How to Create a Snipe List to Grow Your Twitter Followers

A snipe list of creators is one of the most effective ways to build your Twitter following. Find out what it is and how to build one.

How to Create a Snipe List to Grow Your Twitter Followers
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A snipe list of creators is one of the most effective ways to build your Twitter following. Find out what it is and how to build one.
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How to Create a Snipe List to Grow Your Twitter Followers
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If we reduce Twitter growth to the absolute basics, there are only two levers you need to pull.
The content you put out and the network you build.
Most creators make the mistake of focusing too much on the content they put out while neglecting the networking side.
In today’s article, we’ll show you how to systemize that networking part and, better yet, optimize it for growth with a snipe list.
Let’s dive in!

What’s a snipe list?

A snipe list is a private list of 10-20 key creators in your niche that you’ll follow and interact with regularly.
These people have a large and engaged following and post relevant content for your niche.
What we are going to do is target these creators and their followers, so we can later attract them to your profile.

Why should you create a snipe list?

These are some of the reasons why you should consider building a snipe list:
  • You’ll build relationships and credibility with these creators.
  • You’ll increase your reach by being part of their conversations.
  • You’ll be able to learn from what they do to improve your own Twitter strategy.
Not bad, right?
But how do you create a snipe list and interact with it effectively?

How to create a snipe list

Step 1: Identify your key creators.

The first step is to find the key creators in your niche that you want to add to your snipe list.
Who should you look for?
You need to look for accounts with a large and engaged following (>10K), and that post relevant content that aligns with what you are sharing.
Here’s an easy way to spot them using Tweet Hunter’s search function:
Type one of the topics you talk about in the search bar👇
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This will return many tweets that talk about marketing.
Now it’s time to look among these tweets and find relevant creators.
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Remember, we are looking for someone that has:
  • A sizable audience
  • An engaged following
  • Content that aligns with yours
Pick one of these creators. If they check the boxes, see who they follow.
From there, you should be able to identify 10-20 accounts for your snipe list

Step 2: Create a private list on Twitter.

The next step is to create a private list on Twitter so you can add these accounts.
Go to your profile page on Twitter and click on Lists.
Then click on Create a new list and name your list. Make sure to select Private as the privacy setting.
Then add the accounts you identified in step 1 to your list.

Step 3: Engage with your snipe list regularly.

Now that we have created our target and snipe list, it’s time to start interacting.
There are two ways you can go about it: you can do it natively with the Twitter lists on Twitter, or you can use Tweet Hunter’s CRM feature.
Twitter lists work well, but once you switch to a list to read tweets, it will show everything these accounts are posting.
So yes, you’ll see their tweets, but you also see most of their replies to others, and the threads will show unordered.
It’s a very noisy way to get your interaction done.
On Tweet Hunter instead, we’ve built Twitter lists but better.
No RTs or replies, just the tweet you need to interact with.
To do so is very simple: Go to the CRM tab and click on Engage (People).
In there, you’ll be able to import your Snipe list.
Once you do that, every tweet will appear with a UI designed specifically for engagement 👇
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Way better, don’t you think?

Step 4: Monitor your results and adjust accordingly.

You can use Tweet Hunter’s analytics tool again to measure how your interactions with your snipe list affect your Twitter performance.
You can see metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement rate, mentions, followers growth, etc.
See which influencers give you the most positive results and focus more on them. Also, keep updating your snipe list by adding new influencers or removing inactive ones.

Start building your snipe list today

Creating a snipe list of creators is one of the best ways to grow your Twitter followers and boost your online presence.
Following these steps and using Tweet Hunter’s features and tools, you can easily create a snipe list that works for you.
You can get noticed by the “big” creators and their followers, build relationships and credibility, learn from their best practices, and increase your reach.
So what are you waiting for?
Start creating your snipe list today and see the difference it makes!

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