7 Unconventional Tactics to Grow on Twitter

Want to grow on Twitter but the conventional advice is not working for you? Try these 7 unconventional tactics to grow your following.

7 Unconventional Tactics to Grow on Twitter
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Want to grow on Twitter but the conventional advice is not working for you? Try these 7 unconventional tactics to grow your following.
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7 Unconventional Tactics to Grow on Twitter
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Tired of the same old Twitter growth strategies that just aren't working? Want to stand out and gain some real traction on Twitter?
In this post, we're ditching the old boring Twitter growth advice and sharing some unconventional tactics that will help you increase your engagement and grow your following.
Let’s dive into these 7 unconventional tactical tips to grow on Twitter 👇

#1 - Repurpose your old tweets

Content recycling is a low effort - high return tactic that can be used to improve the visibility and engagement of tweets.
Just look at some of the top creators on Twitter. Most of them repurpose their old tweets.
The reason is that repeating the same core ideas (with different formats) helps you hone in on your message and build a strong positioning.
The basics of content repurposing are:
  1. Identifying content worth recycling (with analytics)
  1. Save it to a swipe file
  1. Repurpose it
    1. Make it shorter
    2. Make it longer
    3. Change the tone
    4. Or simply copy-paste it
  1. Publish it again
Sounds simple, right? It is.
Learn how to do it in detail with our in-depth guide.

#2 - Use a summary tweet on your threads

The way Twitter shows threads on the timeline is by compressing them by only showing the first and the last tweets.
For these last tweets, a "Call to Action" is not very attractive. It feels promotional.
Instead, summarize your thread in a tweet with the key points 👇
This strategy was popular on Twitter some time ago, and it isn't used as much now, which means there's less competition if you want to give it a try.

#3 - Resurface high-performing content (Evergreen tweets)

One of Tweet Hunter’s features is the “Evergreen tweets.”
The way it works is really simple:
  1. You select your best-performing tweets
  1. You add them to the “Evergreen” collection on Tweet Hunter
  1. You add a couple of Evergreen slots to your Queue
  1. Those tweets will be retweeted based on your evergreen schedule
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Let your best content work for you while you sleep.

#4 - Brand yourself

Branding is so underrated on Twitter. Easy ways you can do it:
  • Pick a color and use it for every picture and visual you share
  • Pick an emoji and use it as part of your brand
  • Label yourself
Some examples:
Kately Bourgoin with a signature yellow color and the 🧠 emoji 👇
Matt Gray with the “Systems Guy” label 👇
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With time, people will recognize your brand, even if they can’t remember your name.
Find more tips on how to build a high-converting follower funnel in this article.

#5 - Optimize for word of mouth

My biggest Twitter growth moments didn't come from my tweets or threads.
They came from other creators recommending and shouting out my account.
I literally gained 2.000+ followers thanks to a shout-out.
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But for that to happen, you need to build relationships with other creators first.
Here’s how to build a system for it:
  1. Create a Twitter List of some of the top accounts in your niche
  1. Import them into Tweet Hunter’s CRM
  1. Interact with them daily (via replies and DMs)
Pro tip: make sure your DMs don’t get ignored.

#6 - Format your tweets

Writing tweets that get people's attention and make them engage starts with understanding your audience and having something interesting to say.
We can’t help much with that, but we can help you with HOW you say those things.
We are talking about tweet formatting.
Tweet formatting and structure are very important when writing your tweets.
It makes your content easy to spot and read. It draws attention to it.
And it makes people stop the scroll.
Tell me, which one would you read first?
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It’s fairly easy to make your tweets 10x better by just paying attention to the structure.
Learn how to do this with our in-depth guide.

#7 - Leverage Quote RTs

Quote Retweets are one of the most underrated ways of growing your following.
The good thing about Quote Retweets is that it has two functions:
  • It works as a new piece of content for your followers
  • It’s also the perfect opportunity to expose yourself in front of a different audience.
Think about it.
If someone quote retweeted your thread with a compliment, such as "you should read this thread because X or Y," you would likely retweet that tweet.
Now think about what it would be like if the person retweeting it had 100k followers.
If what you have to say on that quote retweet is valuable, you might find your tweet in front of 100,000 new people who don’t know about you.

Moving forward

By following the unconventional tactical tips in this post, you’ll make your Twitter journey a lot easier.
And the best part? You’ll be doing something different than most creators out there.
Growing on Twitter doesn’t have to be boring. Start experimenting and see what works best for you.
Why don’t you give these strategies a shot? We promise it will be worth it!

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