How to make a Viral Tweet on Twitter

Find out what sets viral tweets apart from the rest and learn how to craft your own viral tweets.

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Learn the secrets to create tweets that go viral on Twitter. Discover the elements that make a tweet more shareable and effective.
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How to make a tweet go viral: best tips and tricks for virality
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Every day, over 500 million tweets are made on Twitter but only a few become viral tweets.
The reason is not farfetched; viral tweets contain some elements of expression which users add unconsciously or carefully craft.
With the popularity of Twitter as a platform for creators, brands and businesses, there are lots of potential benefits from going viral on Twitter. But, how can you make a tweet go viral?
In this piece, I’ll show you how to make a tweet go viral which will help you drive traffic to your product or service.
However, before that, what is a viral tweet?

What is a viral tweet?

A viral tweet is a tweet that overperformed- a tweet that blew up.
You cannot define it by the number of likes a tweet gets. The best viral tweets have more characteristics.
Here’s the logic behind it; a tweet with 1000 likes from a page having 500,000 Twitter followers cannot be called a viral tweet. However, a page with 250 followers that gets 500 likes and 50 comments can be called a viral tweet.
Why? It overperformed. It created engagement and attention from other Twitter audiences.
Now, it’s a viral tweet really important? While creating a viral tweet is not a must, let’s check the benefits you could get from creating viral tweets.

Importance of Viral Tweets

A single piece of viral content can generate a huge amount of brand awareness and traffic to your product or service.
And because most of the traffic comes from social shares, a viral tweet is relatively cheap compared to running Twitter Ads.
Although it is tough to create a viral tweet as a good number of viral tweets have been through luck, people running businesses have hacked the process through hard work, consistency and strategy.

Here’s how to create viral tweets:

People love trends. When it comes to creating a viral tweet, the topic you choose is important.
Specifically, you want to make your tweet around a topic that’s blowing up. That way, you can ride the wave.
The best way to find Twitter trendy topics is to know how to leverage top trends on Twitter itself.
A recent study by YPulse showed that 75% of users ages 13-36 years old shared memes regularly. If your Twitter audience is users within this age, then adding memes to your post can increase your chance of going viral.

Craft a catchy Headline

Sometimes, all it takes is one great headline or introduction tweet to kick off a thread’s virality.
Your tweet doesn’t have to be a thread, what matters is the headline of the tweet. A catchy headline stops readers to read what the rest of the tweet contains.
You can learn how to write a perfect tweet that stops scrollers in their tracks here.
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Perfectly time your Tweets

The time your tweet goes out plays a huge role in its virality success.
If you create a catchy headline, write the most interesting tweet and people are not available to engage, then it cannot go viral.
You need to understand your audience to know when they’re more active. The best way to master your timing is to use Twitter analytics for your engagement metrics.
But, if you’ll like a detailed breakdown, Tweethunter researched the best time to post on Twitter and came up with that guide.

Use visuals and multimedia

Images make your tweet more compelling. Especially if it sparks curiosity has a sense of humor, or drives controversy.
Memes are a good multimedia strategy you can apply. Memes have viral power as they can create ripple trends if everyone loves them.

Tell a Personal Story

One way to create a viral tweet is to tell a personal story. Making your tweets more personal rather than entirely informational can produce better results.
Personal stories cause emotional reactions. A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research found content that elicits the emotions “awe”, “surprise” or “anger” was 28% more likely to go viral.
To create viral-worthy personal stories, your call to action must be very good.
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Engage with your audience

This is a virality hack.
When your tweet begins to blow up and people engage with your tweets, engage them with your replies.
This will spark more reactions and conversations, thus increasing Twitter's reach of the tweet.

Ask for retweets

One of the easiest ways to make your tweets go viral is to ask for retweets. No one will judge you for wanting your content to be shared by others, so ask.
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