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How to mass delete all your past tweets

Twitter only let’s you delete your tweets one by one. But if you’ve been using Twitter for months or years, removing all your content from your Twitter account is extremely time consuming.

Whether you want to start fresh on your account or simply delete all of it so people don’t come across it, we’ve created this free tool so you can do so easily, in one click.

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remove tweets, retweets...

Remove your tweets, retweets, quote retweets and replies

Whether you want to delete absolutely everything or only some of your content, our free tool allows you to do so easily and securely.

Just select which types of content you want to remove from your Twitter profile, or search for keywords and handles. And press delete.

Get peace of mind with Auto-Delete

Afraid you’ll say something you regret? Prefer keeping only tweets that got a lot of engagement? We got you covered. Simply configure our Auto-delete feature and you’ll be able to delete future tweets that match the conditions you set.

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Start Fresh With Your Account

Once all your past content has been deleted, you’ll have a clean slate for your account.

Whether you’re starting a new type of business on Twitter, want to tweet about something completely different, or simply have privacy concerns, you are now free to do anything you want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? What’s Tweet Hunter? Where am I?
We are the team behind Tweet Hunter, the all-in-one, AI-powered Twitter tool. We are Twitter users ourselves and created Tweet Hunter to solve a simple pain: growing an audience on Twitter and attracting business opportunities. Over 5000 people now trust us with their Twitter needs.

This here is a free tool we have created to allow you to simply and efficiently delete all your tweets, retweets, replies and more so you can get a clean slate on your Twitter account.
Is this tool free?
Yes. There are no catches. It is free.
Why would I want to delete all my tweets?
There can be many reasons for you to choose to delete all your tweets. The most common one is if you want to completely change what you usually tweet about on Twitter. Say you want to start tweeting about fitness but used to write about finance, you may want to delete all those now irrelevant tweets so people know exactly what to expect when they follow you.

For others, it might be more of a privacy concern. You don’t want your past tweets to be easily accessible to anyone, and so you’re taking the matter into your own hands to make sure your tweets are no longer publicly accessible.
How does it work?
After connecting your Twitter account, we will start fetching stats about your account. That includes the number of tweets, retweets, quote retweets and replies you’ve made in the past using that specific account. It also includes any tweet you’ve deleted in the past, which of course cannot be deleted again.

You will then be able to choose what you want to delete specifically, whether it’s everything or only retweets for example.

Once you’ve made your selection, press “Delete selection” and the process will start.
Are you using Twitter’s official API?
Yes. We are using (and paying for) the official API provided by Twitter.
Can I recover a deleted tweet?
Unfortunately, no. Once you’ve deleted a tweet (or a reply, retweet, etc.), it’s gone forever and it will no longer be visible on your Twitter profile or in the Twitter feed.

This is why it’s important to be cautious when removing all your tweets. This is not reversible so make sure this is really what you want.
When a tweet is deleted, can it still be accessed by me or other people?
Technically, yes. If you want to see your deleted tweets, you may request your Twitter archive. Twitter will then ask you to verify you are the owner of the account, and will shortly provide you with an extract of your Twitter data, including deleted tweets.

Deleted tweets (especially from well-known accounts) can also still be found in the “archives” of the internet. For example, Google may show tweets in search results, or Internet Archive may still provide versions of web pages before something on it was deleted.

What is certain is that any tweet you delete will no longer show on your updated Twitter profile or in the Twitter feed.
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