How much is your Twitter account worth?

Find out how much you could be making with your Twitter account.

How much are these famous accounts worth?
Marc Andreessen
Account: $142,407
Post: $331
Pomp 🌪
Account: $422,399
Post: $945
Vinod Khosla
Account: $67,956
Post: $168
Ryan Hoover
Account: $69,360
Post: $171
Sundar Pichai
Account: $1,657,855
Post: $3,652
Sam Parr
Account: $142,774
Post: $332
Shaan Puri
Account: $136,541
Post: $318
Account: $32,165
Post: $90
Justin Jackson
Account: $24,886
Post: $74
Courtland Allen
Account: $80,492
Post: $196
Jason Fried
Account: $89,872
Post: $216
Account: $166,373
Post: $384
Damon Chen
Account: $43,412
Post: $114
Trung Phan
Account: $1,219,077
Post: $2,691
Arvid Kahl
Account: $25,963
Post: $76
David Perell
Account: $182,821
Post: $420
Erik Torenberg
Account: $75,788
Post: $185
Account: $3,200,801
Post: $7,034
Marc Köhlbrugge
Account: $29,849
Post: $85
Account: $189,403
Post: $434
Paul Graham
Account: $1,132,221
Post: $2,500
Account: $434,431
Post: $971
Julian Shapiro
Account: $1,164,715
Post: $2,572
Sam Altman
Account: $3,380,378
Post: $7,427
Azeem Azhar
Account: $5,944
Post: $32
Alex Xu
Account: $707,437
Post: $1,570
Account: $801,004
Post: $1,775
Wes Bos
Account: $160,759
Post: $372
Account: $33,651
Post: $93
Sujan Patel
Account: $3,593
Post: $27
James Camp 🛠,🛠
Account: $29,473
Post: $84
George Mack
Account: $14,474,402
Post: $31,739
Chase Dimond | Email Marketing Nerd 📧
Account: $46,655
Post: $121
Alex Llull🕵️‍♂️
Account: $25,955
Post: $76
Account: $56,009
Post: $142
Danny Postma
Account: $96,997
Post: $232
Daniel Vassallo
Account: $115,581
Post: $273
Codie Sanchez
Account: $355,783
Post: $799
Nik Sharma
Account: $202,510
Post: $463
Account: $398,008
Post: $891

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? What’s Tweet Hunter? Where am I?
We’re the team behind Tweet Hunter, the leading tool to build your audience and personal brand on Twitter. Tweet Hunter helps you create high performing content, engage with the right people, find leads, and monitor your results. We are trusted by over 4000 customers.

Want to learn more? We offer a 7-day free trial if you want to give it a shot.
Is this tool free?
What are you calculating exactly?
Based on your recent metrics and public data, we try to estimate how much money you could ask for when doing a sponsored tweet or thread or if you tried to sell your Twitter account as an asset.

Depending on your context, this value could mean different things for you. Money you could ask from a sponsor? Advertising budget are saving? Just a fun estimation?

You choose 🤷‍♂️
How are you calculating the value of an account exactly?
We take into account the following values:
  • Your industry / the topics you tweet about
  • Your follower count
  • Views you got on your latest posts
  • Engagement you had on those

Your industry, follower count and engagement rate allow us to estimate a CPM (cost per thousand impressions), the most common metric in digital advertising and marketing. For example, if your CPM is $8, it means every time your tweet reaches 1,000 people it’s worth $8. That number varies across industries and according to the influence you have on your audience (hence your follower count and engagement rate being taken into account).

Then we look at your average reach per tweet and combine it with your CPM to estimate the value of a sponsored post and the worth of your account.
I feel my account is worth more than just $$$.
And you are absolutely right! This is just a fun tool. For some, it may be an indication of how much their account is worth or how much they should charge for a sponsored tweet. But most people don’t value their Twitter account in $USD but rather in what it allows them to do: consume content, create content, learn, be entertained and more.
I think the number you’re giving is false.
That’s entirely possible!

Our method is not perfect and you may very well be able to charge more (or less) than the value we show. We built this as a free tool to provide an estimation, not a definitive number you should abide by. Down the line, the only thing that matters is what you think.
Should I reach out to the famous accounts you list to request a sponsored post or to purchase their account?
Definitely not. Most (if not all) of them will decline as they are not in the business of sponsored posts or account trading. We picked these accounts simply to showcase how much a famous account *could* be worth. They definitely didn’t ask us to do this or offered to sell any kind of services for that price, and are totally not affiliated with this tool.
How can I grow my Twitter account?
You being here means you probably already understand how posting content is one of the key tactics to build your personal brand on LinkedIn. But it’s not the only one!

Growth on social media is powered by relationship-building. It’s why we strongly encourage you to keep 5, 10, 30 minutes of your workday to interact with other people’s content on LinkedIn. Ideally, people who are relevant to your field.

And a lot goes on backstage as well. Reaching out to specific people and having thoughtful conversations with them in their DMs is the last pillar of LinkedIn growth.

Finally, it’s about mindset more than anything else. Don’t expect insane results within 2 days of posting. It’s just not how it works. However, being consistent over time will without a doubt generate value for you, your brand and your business. Everyone says it because it’s true.
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