How to manage multiple Twitter accounts efficiently

Twitter allows you to have multiple accounts, which is great for if you want to experiment and serve different audiences or have multiple services and product offerings.

How to manage multiple Twitter accounts efficiently
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Twitter allows you to have multiple accounts, which is great if you want to serve different audiences or have multiple services and product offerings.
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Multiple Twitter Accounts - Creating and managing multiple twitter accounts
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If you are a solopreneur, a startup founder, or a manager of a deparment in big corp, you probably want to have separate twitter accounts for different cases. These can include:
  • Your personal brand
  • A customer service account for your startup or company’s department
  • A parody account
Yes, it seems like having separate accounts is more work. But with some planning there is an easy way to manage multiple Twitter accounts efficiently.
Can you can have all those accounts at the same time? Yes, because Twitter supports multiple accounts on the platform. It also offers an easy way to add additional accounts, log in to multiple Twitter accounts, and toggle between them for easy access.

Why Have Multiple Twitter Accounts

Whether you should have multiple Twitter accounts will depend on your overall goals. Here are a few possible situations where having more than one account may benefit you:
  • If you want to keep your personal and work accounts separate, having two different accounts makes sense.
  • If you own more than one business, having a separate Twitter account for each business is recommended. This will allow you to maintain separate brand identities for each business and manage content more effectively.
  • If you want to tailor content for separate audiences, or are targeting audiences for different products, managing multiple Twitter accounts for each target audience is a great way to deliver relevant content.
Setting up multiple Twitter accounts will allow you to ensure that your target audience only sees content that is relevant to them.
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How To Create Multiple Twitter Accounts

Creating additional Twitter accounts is easy. For iOS:
  • Tap Navigation Menu
  • Tap More
  • Tap Create New Account
  • Provide name, email address, and phone number
  • Verify the details
  • Create a password
You cannot create multiple Twitter accounts with one e-mail. You will need a unique email address and phone number for each account you create on the platform.
Twitter does not currently offer the option to merge data or combine two separate accounts.
Twitter does not currently offer the option to merge data or combine two separate accounts.

Best Practices for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Having multiple accounts on Twitter can become tedious and time-consuming when not done correctly. Follow these best practices to get the most out of your accounts:

Use a Tool for Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Before you delve into creating a separate account for each of your products or service, look into tools that will make this process easier and more efficient.
With multiple accounts, you will need to have a separate workflow for content creation and scheduling for each account. The best way to manage multiple Twitter accounts is through an intuitive tool with automation features.
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Create a Strong Brand Image for Each Account

Once you have your Twitter accounts’ set up, the next step will be to create a strong brand image for each account.
Invest in professional logo design and create a strong bio for each bio to maintain consistency across accounts.
Create a strong brand strategy so each account will be visually identifiable and memorable for your audience.

Content Creation and Scheduling

With multiple Twitter accounts, you will need to step up your content creation and scheduling game.
With Tweet Hunter, you can generate content ideas, create content faster, and schedule to build an engaged, relevant audience for each account.
Keep track of trends on Twitter and create content that is evergreen and relevant for each of your target audiences. Make use of automation features wherever possible so you don’t have to spend hours creating and building your accounts. This helps you get more twitter followers, without all the sweat.

Set Goals and Measure Performance

With multiple Twitter accounts, you will have separate goals for each account. Before you decide on your content and growth strategy, aim for your own KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for each account.
Whether your goal is to build followers, increase engagement, improve sales, or increase brand awareness, having measurable goals is the key to success.
It will also be important to track key metrics and measure the performance of each account so you can tweak your marketing strategy accordingly. Dive into statistics and trends to understand how your content is performing and what needs to be changed.
Tweet Hunter’s advanced Twitter analytics dashboard provides you with the information you need to grow your audience across accounts.
Managing multiple Twitter accounts can be tricky but with these best practices, you’ll be set up for success.
After you have multiple accounts you will also likely need a good curation of your multiple timelines. Learn how to create Twitter Lists.

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