Twitter Image Size: the optimum size for every case

Twitter Image Size: Header, Profiles, Ads, and every size you need to know.

Twitter Image Size: the optimum size for every case
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Twitter Image Size: Header, Profiles, Ads, and every size you need to know.
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Twitter Image Size: the optimum size for every case
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Twitter is not only about text: Images and videos can help you to get more followers. A nice thread can become a great thread with the correct image.
So as you probably know, images on Twitter are highly relevant. A nice profile picture and a good header will show professionality and would grant brand recognition.
But, when trying to make the most of our logo or picture not every size fits correctly in every place. So, which size is the best for each case?

What Twitter Images do you need?

When looking for pictures to optimize the first to come to mind is the profile picture. Then, we have the header, which is the biggest one.
Then we have some less-known images: The ads images and the in-stream pictures. Also, video ads and thumbnails have specific size requirements.
And, at last, the Twitter cards images. Those are just tweets with extra information, an image, and a call to action, so you can use them to drive traffic wherever you want.
Tweets with images can also bake great pinned tweets.

List of images sizes for each case

notion image

Twitter header image size

How to make the perfect banner for your profile?
Which is the perfect Twitter image size for your Twitter header photo?
The perfect image size is 1500px by 500px, but you should follow some rules to have the best
Header photos will display differently on different devices, so you can experience a little crop on top and bottom, so you should leave at least 60px of margin between the border and any important information.
That's the mobile header image size on Twitter.
Also, your profile picture will also be in the lower left corner, blocking any relevant information placed there. So try to avoid using that corner if you want to show that information.
Format-supported images are JPEG, GIF, or PNG files.
For the best banner possible, you should use a Dynamic Banner.

Twitter profile image size

The perfect profile image size in 2017 was the traditional 2:1 format. But that year, Twitter changed the profile image to a rounded one. So now, the optimum image size is 400px by 400px. The picture will be uploaded as a square but displayed as a circle, so be sure that your image remains perfect when Twitter crops it.
The image format should be JPEG, GIF, or PNG, and the maximum file size for a profile image is 2 MB. Designing this profile image should always be with the circular 400px crop in mind, so the image maintains its integrity.

Twitter ads image size

Images used for both standard and promotional tweets can be of various sizes. The perfect size is 1200px wide, so you reach the highest quality possible. But at least it should be 600px wide. Any height can be good, but do not exceed the 1:1 ratio. Depending on the device, the images will be shown differently. On the desktop, we can find images between 2:1 and 1:1 ratios. But when using mobile devices, the images are shown at a 16:9 ratio.
For each tweet, you can post up to 4 photos, but only one animated GIF.
For best results, try your image not being larger than 5MB.
If you want to know how much of an impact your ads are granting you, you should know how to use Twitter analytics.

Twitter cards size

Twitter will generate a Twitter card when posting from a website with the “twitter:card” property in their HTML. It contains a compressed form of the image in the tweet. They should fit a 1.91:1 ratio. In pixels, 1200px by 628px.
We can find different types of cards:

Summary card

This type of card displays a thumbnail of the image, a brief description, author's name, and the page title. The limit for the image here is 1MB and should be 120px by 120px.

Media Player card

A summary with audio or video embedded is a media player card. The thumbnail should be 1:1 or 16:9 ratios.
The minimum size for it should be 640px by 360px. Also, the clip size should remain under 5MB.
These cards contain the thumbnails for 4 pictures. It also contains the description for the URL linked. The ratio remains the same as in-stream tweets.

Product cards

The image in product cards must be at least 160px x 160px or more. Also, it will let you place a description and two other details about the product.
This is used for promoting products or sharing ratings. That way you can drive traffic to an e-commerce, app store, or merchandise website.

Website cards

For boosting traffic to any website, this is the best solution. You can include a website’s banner and a URL. Also, a call to action should be added.
The Twitter size for the image is 800px by 320px.

Twitter video ads

Tweeting videos, the thumbnails should match the ratio from the video, and the recommended size is 1200px by 1200px.  If you use a 16:9 ratio, it will appear cropped in the feed, but when expanded will appear in full.
The best video length is 15 seconds, even less. But the maximum length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, while the top size is 1 GB. The format should be MP4 or MOV. For the thumbnail, JPEG and PNG are accepted.
Also, only one video can be displayed for each tweet.

How can I convert my image to Twitter size?

How can I convert images to the best size, so it fits on our profile or a tweet?
First, you can use some edition programs like Photoshop or Adobe Express. Even Paint could be a nice help if you don’t know how to use these programs.
But probably one of the best and easier solutions is using PicResize. It’s an online tool that allows you to upload a picture and select the part of the picture you want to show and select the specific size you need it to be. It will resize it entirely so it matches your exact requirements.
For better results, you should try to use a picture with the highest quality possible, so when you cut it remains acceptable.
What about Gifs? Try our new Twitter Gif Downloader and collect them from other tweets to use them later.

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