10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates that you can use to get more likes, retweets and followers

Here are 10 Twitter Thread hook templates that you can start using right away

10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates that you can use to get more likes, retweets and followers
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Here are 10 Twitter Thread hook templates that you can start using right away
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10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hook templates that you can use to get more likes, retweets and followers
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Twitter threads are the best way to grow on Twitter. But writing them is not so easy.
Contrary to what some might think, a Twitter thread isn’t simply a “blog post but on Twitter”. There’s more complexity that goes into writing one.
But if you are anything like me, starting to write a thread (or anything else for that matter) from scratch is hard.
In today’s article, we’ll explore 10 Fill-In-The-Blank Thread Hooks to give you a head start on your following thread and hopefully inspire your next piece of content.
Let’s jump right in:

#1 ____ simple principles to_______

This thread type gives people a simple set of principles to follow to achieve something.
Our advice is to make that “something” aspirational.
In the example above, we find “accelerate your career.” Others could be anything your audience aspires to: grow their businesses or audience, make more money, save time…

#2 ____ sentences that'll make you _____ than a _______ degree

Curation type of content is pretty popular on Twitter. It’s a format that always gets good engagement.
To make it even more interesting, this hook uses an unusual comparison. The promise you are making with this hook is that the audience will learn more with 20 sentences than with a university degree.
This is a pretty outrageous claim, and that’s precisely why this thread style always works.

#3 _____ ____ rules everyone should learn by ____

There’s something about rules. When someone says, “X rules you should know,” we want to know them, just to see if we follow them or not.
It gets even better if you add an age limit like Kurtis does in the example above.
This makes people over 25 think, “let’s see if what he’s saying is true.” And people under 25 “whops, this sounds like something I should know about.”
It’s a solid first line for a thread.

#4 This will make you ______ in __ days

Thread hooks that feel like a “punch” to your face are awesome. This is one of those.
The best thing about this thread is that it opens a curiosity gap for the audience → “This will make you XXX in 30 days”.
“What is THIS?” 👈 This is what goes into the audience’s mind.
Curiosity is one of the best assets you have in your writing arsenal. Don’t be afraid to use it!

#5 If you want to fix____________, read this

The best type of copywriting content is the one that offers your content as the solution to a problem.
My advice is to keep it focused on one problem you are 100% certain your audience faces. But as you can see in the example above, you can also go broader, as Josh does.
His thread offers to fix 80% of your problems.
Who wouldn’t want to read it?

#6 __ things I know at __ I wish I’d known at ___

I’ve seen this hook play out on Twitter many times. The reason is people love giving (and receiving) life advice.
If you could tap into someone with 20 years more experience than you, wouldn’t you? This is precisely what this thread style plays with.
And you don’t need to be of a certain age to do this! Virtually anyone can use it, so don’t use that as an excuse.

#7 It feels illegal to know about these______________

This thread hook plays with a very concrete emotion: the thrill of learning a secret.
Something others can’t access, but you can.
With this hook, that emotion is even more accentuated with the word “illegal.” And that’s the key to the success of this thread.
Use this thread to give people the feeling they are accessing something that should be behind closed doors.
But remember, you better deliver with your content.

#8 ___ habits to get rid of_______

This side of Twitter is big into habits. If you can collect a list of habits that help people avoid some unwanted behavior, then you have a viral thread in your hands.
Just take a look at the example above! Who wouldn’t want to get rid of anxiety?

#9 Here are __ ______ Shortcuts that'll save you hundreds of hours of your life

Let’s be honest: if you get offered a shortcut to skip a tedious task, there’s a 100% chance you will take it.
This hook presents your thread as that shortcut. You can top it up by saying how much time or money that person will save using your shortcut.

#10 _____ people use _____ every day. But no one uses it effectively.

“Wait what? You are telling me that I don’t know how to use this tool that I use every day? We’ll see about that”
👆This is what goes into the reader’s mind. It will get people to read it, even if it's just to prove you wrong.
So if you feel you know a little more than the average user of a widely used tool, I would try this thread style.

What’s next?

These are just a few examples of fill-in-the-blank thread hooks you can start implementing today.
If you want to complement your threads with some tweets, here are 12 Tweet Templates That Get Likes, Followers and Retweets.
Remember that threads are your best chance at growing on Twitter. Don’t be afraid to take these templates and tweak them.
Have fun! We can’t wait to see what threads you put out there!

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