Mastering Personal Branding on Twitter: 10 Tips

10 practical tips to build and grow your personal brand on Twitter. Packed with real examples from the best creators.

Mastering Personal Branding on Twitter: 10 Tips
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10 practical tips to build and grow your personal brand on Twitter. Packed with real examples from the best creators.
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Mastering Personal Branding on Twitter: 10 Tips
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Let’s get real: when it comes to Twitter, there’s a scarcity of interesting voices.
Only a handful of accounts create the best content, and the rest regurgitate the same general advice, platitudes, and lists of tools.
Despite how it sounds, this is good news.
Twitter is the perfect breeding ground for you to establish a robust personal brand.
In today’s article, we’ll explore 10 personal branding tips so you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity and become one of these top creators.
Let’s dive in!

10 Personal Branding Twitter tips (with examples)

1. Don’t overlook your Twitter profile

This is what getting followers actually looks like 👇
  • Someone that doesn’t follow you sees your tweet or your reply to someone else
  • They check your profile
  • In less than 3 seconds, they decide if they should follow you or not.
During that time, they will check your profile picture, your bio, and your pinned tweet.
Those elements need to be optimized for their conversion to followers.
One way to think about it is to think of your profile as your “digital business card.”
It needs to generate trust (with your face), tell them who you are, what you do (for them), and where they can find more.
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There’s nothing worst than bringing tons of traffic to your profile and not making the most of it. so your profile should be the first thing you pay attention to on Twitter.

2. Don’t make your bio about you

Make it about your followers. What do they get when they follow you?
People are selfish.
Show them what’s in it for them and you’ll convince them. Example 👇
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“Go from unknown to un-ignorable.” It’s a clear value proposition for the audience, which means an easy follow!
Another example 👇
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Jordan uses a simple formula → Helping (target audience) achieve (goal).
It doesn’t need to be complicated!
If you want to learn more about how to write the perfect Twitter Bio, check out our in-depth guide on the topic.
If you do things right, you’ll attract a ton of people to your profile. That’s when they get the chance to follow you but also check out the rest of the things that you do.
Whatever that is, either a newsletter, building a product, or selling services, you should link to it on your bio.
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Pro tip: You can do like Kuba here and change your location to another call to action to your link!

4. Use a good profile picture

People trust other people. It’s better if you show your face and use your real name.
You can also grow your Twitter audience without doing any of that, but it’s like playing the game in hard mode.
I understand that this may not be ideal for some people. There are many of us who are camera shy or uncomfortable showing our faces, but I am sure you can find one of yours that shows:
  • Is either a head-to-shoulders or a head-to-waist photo
  • Where you are facing the camera
  • And where you are smiling
Consider the background as well. In case you cannot get a clean background, you can simply add a plain color instead.

5. Make your pinned tweet intentional

The pinned tweet is the one that every potential follower is guaranteed to see. It can be the deciding factor on following you or not, so you better make it a good one!
Two examples 👇
notion image
Writing is one of the pillars of Kieran's creator business, so it makes sense his pinned tweet is a (viral) tweet about writing. He does this to show people he knows what he's talking about and that others appreciate his content.
It builds trust and credibility.
Another example 👇
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Shaan's pinned tweet contains semi-controversial beliefs. It shows personality and portrays a message of “here’s what you’ll get when you click the follow button”.
Check out many more examples on our Pinned Tweet guide here.

6. Your tweets should either entertain, educate, or inspire.

This is a great framework to think about your tweet writing. Make each one of your tweets have a “job to be done.”
It will guide your writing efforts and it will make sure your tweets are actually useful.
Let’s see some examples:
Entertain 👇
Educate 👇
Inspire 👇

7. Make your tweets easier to read

Play with the formatting. Separate sentences with blank spaces and use structures that facilitate readability. Example 👇

8. Don’t be afraid to add media to your tweets

Visuals and videos can really help break through the Twitter feed noise.
if you share visuals, try to keep them “on brand.” This is easily done by using the same color as your profile picture 👇
A new trend that’s picking up on Twitter is to share short video clips, usually from other creators (curation style) but also from your own content if you have them 👇
Twitter is mostly text-based, so these types of content help get attention.

9. Use a Snipe list

Create a Twitter list of top people in your niche (aim for 20-25). Each day, leave them a comment under their tweets.
This will expose you to their audience and get attention to your profile (which you should have optimized by now 😉)

10. Use the auto-plug feature

The Auto Plug feature is one of our favorite features. A tweet is "plugged" (aka posted) automatically below an existing tweet using this automation.
All that is required is that the "main tweet" meets certain criteria. These are usually a certain number of likes.
Auto plugs can be customized, so you can choose from several options. Some people direct others to their newsletters, products, or offers. It's a great way to get subscribers and sales on autopilot.

Building a personal brand is a huge opportunity

While Twitter is not the social platform with the most users, it's probably your best bet when it comes to building a personal brand.
The type of people you’ll find on the platform, the type of content that gets shared, and the mindset of most users make it the perfect ground for audience growth.
Plus, Twitter thrives on authenticity and transparency, allowing you to showcase your expertise, share insightful content, and position yourself as a pro.
So hop on the Twitter train before it’s too late!

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