Top 10 Twitter Scheduling Tools to Maximize Efficiency
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Discover the best Twitter scheduling tools to streamline your social media strategy. Automate tweets, boost engagement, and save time.
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Top 10 Twitter Scheduling Tools to Maximize Efficiency
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Twitter scheduling tools allow you to program all your tweets in advance so you can stay active on the platform without hands-on involvement. You need to post 2-3 highly relevant, quality posts daily to grow your Twitter audience and maximize engagement. But this takes a lot of time and effort.
We’ve put together a list of the top 10 Twitter scheduling tools to help you choose the right tool for your needs. We’ll list the features of each tool along with their pros and cons to simplify your search.
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Why You Need a Twitter Scheduling Tool

Getting more followers on Twitter is no picnic. It requires you to not only create excellent content, but that content also needs to be seen by your target audience. A Twitter scheduling tool can help you by scheduling your content in advance based on the best time to post on Twitter.
Here are a few more reasons why you should be using a scheduler if you are serious about your growth on Twitter.


You need consistency to grow on Twitter. You can ensure that you regularly post tweets by scheduling them in advance. Whether traveling or busy with something else, tweets will be posted from your profile consistently.

Automated Posting

A Twitter scheduling tool will automate the posting process, helping you save a lot of time. You can also set up handy automation that will eliminate a lot of manual work. For example, with Tweet Hunter, you can re-queue your tweets to fill any gaps in your social media calendar.

Save Time

Manually posting tweets takes a lot of time, and as a busy solopreneur, your time is better spent on core business tasks such as building your sales pipeline. You can spend an hour a week scheduling all your tweets for the week at once and then forget about it.

Better Engagement

A Twitter scheduling tool will allow you to tweak your posting schedule to ensure your content is posted when your audience is most likely online. Many will even suggest the ideal time for you to post each day. This strategy can help you get more retweets and boost your engagement rate.

What to Look for In a Twitter Scheduling Tool

When looking for the best scheduling tools for Twitter, there are several important things to look for.

Ease of Use

Not all tools are the same. Some are very intuitive, while others involve a steep learning curve. Pick a tool that is comfortable and easy for you to use. A good tool will have the right features for you without being cumbersome or glitchy.


Another important thing to look for is the price. Twitter scheduling tools are available at a staggering range of prices. Some of them can be free, while others can be quite expensive. Compare the features each tool offers along with the price to ensure you are getting good value for your money.


A good scheduler will also be highly adaptable. If you need to change your posting schedule, pause posting, or change your strategy, the tool should allow you to easily move tweets around when needed.


All good scheduling tools for Twitter come with robust analytics to keep track of your growth, conversions, and engagement. Even if you don’t think you need Twitter analytics now, this is a feature you should definitely use so you can tweak and improve your content marketing strategy for Twitter.

Top 10 Twitter Scheduling Tools

Using a scheduling tool can be a game-changer for your Twitter growth. Here are the ten best Twitter scheduling tools for you to choose from.

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter is an all-in-one AI-powered tool to manage and grow your Twitter account. This highly advanced tool is much more than just a scheduling tool for Twitter. It offers users a library of millions of viral tweets and has AI-powered content creation capabilities, powerful CRM features, and robust analytics.
If you are looking for one tool to supercharge your growth on Twitter, consider investing in Tweet Hunter. It tells you the right time to schedule your tweet, has intuitive scheduling features, and has a number of other features that allow users to grow and monetize on the platform.
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  • Auto DM
  • Auto Plug
  • AI Assistant
  • Thread Ideas and Thread Starters
  • Analytics
  • Lead Finder
  • Collaboration Features


  • AI-powered content creation features
  • Robust analytics features
  • Helps find leads through Twitter
  • Engage with other Twitter users from within the platform


  • No app
  • Pricing may be a little high for casual users


SocialBee is a Twitter scheduling tool that offers a good balance of affordability and features. It has a wide range of productivity and engagement features. It allows you to organize all your content into separate categories. You can also tag other users in your tweets. SocialBee supports a variety of media, such as videos, GIFs, and emojis. It also supports integrations with Canva and GIPHY, among others.
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  • Multiple integrations
  • Hashtag generator
  • Content categories
  • Content recycling


  • Intuitive post editor
  • Bulk import and edit
  • Supports different media formats
  • Good support


  • No social inbox
  • Data exporting features are lacking


Planly is a reasonably new Twitter scheduler, but it has a few good things. For example, it allows you to start scheduling content without needing to provide your credit card information. Also, Planly enables you to add media to your tweets, hashtags, and captions. It also supports multiple Twitter accounts.
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  • Supports multiple accounts
  • First comment scheduling
  • Advanced filtering features


  • Easy to use
  • Filter media
  • Ability to manage multiple accounts


  • No mobile app
  • Lacking analytics and other features


Agorapulse is a social media management tool that supports Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The tool allows you to set up content queues, has a content library, and is an easy-to-use composer. The Canva integration, as is the ability to create a hashtag list, is handy. Agorapulse also has several other features, such as social listening, reporting, analytics, and quick buttons to add emojis, links, videos, and more.
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  • Content calendar
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Social inbox
  • Content rescheduling


  • Intuitive interface
  • Supports approval workflows
  • Handy mobile app


  • Can be expensive
  • Features like shared calendars are only available in higher plans


Sendible is a comprehensive social media management tool that allows you to schedule your tweets and much more. It offers features like post composer, social inbox, Twitter analytics, and content curation. You can create content categories and add evergreen content to your queue. It also allows you to keep track of all your mentions and your performance on the platform.
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  • Social inbox
  • Content categories
  • Bulk uploader
  • Ability to track mentions


  • Affordable plans
  • Team workflows
  • Unlimited scheduled posts


  • The dashboard is not very intuitive
  • Social inboxes can be glitchy


Pally is a social media scheduling platform designed for teams. The platform makes collaborating with team members to create and post social media content easy. It offers templates for posts so you can create content fast and can save a list of hashtags. The Canva integration makes it easy to add images from within the platform. The social inbox allows you to easily reply to mentions and comments.
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Post templates
Hashtag lists
Social media inbox
Canva Integration


  • Affordable for teams
  • Unlimited team members
  • Easy to use


  • Analytics for Twitter could be better
  • Geared more towards visual content


Missinglettr is a scheduling tool that supports several social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It has scheduling features and campaign creation and content curation tools. The automatic drip campaign feature is also quite helpful. It can also turn blog posts into a series of tweets.
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  • Stock photo library
  • Topic recommendations
  • Drip campaign
  • Content curation
  • Blog posts to tweets


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful drip campaigns
  • Good pricing structure


  • No advanced analytics features
  • Limited features in some plans

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that helps brands grow through a wide range of tools. The scheduler is easy to use and allows you to add images and other media to your tweets. It supports teams and has a CRM feature to streamline tasks and boost productivity.
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  • Social media inbox
  • Reporting tools and metrics
  • Team features
  • Social media automation


  • Powerful analytics
  • Several third-party integrations
  • Handy smart inbox
  • A good selection of features


  • Quite expensive
  • No app


Buffer is another well-known Twitter scheduling tool that allows you to plan your content and schedule it. You can schedule tweets with images, quote retweets, GIFs, videos, and more. It also has robust analytics that allows you to measure the performance of hashtags, engagement, followers, comments, and more.
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  • Approval workflows
  • AI Assistant
  • Hashtag Suggestions
  • Thread scheduling


  • Integrations with Google Drive, GIPHY, Canva, and more
  • Ability to repurpose posts
  • Mobile app
  • Monitor Twitter mentions


  • Suggestions from AI Assistant can be off-brand
  • Can’t schedule the first comment


Iconosquare is known mainly for its analytics features, but it is also a capable Twitter scheduling tool. The tool allows you to schedule your content in advance for Twitter and other social media channels. It also has a good range of other features, such as collaboration, analytics, reporting, and social listening.
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  • Collaboration and content approval
  • Media library
  • Hashtag lists
  • Competitor analysis
  • Mention tracking


  • Advanced analytics
  • Easy-to-use scheduling workflow
  • Customizable dashboards


  • Expensive
  • Lacking features for Twitter
With so many advanced Twitter scheduling tools available, growing your audience, finding new opportunities, and monetizing your Twitter account is easier than ever.
Tweet Hunter is a highly-advanced, dedicated Twitter growth tool that offers an easy way to create engaging tweets and schedule them in minutes. With our powerful AI-powered content creation, advanced analytics, and robust CRM features, you can grow on Twitter faster than ever before. Sign up today to see how Tweet Hunter can help you get more sales and growth!

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