10 Best Tools for Twitter to Use in 2023

Discover the top tools for Twitter that will skyrocket your online presence.

10 Best Tools for Twitter to Use in 2023
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Discover the best tools for Twitter for growth. Get more followers, schedule posts, and boost your productivity today.
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10 Best Tools for Twitter: Boost Your Twitter Growth
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There’s practically a tool for everything you want to do on Twitter, whether you want to get more followers, schedule posts in advance, or need some help writing your tweets. There are tools for research, efficiency, productivity, and more.
It all comes down to finding the best tools for Twitter for your needs. At Tweet Hunter, we know a thing or two about these tools. For example, if you’re specifically interested in scheduling your tweets in advance, check out our list of the top 10 Twitter scheduling tools. In this article, we bring you our curated list of the best tools for growing your Twitter account.
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How to Choose the Right Twitter Tool

The best Twitter tools offer a range of features that optimize your experience on the platform. Here are a few important features you should look for.

Scheduling Tweets

Tweets do not have a long shelf-life on Twitter. That’s why it is recommended that you post several times a day to improve your visibility. A tool with scheduling features can help you create and stick to a realistic social media workflow for Twitter so you can schedule everything in advance while saving time.


You need to gather insights from Twitter analytics to optimize your marketing strategy and make informed decisions. All good Twitter tools come with robust analytics capabilities.


If your Twitter activities are managed by multiple people in your team, you need a Twitter management tool that comes with collaboration features. This will allow everyone to work together efficiently and provide you with a streamlined approval workflow.

Engagement Features

If you want to boost your Twitter engagement, you must regularly engage with your target audience. Engagement features, such as those offered by Tweet Hunter, will allow you to reply to comments, find content from the right people to engage with and do much more.

Content Creation

If you struggle with coming up with ideas for your tweets or writing tweets that provide value to your readers, you may want to look for content creation features in your next Twitter tool. Tweet Hunter offers AI content creation features through its AI Assistant, which can help you brainstorm ideas, write tweets from scratch, and improve the quality of the tweets you’ve already written.

10 Best Tools for Twitter

Based on the important features listed above, we’ve curated a list of the ten best tools for Twitter that you can choose from to maximize your productivity, get more Twitter followers, and streamline your workflow.

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is one of the best tools for personal brands and agencies. It is a dedicated Twitter productivity and management platform that has been voted on ProductHunt as the top tool. Its features are unique and robust and rarely found in other tools. This AI-powered tool can help you grow your following and monetize your account through its powerful CRM features, analytics, scheduling, and content creation abilities.
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  • Auto DM
  • Schedule threads and tweets
  • Auto-delay for threads
  • Best time to post
  • Lead finder
  • AI Assistant
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Evergreen tweets
  • Collaboration features


  • Ability to automate a lot of processes
  • AI-powered content creation
  • Engagement features
  • Intuitive interface
  • A large variety of tools are available, many of them free


  • The learning curve involved in generating good results from AI Assistant
  • It can be a little expensive for the casual user
  • Does not support other platforms


SocialPilot is one of the best social media management tools out there. It helps you analyze your account, including your audience engagement, mentions, and hashtags. Other than scheduling features, it also offers in-depth reporting and analytics. The bulk schedule feature allows you to schedule 500 posts at once. It also supports multiple accounts.
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  • Ability to create customized posts
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Visual social media calendar
  • Collaboration features
  • Bulk scheduling


  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for digital agencies and small businesses
  • Robust analytics and reporting


  • May not be suitable for individual users
  • No app

Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar uses machine learning to create quotes from your blog posts that you can use on Twitter. It makes brainstorming for content ideas easier. Users can build a library of content on the platform and use it whenever they need. The platform also supports the recurring sharing of tweets.
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  • Scheduling features
  • Content library
  • Content creation features
  • Analytics


  • Content can be organized into categories
  • Detailed analytics of posts
  • Recurring sharing of tweets


  • No engagement features
  • Does not schedule threads
  • Limited features


Tweepi is designed to help you grow your following through relevant and authentic followers. It does this by offering features that allow you to search for Twitter users based on keywords or hashtags, follow your competitors’ followers, and clean up your Twitter account.
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  • Find users from Twitter lists, based on keywords, or hashtags
  • Sorting and filters to target specific users
  • Unfollow undesirable followers


  • Powerful search features
  • Ability to filter, sort, and find the right people to follow
  • Ability to clean up Twitter account relatively easily


  • Lacking all other features
  • Only focused on finding and growing followers


Agorapulse is another great choice offering multiple features to track your analytics, schedule your tweets, engage with your followers, and much more. The unified inbox allows you to monitor all your comments, mentions, and messages on Twitter.
You can schedule and publish tweets in advance and keep tabs on your follower growth and other key metrics to make informed decisions.
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  • Unified inbox
  • Twitter analytics
  • Content calendar
  • Scheduling features


  • User friendly
  • Good customer support
  • Approval workflows


  • No thread scheduling capability
  • Can be expensive for individual users

Audience Connect

Audience Connect is an interesting tool that allows you to create a chatbot so you can connect with target customers through Twitter DM. It can also help you find new followers, follow them, and unfollow them. It provides you with deeper insights into your audience through their recent Twitter habits, their language, and much more.
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  • Twitter follower research
  • Custom audience creation
  • Mass network management
  • Ability to create conversational trees


  • Ability to manage subscribers with opt-ins
  • Can get accurate insights about your audience
  • Chatbot can interact with the audience


  • The learning curve can be steep
  • Advance insights are not free


Twitnomy helps you get insights from your performance on Twitter, see how your competitors are performing, and deliver customer service on Twitter. It also allows you to streamline your activity on Twitter by scheduling your tweets, tracking hashtags and keywords, and exporting reports and data.
It tracks several key Twitter metrics, such as engagement and followers, so you can improve your social media strategy.
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  • Ability to follow and unfollow
  • Competitor analysis
  • Download reports and data
  • Analyze retweets, mentions, followers, and hashtags
  • Customer management and service features


  • Ability to customize your alerts and dashboards
  • Can analyze tweets per day and tweet history of competitors
  • Easily respond to customer queries and complaints


  • Lacking many features offered by other tools
  • The interface could be better


Followerwonk helps you find new users to follow, analyze your account, and optimize performance by offering you valuable insights into your followers. It can compare different accounts to help you find overlaps. It also offers suggestions on how to build your brand, optimize your Twitter profile, and grow your community.
The advanced search tool is easy to use and can help you identify Twitter influencers and target customers for your brand.
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  • Sort followers
  • Block fake followers
  • Compare Twitter accounts
  • Twitter bios search


  • Ability to track followers based on activity, engagement, and follower count
  • Track people who have unfollowed you, send spam or are fake followers
  • Detailed analytics


  • No scheduling features
  • Primarily only for those who want analytics and the ability to track followers

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best tools for Twitter for managing your presence on the platform more effectively. The tool allows you to schedule tweets, track key metrics, and monitor DMs, replies, and mentions.
Sprout Social users can engage with followers directly from the platform. It also has good social listening features that can help you stay connected with your target audience.
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  • Automation features
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Unified inbox
  • Supports teams


  • Good scheduling and publishing abilities
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Third-party integrations
  • Intuitive dashboard


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lacking thread scheduling capabilities
  • Quite expensive


Buffer allows you to plan your tweets in advance and schedule them, even when your tweets include videos, GIFs, or quote retweets. It also suggests hashtags that you can use in your tweets to improve your visibility. The analytics features allow you to see how your content performs and whether your followers respond to your tweets. It also offers collaboration features for teams.
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  • Hashtag suggestions
  • Approval workflows
  • Scheduling features
  • Third-party integrations


  • Ability to schedule threads
  • Has a mobile app
  • Can help you repurpose your content


  • The free and essential plans lack a lot of features
  • The mobile app can be glitchy at times.
As you can see, there is a wide variety of tools available to choose from. The best Twitter tool for you is one that is easy to use, offers features that matter the most to you, and is within your price range.
If you’re looking for a dedicated Twitter growth tool to grow and monetize your account, you can’t go wrong with Tweet Hunter. This highly advanced tool can help you create engaging tweets, schedule them effortlessly, engage with your audience, and track your performance. Sign up and start boosting your growth on Twitter today!

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