How to Get More Retweets and Engagement Rates

Learn some of the very best quick tips to improve your engagement on Twitter.

How to Get More Retweets and Engagement Rates
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Learn some of the very best quick tips to improve your engagement on Twitter.
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▷ More Retweets - Stupid easy ways to get moar RTs!! - Improve Engagement Rate on Twitter
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Twitter is no longer optional when it comes to marketing. Everyone’s using Twitter, which means you can easily get lost in the crowd.
To stand out on Twitter, your content needs to be outstanding. Good content is more likely to be commented on and retweeted. Your best bet for a better engagement rate on Twitter is to post excellent content.
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What is a Good Twitter Engagement Rate?

Twitter engagement rate is calculated as the number of engagements on a tweet, divided by the number of impressions that the tweet receives.
According to the 2022 Social Media Benchmark Report, the average Twitter engagement rate is 0.037% across all industries. The top 25% of users on Twitter have an average Twitter engagement rate of 0.098%.
Anything above 0.05% is considered to be a good engagement rate for Twitter.

Top Engagement and Retweet Strategies

Now that you know what a good Twitter engagement rate is, let’s explore a few quick tips to help you get more retweets.

Use Colorful Images

Tweets with images tend to get more clicks and retweets. Make your content stand out by using images with rich, saturated colors. Colorful images will not only get you more retweets but will also improve your engagement rates for Twitter ads. 
It is also important to use the right image size for each type of post on Twitter. Check out this guide on Twitter image sizes on Tweet Hunter.
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Don’t Talk at Your Audience, Talk to Them

When posting on Twitter, be mindful of your voice and tone. Your voice should remain consistent since it reflects your personality. Your tone should change based on the context.
Don’t spend all your time on Twitter talking about yourself or selling. Your content should be a good mix of sharing engaging content, sharing relevant pieces from others, retweets, and some promotional material. Focus on offering value consistently.

Tweet at The Right Time

To improve your engagement rate on Twitter, you’ll have to know when to post. Your content needs to be seen by a larger audience to get more retweets. You’ll have to dig deeper to find the best time to post on Twitter if you want more visibility. Post when your audience is online for maximum impact.

Use Humor

The world can be a dark place. Break through the serious spell with a touch of humor. Having the ability to make someone laugh is a goldmine.
Funny tweets and memes tend to get more retweets and better engagement rates on Twitter. Knowing what your audience is likely to find funny is also crucial.
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Always Use a CTA

Every time someone retweets your content, it gets seen by a new audience. But to motivate people to retweet you’ll have to tell them exactly what to do.
Use a strong and clear call to action in your tweets so your audience knows what action they need to take.

Post Engaging Content

One of the most effective ways to improve your Twitter engagement rate is by posting engaging content. People will be more likely to retweet your content if it has some value. For your content to be engaging, it also needs to be easy to read.
Share a variety of content so your audience remains engaged. Optimize your tweets with the right keywords and leverage trending topics on Twitter when possible.
Be mindful, and learn about Zero-Click-Content: do links on tweets have less reach?

Pin Your Best Content

A pinned tweet is displayed at the top of your profile, so it is more visible. Make the most of it by pinning your best content to create a great first impression. Ensure your pinned tweet has a CTA. Your pinned tweet is more likely to generate more views and retweets.
If people like your pinned tweet, they are also more likely to follow you.
Here are a few great examples of the best-pinned tweets for some inspiration.

Retweet Other People’s Content

Find relevant content from people in your own niche that your audience is likely to find interesting and retweet regularly.
When you retweet other people’s content, you offer your audience a variety that they’ll appreciate. Other people will also be more likely to share your content in return.

Use Ads When Needed

When you need a quick boost of visibility, use Twitter ads. Paid ads on Twitter will allow you to reach a larger audience in a shorter amount of time.
If you are eligible, setting up ads on Twitter is quite easy. There are multiple ad formats to choose from. If your goal is a better Twitter engagement rate, choose your ad objective as “Engagement”.
Twitter ads, when done correctly, can help you gain more visibility, retweets, and followers.

Use polls for engagement

People like polls, especially if they are interesting, related to them, and fun. This might be a powerful strategy for engaging.
Learn how to do it with our guide: How to use Twitter Polls for Engagement.
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