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A free tool to track and increase your Twitter growth.

Improve your tweeting skills, level up your consistency, and join hundreds in a Twitter growth contest based on your follower count and your engagement rate.

And win Twitter-related rewards along the way.

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Twitter drives results.

Users. Sales. Partnerships.

There is no better place to create business opportunities for you.

But you knew that already, yet...

You keep missing out.

"It’s not a high priority"

"It’s too time consuming"

"I keep forgetting to tweet"

You think you can always catch up later.

But the truth is...

You can't.

Twitter is a long term game.

Like every organic channel.
The sooner you start, the sooner you get results.

So we decided to help. For Free.

Stay motivated and stop forgetting.

Join a 100-day challenge.


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Start tweeting and we’ll start counting your streak.

We’ll keep you posted with emails. We’ll even send Twitter growth tips to help you.


Get rewarded with perks and extra help when you reach milestones.

The Rewards

StreakYou get..
1 daysTweet Hunter University
7 days150 Viral Tweets Collection
14 days30 tweet templates.
60 daysViral Tweets Across 13 Niches
100 daysCongratulations. You now have a Twitter audience.
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Consistency yields results.


Who are you guys?

We’re the team behind the all-in-one Twitter growth tool, Tweet Hunter. There’s Tibo, the tech-wiz that gets things done quickly and efficiently. There’s Tom, the product marketing guy with 20 feature ideas a minute. There’s JK, the one-man Twitter business and best Twitter ghostwriter around. And there’s Pranav, the other tech guy who helps Tibo get things done and working. Nice meeting you!

Is this REALLY free?

Yes. We will not charge you a cent for this service. Never. And we won’t sell your information to a third party or whatever.

Why did you make this then?

Twitter is how we met most of each other. It’s what brings new users to our tool. It’s what drives us new business opportunities every single week. We are absolutely convinced that many people are missing out on opportunities for their business and their personal brand because they don’t commit to Twitter. And, real talk: most of the people who start a free trial on Tweet Hunter (our main tool) and don’t go through with it say they absolutely love the product, but they’re “not ready for Twitter”, they have “other priorities” and they’ll come back when it’s their main focus. As people who have seen the power of Twitter first-hand, we know that delaying isn’t the answer. The answer is making a habit of it in a way that doesn’t take up half of your workday. We had already solved that second part with Tweet Hunter, and decided to make a free product to help you create a habit.

Can I use this without being a Tweet Hunter user?

Absolutely! This free product is for everyone to use. If while you complete the challenge you feel like Tweet Hunter can be helpful, then great! If not, it’s fine!

I’m still not sure how this works, can you tell me more?

Of course. Twitter Streak is a tool whose main feature is to count how many consecutive days you tweet. A tweet can be an actual tweet, a reply to someone else’s tweet, or a Quote Retweet. Our goal is to make sure you’re active on Twitter every day. As you reach milestones, we reward you with high-value resources and perks. We’ll send you an email on a daily basis to tell you what your current streak is, give you your rewards, and share additional Twitter growth tips. You can also log in the website to see where you’re at. You can stop the challenge anytime by revoking the app’s access on your Twitter account, or by being inactive on Twitter for over 15 days. When either of those things happen, we’ll leave you alone.

Is it really that important to tweet every day?

Yes, it is. Most people who succeed on Twitter do it with a personal brand, and the only way to build that brand is to be visible as often as you can. Especially when starting out, consistency is the most important asset you have. Now of course the world isn’t going to end and you won’t lose all your followers just because you missed a day, let’s be real. But daily presence builds habits and this will yield the best results for you and your business. Our honest recommendation would be to do more than tweet once a day. We believe you should engage and DM as many people as you can to build relationships with as many people as possible. Because ultimately it’s relationships that drive business results, not followers, impressions or clicks. But you need to start somewhere.

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