How to Leverage Top Twitter Trends

Trending topics on Twitter are ever-changing. Understanding top Twitter trends and how they work can give you valuable information about what your target audience is currently interested in.

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Trending topics on Twitter are ever-changing. Understanding top Twitter trends and how they work can give you valuable information about what your target audience is currently interested in.
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How to leverage Top Twitter Trends and be part of the conversation
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Paying attention to Twitter trends can help you shape your marketing strategy, be a part of the conversation, and leverage them to gain more followers.
Let’s explore what trends are, how to find them, and use them to optimize your Twitter account.
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The top trends on Twitter right now are topics that users on Twitter are currently interested in. Whether a topic trends or not depends on a number of factors like engagement and mentions. The topics that you will see on your feed will depend on the topics you are currently following, what keywords you use, and the users you follow.
Twitter algorithm discovers what users on the platform are talking about and what content is currently popular.
The trends that you will see on your feed will be based on your location and your interactions on Twitter.
The top trends on Twitter can be:
  • Current events
  • News
  • Topics specific to an industry
Trending topics can be found by clicking the “Explore” tab.
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To churn out viral tweets, following the current top Twitter trends can come handy.
Here are a few additional ways you can find the top Twitter trends in the world:

1. Personalize Your Preferences

To find trends that are relevant to you, you will have to tweak your preferences on Twitter. You can control which trending topics you see on Twitter.
Set your current location and geographical preferences so you will see trends in your location.

2. Search for Relevant Keywords

The Trends page on Twitter will show you the topics and keywords that are currently popular. If you are only interested in finding topics relevant to your industry, you will need to use the search feature.
Use keywords related to your interests to find which topics are trending in that niche.
The search feature allows you to search for general terms, trending topics, and keywords.

3. Twitter Topics

Another great way to find current top Twitter trends is by following Twitter topics that interest you. When you follow any topic on Twitter, tweets related to that topic will be displayed on your feed.
Knowing what is trending in your niche will allow you to leverage it to create viral, highly shareable content.
Tweet Hunter also provides you with an easy way to find what’s trending on Twitter with a single click.
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Finding trending topics on Twitter is easy, but you also need to know how to use it to market your brand, connect with your followers, and get more followers.
You can always use Tweet Hunter to create and schedule viral or evergreen content around the trending topics to make this process easier.
Here are a few ways to leverage trends:

Be a Part of the Conversation

While it may be tempting to hop on every viral trend train to stay relevant, this strategy is not very effective today.
To be authentic, only tap into trends that are related to your own brand and niche.
If you are a graphic designer, looking for top Twitter trends in the design industry and use them. When using trending topics and keywords, it is important to be as natural as possible.
Another great way to stay relevant on Twitter is by creating content that the world will be interested in.
Looking up current top Twitter trends will give you an idea about what type of content to post.
Use Tweet Hunter to create content based on current trends and schedule it with its powerful automation and scheduling features.

Use Paid Marketing

The Promoted Trends feature on Twitter will allow you to appear on the explore section or the Trending list on Twitter. If you are interested in getting more followers and conversions on Twitter, investing in paid marketing can also be a great idea.
Trending topics are powerful on Twitter. These topics decide what content works and doesn’t work when marketing on Twitter. If you are interested in growing your following on Twitter and off-page, leveraging these trends is crucial for you.
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