Best Pinned Tweets - 21 examples
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The 12 best pinned tweets
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Best Pinned Tweets - 21 examples
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If you want more Twitter followers, you need a follower funnel. For those who are unfamiliar with it, a follower funnel consists of the following parts:

Why is it important to have a great pinned tweet?

Together with the banner, the pinned tweet is the most overrated part of the follower funnel. In many cases, creators don't have a pinned tweet, or if they do, it's one without much purpose.
These creators don't realize how valuable a pinned tweet can be. When people enter your funnel, they usually scroll down to see your tweets. Your pinned tweet is the one piece of content they are guaranteed to see. It must be good.
In reality, a pinned tweet is much more than just a tweet with a bunch of likes. A pinned tweet works as:
  • Social proof for you and your content
  • Proof of work for what you can do
  • Gives credibility to your brand
  • Serves as an introduction to your story and to learn more about you
  • And much more!
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