Grow Your Twitter Audience by Tweeting Like The Best

Writing viral tweets that get you new followers is hard and time-consuming.

Tweet Hunter makes it easy, quick and enjoyable.

Powered by humans and AI 🤖

Does tweeting feel like talking to a wall?

Do you spend hours writing mildly effective tweets?

Tweet Hunter helps you write
high-performing Tweets at blazing speed.


Better Quality

Write highly engaging tweets. Effortlessly.


More Quantity

Spend 10x less time on writing your tweets.


More Followers

Consistently publish great content that will get you followers and engagement.

The Organic Method To Grow On Twitter With Great Content

Find a high performing tweet


Change the topic or the format

Write & publish a high performing tweet


Write 100 tweets in 30 minutes


Get Personalized Tweet Inspirations

We use AI to analyse your Twitter account and understand who you are and what you like to tweet about.

We then automatically suggest high-performing tweets for you to take inspiration from.

  • Get inspired as soon as you open Tweet Hunter

  • Get new suggestions every time

  • Only high-performing tweets: take the guess work out of the equation

Explore Tweets for Any Topic, Any Person

Want to find the perfect tweet on a specific topic? The best performing tweets of @someone in particular?

Enter “search mode” and get amazing tweets for all your needs.

  • Search for any topic or @handle

  • Get tweets related to your search (powered by AI)

  • Search for "exact match" keywords


Sample search results for "marketing"


+ Access Over 2000 Tweets Hand-Curated by Pro Copywriters

We partnered with professional tweet copywriters who shared their own tweet inspirations. These guys get paid $1000s to write tweets. Now you can write like they do!

  • 2000+ viral tweets, updated weekly

  • Organized into many categories (marketing, sales, thread starters, and more)

Organize Your Inspirations

Get inspiration whenever you need it by saving and organizing your favorite tweets into custom collections.

  • Save any tweet you find on Tweet Hunter in one of your collections

  • Found a great tweet on Twitter? Reply with @TweetHunterIO to save it to Tweet Hunter

  • Share a collection or embed it on your website


Write, Publish & Schedule Tweets

Write and schedule 100 tweets in 30 minutes with our integrated writing & scheduling tool. Maximize your productivity.

  • Create, edit and delete drafts

  • Tweet immediately

  • Add to your queue

  • Schedule tweets for later

Never Forget to Tweet

Consistency is key on Twitter, but forgetting to tweet can happen to anyone. With our daily doses of inspiration, it won’t happen to you.

Every day, our AI engine delivers a personalized tweet and a specific theme to your inbox.


Better Understand Your Audience

Understanding who you’re talking (or tweeting) to is key in creating better content for your audience.

Once a week, we send you an AI-built analysis of your account containing:

  • The time of day at which your followers are most active

  • Your best performing topics of the past week

  • And more inspiration so you can start planning your tweets

Engage With Relevant Accounts

We find recent and relevant tweets for you to engage with so that you can reply and get noticed by the author and his/her audience!

Tweet Hunter finds the best tweets to engage with based on followers, date posted, and keywords.

One of the key Twitter growth strategies just got a whole lot easier.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tweet Hunter for?

Tweet Hunter is for people who are seriously invested in growing their Twitter audience to achieve their goals. Whether you want to build an audience to build a personal brand, sell online courses or SaaS, or simply meet a lot of people, Tweet Hunter is the most powerful tool to help you achieve that organically.

Our users have followings that range from <100 followers to >100 000.

How do you find the tweets?

Tweet Hunter's algorithm is custom-built to find the right tweets for any topic. What we're looking for are tweets that have had a high engagement rate and the potential to be recycled by someone else. To achieve that, we use some of our own code as well as available AI technologies, and filter out as many irrelevant search results as we can.

By irrelevant we mean search results where the engagement rate is probably very biased due to the person who posted it. Some examples of irrelevant tweets can be those made by super popular accounts (think Elon Musk) or people with a very low count of followers.

We also process the search results to find the best tweets for you. Our AI engine helps us understand what you usually tweet about so we show you tweets that are relevant. You can edit what the AI comes up with or disable this option if you want to.

What kind of copywriters did you work with to build the hand-curated collections?

The copywriters we worked with specialize in tweet copywriting. More specifically, they take over accounts of people who don't know what to tweet about but want to grow their business on Twitter.

Typical clients pay these copywriters $2K-$10K per month.

But no one can be endlessly inspired all by themselves, so all these copywriters build collections of amazing tweets that they use to get inspired and increase their productivity without sacrificing quality.

Are you encouraging people to copy other people's tweets?

No. Though this may work for a short amount of time as long as your follower count is low, we don't think this is the right approach to Twitter. You're bound to get flagged by someone and it could blow up in your face. What we're trying to do here is inspire people to make interesting tweets. Even though we do return the tweets as they were posted, we strongly encourage you to only take inspiration or at least tweak the tweet to make it more your own.

It worth noting we automatically include a "Inspired by @OriginalAuthor" in every copy/paste you'll do. You can delete it, but we suggest you don't because tagging the original author makes it more likely for you to get a like or retweet from that person.

How does the "Engage" feature work?

There are 2 main strategies for growing organically on Twitter:

1. Write good content regularly. We already covered that.

2. Engage with other people's tweets so you get noticed.

When you do that on Twitter, you're wasting an enormous amount of your time just sorting through your feed and trying to find the 1-5% of tweets that are actually relevant.

In Tweet Hunter, the "Engage" feature identifies relevant and recent tweets that are perfect for you to engage with. And of course you can reply to each one directly from Tweet Hunter. Making the whole process much more efficient.

What's the daily tweet inspiration email?

Every day, you get a relevant tweet you could take inspiration from, straight to your inbox. We use our AI engine to analyse your account and make the tweets we suggest as relevant as possible.

This email is useful because Twitter's algorithm encourages you to be as active as possible to get noticed. In addition to providing the TweetHunter app, we believe sending daily drops of inspiration also helps our users increase their tweet regularity.

What's the weekly account analysis email?

Every week, we send you an email containing an analysis of your Twitter account, including your best performing topics, the times at which your followers are most active, as well as inspirations based on your content like thread ideas and viral tweets to recycle.

How much does it cost?

The price is $19 per month.

This includes a 7-day free trial you can easily cancel in the application.

If at some point you are unsatisfied and wish to cancel your subscription, we offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked, on your latest payment.

Who is behind TweetHunter?

We are Thibault and Thomas. 2 makers passionate about helping other makers grow their audience and better distribute their projects. We are also the founders of Pony Express, a startup studio specializing in growth problems faced by creators and makers.

We actually met through Twitter which helped us realize how valuable this social network is for people who build stuff. This is how the Tweet Hunter idea was born.

It's worth noting we are not affiliated with Twitter in any way, just in case you were wondering about that.