional. Avoid using them altogether, or use no more than two underscores in your handle.
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