What is Undo Tweet and How to Use This Feature on Twitter/X

Undo Tweet offers you another chance to proofread your tweet and double-check if it’s exactly as you want.

What is Undo Tweet and How to Use This Feature on Twitter/X
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Discover the "Undo Tweet" feature on Twitter/X. Make changes to tweets before they're visible to everyone.
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What is Undo Tweet and How to Use It
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How many times have you tweeted something in a frenzy and then later realized it wasn’t perfect? Whether you made an embarrassing typo, put in the wrong information, or made a grammatical mistake, it’s very common to find something that would have been otherwise an ideal tweet.
Thankfully, you now have the option with the new “undo tweet” feature that Twitter/X recently rolled out. You don’t have to go to the lengths of deleting a tweet and reposting it after correcting it. You can simply undo it and quickly make changes to the original tweet. In this post, we’ll answer all your burning questions about this feature and how it works.
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What is Undo Tweet?

Undo Tweet is a new feature available with a Twitter Blue subscription. It allows you to retract your tweet after posting it but before it is visible to other Twitter/X users. It’s not an edit button, even though users have been begging for it for years, but it allows you to preview and even edit your tweet.
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The catch here is that there is a limited time frame within which you can make these changes. Once that time is over, you won’t be able to make any changes. Here are a few highlights of this feature:
  • Undo tweet allows you to go back to the composer. Here you can edit your tweet or delete it.
  • Several settings are available to control which types of tweets you can undo.
  • There is a 30-second window within which you can use this feature. Once this window expires, your tweet will be live.
  • You can change the undo time window through settings. This expiration window can be from 5 to 60 seconds.
  • You can turn off the prompt for Undo from your settings.

How to Use This Feature

Undo Tweet offers you another chance to proofread your tweet and double-check if it’s exactly as you want. When you send a tweet, you’ll see a preview of the tweet. There’ll also be a countdown timer on the screen.
Click “Undo” before this countdown runs out. This will take you back to the composition screen. Make any changes you want and click “send.” It’s as simple as this.

How to Get Access to the Undo Tweet Feature

The “undo tweet” feature is only available to those with a Twitter Blue subscription and an active blue check mark. You'll have to sign up for Twitter Blue to use this feature and many other features that come with the subscription.
The cost for a subscription varies depending on your country. In the U.S., you can get a blue check mark for $8/month. If you sign up for a yearly subscription, you can save money by paying $84 for the entire year.
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Other Twitter Blue Features

Other than the undo tweet feature, those with Twitter Blue also get access to a host of other interesting Twitter features, as listed here:
  • Top articles: This feature provides you with a shortcut to the top articles in your niche.
  • Bookmarks folder: With a bookmarks folder, you can organize all the tweets you have bookmarked in separate folders. You’ll have unlimited folders so you can easily categorize your saved tweets to make it easy to find them later.
  • Customization: Twitter Blue subscribers can customize and re-arrange app icons. They can choose from several color options and decide how they want icons displayed.
  • NFT profile picture: You can also use an NFT profile picture. You can connect your account to a crypto wallet to set up your profile picture. It will then be displayed as a hex-shaped profile picture instead of a round shape.
  • Longer videos: you can upload up to two hours or 8 GB-sized videos on Twitter/X.

All Your Important Undo Tweet Questions Answered

Undo tweets is still a fairly new feature, and users on the platform have many questions. That’s where we come in. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions related to this feature here.

Does it Allow You to Edit a Tweet?

Undo Tweet is not necessarily an edit button. Instead, it allows you to review and revise your tweets before posting them on the platform. You can’t edit tweets that are already posted. Additionally, you’ll have to make the changes within the undo period. After that, you won’t be able to make any changes.

What Type of Tweets Can You Undo?

You can control which type of tweets you can undo through your settings. The feature allows you to undo original tweets, replies, threads, and quote tweets before they are visible to anyone else on the platform.
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What to Do If You Can’t See the Option to Undo a Tweet?

The first thing you want to do is to check your settings to ensure that Undo Tweet is turned on. Once you do that, eligible tweets will have an undo option when you send them. You’ll be able to access this feature from your Home timeline and receive a notification after composing a tweet during your undo tweet period. If you’ve turned off the undo tweet prompt, you won't see this option.

Can You Undo a Tweet After the Notification Expires?

You’ll be able to change your tweet as long as you are in the undo tweet period. Once this expires, your tweet will be live, and you won’t be able to make any changes. You can then leave it as it is or delete the tweet.
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