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Ever dreamed about having a chat with your favorite celebrity? Or get advice from talented entrepreneurs? Or talk about the weather with Elon?

Now you can.


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Alex Hormozi


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Elon Musk


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profile image for AlexHormozi

Alex Hormozi


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Barack Obama


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Bill Gates


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Codie Sanchez


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Ellen DeGeneres


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Joe Biden


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Oprah Winfrey


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Dwayne Johnson


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Ryan Reynolds


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Elon Musk


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Kevin O'Leary aka Mr. Wonderful


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Lex Fridman


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Mark Cuban


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Paul Graham


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Donald J. Trump


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Sam Altman


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Justin Welsh


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How does it work?

This is a fun experiment to create realistic chatbots that truly mimic the person they are based on.

You may use those chatbots in many different entertaining or educational ways. Try asking your favorite entrepreneurs for some advice. Or compose a new song with your favorite singer.

All chats are based on past tweets by that person and powered by ChatGPT. AI uses the account’s past tweets to estimate and understand what they usually talk about, what some of their beliefs might be, how they express themselves and who they are. For some accounts (mainly ones by big celebrities), AI may also have knowledge about that person through it’s default training.

Recent chatbots by the community

  • profile image for AlexHormozi

    Alex Hormozi


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  • profile image for ELIMAKESSTUFF



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  • profile image for IAMatsiko

    I AMatsiko


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  • profile image for SievaKozinsky

    Sieva Kozinsky


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  • profile image for allentown521



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  • profile image for AndresOlarteNu

    Andrés Olarte


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  • profile image for blah



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  • profile image for BurgerKing

    Burger King


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  • profile image for chibidokii

    chibi 💕 Vtuber


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  • profile image for elonmusk

    Elon Musk


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  • profile image for gorkaul

    Gorka Urrutia


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  • profile image for gothixTV

    (Vanessa) Gothix


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tool free?
Yes, it’s free. No catch. However, it does cost money to run. For this reason, we may limit the number of messages you can send or enforce additional securities to keep it running.
What is this exactly?
This is a free project we created to allow anyone to chat with an AI-version of someone. In order to make that possible, we use past tweets that person has written to “train” a chatbot using ChatGPT’s API. In simpler terms: we use publicly available content that people have published on Twitter, and this helps our AI attempt to behave like that person, allowing for a conversation to take place.

We initially meant to select 20 to 30 famous “entrepreneur” Twitter accounts and create chatbots based on their past tweets. But then we thought it would be fun to add more well-known celebrities and even allow people to create new chatbots based on their own X (formerly Twitter) history.
How is this useful?
The AI is truly capable of responding to you using the person’s past public tweets as a reference. This allows you to simulate a conversation with someone potentially famous or very smart and experienced.

We love to ask famous entrepreneurs how they would tackle a business problem. But you can also simply learn more about the person you’re talking to, have them talk about their craft and talents, and have an entertainment approach to this.

All in all, we want to show just how powerful AI is today (and it’s limits).
Is this dangerous?
We are particularly careful when it comes to impersonation. We take particular care in showing everywhere on the website that the people you’re chatting with are not real people but “AI”. As for your data, if you create a new chatbot, it will automatically be deleted after 30 days and become inaccessible.
Can I create a chatbot of myself? What about other people?
You can definitely create a chatbot based on your past tweets.
Are there any form of limitations? Does this actually work?
AI will perform well under the right conditions. The most important condition is to have a large number of tweets that actually express thoughts (you know, not like “$BTC to the moon” or stuff like that). So the AI will perform best with Twitter accounts that have been around for a while and regularly express opinions.

This project is currently powered by GPT-3.5, which is an AI model by OpenAI which combines high speed and decent results. It’s also more prone to mistakes and inaccuracies than GPT-4, a slower but higher quality model. We use GPT-4 in Tweet Hunter, our main product, but cannot afford to give it away for free on this small website.
Who are you? What’s Tweet Hunter? Where am I?
We are the team behind Tweet Hunter, the all-in-one, AI-powered Twitter tool. We are Twitter users ourselves and created Tweet Hunter to solve a simple pain: growing an audience on Twitter and attracting business opportunities. Over 5000 people now trust us with their Twitter needs.

Some of our features include creating tweets and threads from scratch with AI, advanced scheduling options, engaging with relevant people on Twitter, and monitoring your analytics.

If you’re looking to grow your Twitter account, check us out!
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