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Who knows about these?


(Worth talking about)

The account that sells out in 30 minutes, they know

The account that's invited to "top 100" podcasts, they know

The account that gets a new client every other week (which btw lurk Twitter 24/7 and chances are they already follow you), they know.

These 4 drivers Twitter “celebs” have been using for years now

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🧲 High-quality follower

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Not a trick.

Not a pdf.

And definitely not a “$497 masterclass” that should’ve just been a thread.

But The 4 Keys that (if you’re serious) can turn Twitter into the most fun and profitable game you’ve ever played.


You don't need to own a 7 figure agency.

Or pay a small fortune in retweets.

What we'll show you is an organic, honest way of growing a profitable Twitter audience (even if you're just starting out).

No gimmicks. No tricks.

Just what works across Money / Self Improvement / Startup / SaaS Twitter like clockwork:

🔑 What would you do if you had to gain 1,000 followers, today?

Matthew Kobach dedicated his pHD to study how humans behaved on social media.

The discovery?

"People will behave in social media

The exact same way they do in real life."

Want (high quality) followers?

Tell your story:

A rags to riches story.

An exciting tale about how you made your first dollar online.

A condensed manifesto of the hard lessons life has taught you...

(The more relatable, the better)

Why else would the masses

Love this picture?


But feel "meh" towards this picture?


Or love this picture?


But feel "meh" towards this picture?


Because your followers don’t want perfect.

They want real.

They crave a genuine connection.

And you establish one with

1. A scroll-stopping headline

2. A one-topic only, Call To Action to follow you

3. Good content

Notice how good content is third

That’s intentional.

Because it (almost) doesn't matter what's IN the thread,

What matters is how you PRESENT the thread

And stop the scroll.

Because what would you rather read?

✅ An exciting story on how a kid in a third world country overcame limitations and built a profitable business from his $300 Chromebook?

❌ Or a thread on how to succeed?

✅ A tear-jerking memoir on the 10 lessons you learned when 2020 decimated your 3-generations-family-owned business?

❌ Or a thread on how the pandemic affected you?

✅ A $497 masterclass turned free thread that details the step-by-step process you use to fulfill your copywriting service to Twitter anons?

Or a thread on...

You get the point.

Everyone and their mother is competing for your followers' attention.

Give them a reason to choose you or you'll pass like a ship in the night...


These are yours by the way.

Over 217 viral thread starters for inspiration (that you already know will perform well).

Use them to write your headline.


And turn off your notifications (this many followers will drive you crazy).

🔑 When you look at Twitter, what do you see?

Consumers see text and images.

But creators see data.

Because every viral tweet is informational GOLD.

It's the algorithm telling you "Hey. This works. Give me stuff like this and I'll play along."

Don't copy the tweet, obviously. (That's just asking for a bad rep)

But understand the IDEA behind it

Does it

🧠 Stroke their ego?

🧠 Hit a psychological bias?

🧠 Make them react?

🧠 Teach them something new?

🧠 Help them cope?

Once you turn this Key, you’ll realize:

Twitter is just saying 1 thing, 1000 different ways.

Why do you think these content pillars consistently outperform other topics?



+ Copywriting
+ Persuasion
+ Mental models
+ Differentiation
+ Metaphors
+ Stories
+ Business models

The System Is Wrong

+ College
+ Schools
+ Nutrition
+ Government
+ Working a Job
+ Raising Children
+ "Normie" behavior


Make Money Online

+ Agencies
+ Freelancing
+ SaaS
+ Web Design
+ Media Buying
+ Ghostwriting
+ Startups
+ Lead Gen


+ Men & Women
+ Dealing With People
+ Human Nature
+ Social Skills
+ Seduction + Game


Audience Building

+ Twitter
+ Writing
+ Leverage
+ Connections
+ DMs
+ Partnerships
+ Digital assets


+ Nature
+ Zooming Out
+ Perspective
+ Your Vision
+ Self Esteem and Self Actualization
+ Spirituality
+ Giving Few F*cks



+ Motivation
+ Anxiety
+ Capital
+ Starting
+ Roadmaps
+ Skill mastering
+ Business ideas you can run with

Fitness & Nutrition

+ Diets
+ Exercise
+ Critic of the system
+ Comparisons
+ Stress
+ Mental Health
+ Health + Society


Self Improvement

+ Mindset
+ Self control
+ Hard Truths
+ Ego
+ Curiosity
+ Business
+ Holistic Approach to Life
+ Competence


+ Parents
+ Raising Children
+ Generational Wealth
+ Advice
+ Retiring your parents
+ Generational Blessings
+ Forgiveness



+ Productivity
+ Focus
+ Discipline
+ Flow state
+ Consciousness
+ Simplification

Our AI has been working day and night for months. Collecting data on

❓What tweets always seem to get engagement?

❓How do we make sure every tweet is different?

❓What's the best time to post?

❓How do we make sure all tweets are quality?

❓How can I write one?

And you get a million of those.


1+ million tweets for inspiration


An AI-Powered Search Engine to look up for viral tweets from any topic
(i.e. marketing)


Schedule your tweets and retweets so you can focus on more important things (like building your business)

It writes too.

Original Tweet


AI version


🔑 Just Don't Sell Like This

Here's where 99% of "hustlers" go wrong.

They sell a method. A path. Or even worse:

A course.

(And then wonder why they fall flat on their face)

That’s for amateurs.

Truth is,

You CAN sell a lot and still have good engagement.

You CAN get daily sales.

But you have to sell it differently.

#1 rule of Marketing:

When everyone else does A, you do B.

❌ When everyone sells fitness guides...

✅ You sell an almost-offensive rock-hard physique with chiseled abs that gets heads turning

❌ When everyone sells an agency course:

✅ You sell a life where running a copywriting business is not only possible, but optimal with just 1 hour of work a day (with guaranteed results or your money back)

❌ Everyone sells a crypto book:

✅ But you sell a future where predictable investments pay off your bills, your parents' bills and other profitable ventures

And the work is already done for you.


Use these 109+ high-converting sales tweet templates.

Add your own twist to a tweet that already works.

And start waking up to new sales tomorrow (and every day after that).

🔑 The Math Behind A Six Figure Twitter Account:

Did you know that you can make 3x your email subs a month?

So if you have 2,778 emails subs,

You’re sitting on a $8,333/mo business

AKA you have a Six Figure Twitter Account (Congratulations!)

But getting emails is getting harder every day.

A link in bio won't cut it. People don't trust those anymore.

You need to fish where the fish are.

What do people do when a tweet goes viral?

The same thing they do when they mindlessly watch a YouTube video:

Read the comments.

Plugging in your offer below your own viral tweets GUARANTEES impressions on anything you post.

Email list, product, affiliates, you name it… They’ll convert.

Careful though:

Do it too early and your tweet goes nowhere.

Do it too late and your email list won’t grow.

But do it right and your list will soon be full of loyal subs ready to buy your amazing products:


And once your tweet reaches a certain number of likes, we’ll introduce people to your offers:

Set it up once and forget about it while we run your newsletter operations for you:

If you think Twitter is easy,

You’re right.

What’s hard is working as much as you do and not getting the results you deserve.

If you're growing at the same pace as you did 3 months ago,

If you're not waking up to daily sales,

If you're wondering why everyone gets great engagement except for you:

There IS a better way.

You don't need to be the next Silicon Valley Investor

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And you certainly don't need to spend a mini-fortune (or anything, for that matter) on retweets.

If you're ok with not getting paid from your hard work, this is not for you.

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Artificial Intelligence Meets Twitter

AI-Collected viral tweets about SaaS (or any topic)?



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Want AI to write a tweet for you?



Engaging (but it doesn't suck)

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Tweet scheduling

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Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

AI Tweet Writing

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That’s right.

We do ask for your credit card information. But we won’t charge you.

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The scheduler, the tweet library, write a tweet with AI, the engaging feature…

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